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0 Watch This If You Are a Beginner and New to Violin Lab
1 Instrument Set Up
2Best Practices for your Best Practices: creating effective practice sessions
3Putting Guide Tapes on the Violin
4Tuning the Violin
5 Tuning the Violin in Fifths
6How to Hold the Bow
7Bow Hold Exercises
8Tightening the Bow
9Rosining the Bow
10 Violin Hold
11Fitting the Shoulder pad
12Adjusting the Bon Musica
13Note Names of Open Strings
14Comfortability Issues
15Bow Geometry
16Preparing the Bow Arm
17First Bow Strokes
18 Guided Practice Introduction
19Guided Practice #1:Playing in the Middle of the Bow
20Playing at the Tip of the Bow
21Bowing at the Frog
22 Guided Practice #2: Playing at the Frog and Tip
23 String Crossing Basics, part 1
24String Crossing Basics 2 - Where are Those Angles?
25Guided Practice #3: String Crossings
26Whole Bow Strokes
27Guided Practice #4: Whole Bow Strokes
28Left Hand Set Up: part 1 - Overview
29 Left Hand Set Up: Part 2 - Finger Action of the Left Hand
30Left Hand Set Up: Part 3 - Thumb Placement
31Left Hand Set Up: Part 4 - Rotation Angles
32Left Hand Set Up: part 5 - Inside of Hand
33Finger Action and Finger Pressure
34Adding Fingers to Bow Stroke
35 2-3 Finger Spacing Pattern
36Left Hand Exercises to Build Good Finger Action and Hand Placement
37 String Crossings for the Left hand
38Fingers and Bow Strokes: Pre-Twinkle Exercises
39Intonation: part 1
40 Left Hand Mobility and Relaxation
41Playing Comfortably on the G String
42Note Names for Finger Spacing Pattern 1
43Guided Practice #5: Finger Spacing Pattern 1
44Tone Production 1: Finding the Ring Tones
45Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Lesson 1: Variation A
46Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: Lesson 2: Variation C
47Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: Lesson 3: Variation D
48Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: Lesson 4: Variation E
49Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: Lesson 5: Variation B
50Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: Lesson 6: Learning the Left Hand
51Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: Lesson 7: Putting it All Together
52Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: lesson 8: Twinkle Theme
53Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: performance
54Bow Retakes
55Open String Duets with Beth: Demo
56Open String Duets with Beth: Set 1
58D Major Scale (note demonstration)
58D Major Scale (practicing the scale)
59French Folk Song
60Lightly Row: tutorial
61Skips with Finger Spacing Pattern 1
62Skips Exercise: Explanation
63Skips Exercise Demo
64Open String Duets with Beth Set 2: Explanation
65Open String Duets Set 2 with Beth: Demo
66Song of the Wind: tutorial
67Broken Third Pattern
68Go Tell Aunt Rhody: tutorial
69May Song: tutorial
70Using 4th finger
71Open String Duets with Beth set 3
72 O Come, Little Children: tutorial
73Guided Practice #6: Skips, part 1
74Guided Practice #7: Skips, part 2
75Bow Tilt Basics
76Bow Arm Tension: Getting Rid of the Bounce
77Intonation: part II
78Accidentally Hitting Other Strings
79Stiffness in the Wrist and Fingers of the Bow Arm
80The Fluid Shoulder (aka Getting Rid of the Bounces)
81Are You Sleeping in A major
82Bow Hand: Weight Distribution (video response)
83 The Bow Hold in Motion
84Advanced Bow Hold
85Finger Motion: Fingers Move the Bow
86Finger Motion at the Frog
87Building Flexibility into the Bow Hand
88Daily Bow Hand Exercises for Developing Flexibility
89Bow Arm Considerations: wrist and elbow levels
90The Galamian Bow Arm
91Left Hand Squeezing: part 1: Why We Do It
92Left Hand Squeezing part 2: Security Matters
93Left Hand Squeezing: part 3 - Restructuring
94Left Hand Squeezing: part 4 - Strengthening the Hand
95Left Hand Squeezing: part 5 - How Much Space, Really?
96 Left Hand Squeezing: part 6: First Finger and the E string: No Scrunching!
97Left Hand Squeezing: part 7: Extras
98 Left Thumb: Issues with Placement and Pressure
99Long, Long Ago: tutorial
100Nkosi Sikelel iAfrika
101 Vrede
102 Allegro: tutorial
103Perpetual Motion: tutorial
104Block Fingerings
105Allegretto: performance
106Allegretto: tutorial
108Guided Practice #8: Slurs
110Finger Spacing Pattern 2
111 Note Names for Finger Spacing Pattern 2
112Guided Practice #9 Spacing Pattern II, part 1
112Guided Practice #10: Spacing Pattern II, part 2
113 Moon Over Ruined Castle
114G Major 2-octave scale
115Intonation III
116Are You Sleeping in G major
117Intonation IV
119Lesson 54: Simple Gifts in G major
120Maintaining a Straight Bow - 1: Setting Up for Success
121Maintaining a Straight Bow 2: Reach not Swing
122Maintaining a Straight Bow 3: Folding to the Frog
123Maintaining A Straight Bow When Playing Fast Detaché Strokes
124Tip for Maintaining a Straight Bow: Play closer to the bridge
124Tip for Maintaining a Straight Bow: Exaggerate the Pushing Out Motion
125More on Straight Bowing: part 2 Tips for the Tall and Short
126 Tip for Training detaché: the Resistance Band
127Etude: tutorial
128Fingertips hitting other strings
129Tension when using the Low 2nd Finger
130 Alec Rowley: Berceuse
131 Alec Rowley: Melodie
132 Finger Spacing Pattern 3
133Note Names for Finger Spacing Pattern 3
134A Major 2-Octave Scale
135Guided Practice #11: Finger Spacing Pattern 3
136Andantino: performance
137Andantino: tutorial
139Consistent Finger Placement and Intonation
140 Tone Production Basics
141The Volume Spectrum
142Quality Over Quantity
143 Improve Tone - Get Rid of Bow Arm Tension
144Minuet #1: tutorial
144Minuet #1: performance
145 Alec Rowley: Minuett
146 Schradieck / Schradick - for everyone (Best finger action training ever)
147Tuning with the Pegs
148Third Finger Spacing Pattern 3 (Low Position)
149B flat 2-Octave scale
150Guided Practice #12: Finger Drills 1
151Guided Practice # 13: Finger Drills 2
152Guided Practice #14 Finger Drills 3
153Minuet #2: performance
154Minuet #2: tutorial
155Minuet #3: performance
156Minuet #3: tutorial
157Smooth String Crossings: Arm Preparation
158Piece for Smooth String Crossing Practice
159 Alec Rowley: Pastorale
160Independence Between Left and Right Hands
161Gossec Gavotte: performance
162Happy Farmer: tutorial
163Happy Farmer: performance
164Hovering Fingers
165Finger Action: Slow Release
166Finger Action: Slow Drop (Finger Preparation)
167Gossec Gavotte: tutorial, part 1
168Gossec Gavotte: tutorial, part 2
169Chorus from Judas Maccabaeus: tutorial
170Elements of Tone Production: Sounding Point, part 1
171Elements of Tone Production: Sounding Point, part 2
172Elements of Tone Production: Sounding Point, part 3
173Elements of Tone Production: Bow Pressure
174Elements of Tone Production: Bow Speed
175 Deeply Grow the Roots: Beginning Tutorial
176Long, Long Ago (Suzuki Book 2) : tutorial
177Hunter's Chorus: Suzuki Book 2
178Waltz: Suzuki Book 2: tutorial
179Olivia's Waltz: tutorial
180 Alec Rowley: Kavatine
181 Alec Rowley: Romanze
182 Alec Rowley: Dance Miniature
183The Low First Finger
184Weaning off Tapes
185Finger Squares: Practicing Changing Finger Shapes
186Developing Good Rhythm and Sight-Reading Skills
187Practicing with a Metronome and Tips on Slow Practice
188String Crossings Series: part 1: Maintaining Tone
189String Crossings Series: part 2: Micro Levels
190String Crossings Series: part 3: Coordination with Left Hand
191String Crossings Series: part 4: Efficiency I
192String Crossings Series: part 5: Efficiency II
193String Crossings Series: part 6: String Crossing Exercises
194String Crossings Series: part 7: Integration
195String Crossing Exercises #1
196String Crossing Exercises #2
197String Crossing Exercises #3
198String Crossing Exercises #4
199Musette: tutorial
200 Si Bheag Si Mhor
201Left Hand Conditioning: Strengthening and Stretching, part 1
202Left Hand Conditioning: Strengthening and Stretching, part 2
203Bouree by Handel: Suzuki Book 2 tutorial
204Two Grenadiers: tutorial, part 1
205Suzuki Book 2, Minuet in G by Beethoven: part 2
206Suzuki Book 2: Minuet in G by Beethoven, part 1
207Theme from Witches Dance: Performance
208Suzuki Book 2: Lully Gavotte, part 2
209Two Grenadiers: tutorial, part 2
210Two Grenadiers Performance
211Theme from Witches Dance: Part 1
212Theme from Witches Dance: Part 2
213Gavotte from Mignon: performance
214Theme from Witches Dance: Part 3
215Gavotte from Mignon: tutorial, part 1
216Gavotte from Mignon: tutorial, part 2
217Gavotte from Mignon: tutorial, part 3
218Suzuki Book 3: Gavotte in G minor (Bach)
219Suzuki Book 3: Minuet (Bach)
220Suzuki Book 3: Becker Gavotte
221 Violin Vibrato: Slow Motion Dos and Donts
222Continuous Vibrato
223The Gorgeous Vibrato
224Vibrato: part 12: Gorgeous Vibrato, part 2
225Vibrato: trick to develop basic motion
226Vibrato: What happens when the hand and arm work against each other
227Vibrato: the Problematic G string Vibrato
228 Vibrato: Troubleshooting the Shaky Violin and the Climbing Left Hand
229Arm Vibrato: Tight Knuckles
230Vibrato: Wrist angles
231Bow Strokes: Detaché, Legato, Marcato, Martele, Staccato
232Sad Romance: a study in Romantic shifting
233Bow Articulation: part 1: Overview
234Bow Articulation: part 2: Mechanics
235Bow Articulation: part 3: Practice Exercises
236Whole Bows: (Legato at the Tip)
237The Sustained Bow Stroke
238The Staccato Bow Stroke (on the string)
239The Staccato Bow Stroke (off the string)
240Staccato Vs. Spiccato
241Staccato Practice
242 Learning Spiccato: part 1
243Learning Spiccato, part 2
244Classical Bowing Articulation: 2-slur, 2-separate
245Double Stops: part 1: Establishing Tone
246Double Stops: part 2: Left Hand
247(FREE) Double Stops: part 3: Intonation
248Double Stops: part 4: Perfect Intervals
249Double Stops: part 5: Difficult Intervals and Hand Position
250Double Stops: part 6: Vibrato with Double Stops and Playing Octaves
251Double Stops: part 7: Playing Double Stops in High Positions and Fiddling Double Stops
252Double Stops: part 8: Introducing Ms. Trott
253 Shifting 101: Part 1 - Basics
254 Shifting 101: Part 2 - One finger shifting
255Shifting 101: Part 3 - Coordinating Bow Direction and Shift
256Shifting 101: Part 4 - One Finger Shifting Exercise
257Shifting 101: Part 5 - Shifting Styles (Classical)
258Shifting 101: Part 6 - Shifting Styles (Romantic)
259Shifting 101: Part 7 - Shifting Styles (Hybrid and Romanticized Classical)
260Shifting and Bow Changes
261Shifting Training part 1: Modes of Travel and Rules of Engagement
262 Shifting Training part 2: Classical Shift ascending (low finger to high finger)
263Shifting Training part 3: Descending (lower finger to higher finger)
264Shifting Training part 4: Descending (higher finger to lower finger)
265Shifting Training part 5: Ascending Scale (Higher finger to lower finger)
266Shifting Training part 6: Down the Scale
267Shifting Training: part 7a: One Finger Scales, part 1
268Shifting Training: Part 7b One Finger Scales, part 2
269Shifting Training: Part 7c One Finger Scales, part 3 (arpeggios)
270Shifting Training: Part 8 (Shifting Exercise to develop hand shapes for high positions)
271Meditation from Thais: phrase 1, performance
272Meditation from Thais: phrase 1, tutorial part 1
273Meditation from Thais: phrase 1, tutorial part 2
274Meditation from Thais: phrase 1, tutorial part 3
275Meditation from Thais: phrase 1, tutorial part 4
276Meditation from Thais: phrase 2, performance
277Meditation from Thais: phrase 2, tutorial part 1
278Meditation from Thais: phrase 2, tutorial part 2
279 (FREE) Meditation from Thais: phrase 3, performance
280 Meditation from Thais: phrase 3, tutorial
281Meditation from Thais: phrase 4, performance
282Meditation from Thais: phrase 4, tutorial
283Meditation from Thais: final phrase, performance
284Meditation from Thais: final phrase, tutorial
285Scale Studies: Introduction and Explanation
286Fourth Position and Flat Keys
287Scale Study #1: Frog to Tip Articulation
288Scale Study #2: Bow/Finger Coordination
289 Scale Study #3: Quick Down Bows (bow distribution)
290Scale Study #4: "The Fling" (Hooked Bowing Patterns)
291Scale Study #5: Tuning Ocatves
292Scale Study #6: "Karate Chop"
293Scale Study #7: Training Up Bow Staccato
294 Scale Study #8: Fast Fingers
295Scale Study #9: Hair Pins
296Scale Study #10: The Backwards Hair Pin
297Scale Study #11: Down Bow Circles
298Scale Study #12: Broad Hooked Bowing Pattern
299Scale Study #13 Wohlfahrt bowing pattern
300Scale Study #14 Scallop stroke
301Scale Study #16 Hug Your Bridge
302Scale Study #15: Zig-Zag bow stroke
303Scale Study #17: Slow to Fast Hooked Bows
304Three Against Two
305Advanced Tone Production: part 1: Using More Bow (Extremities)
306Advanced Tone Production: part 2: Using More Bow (Point A to B)
307Advanced Tone Production: part 3: Using More Bow (10 percent?)
308Advanced Tone Production: part 4: Using More Bow (Full Breaths)
309Positions: part 1: Overview
310Positions: part 2 Position Location
311Positions: part 3 Why Letter Names
312Positions: part 4: How We Know We Are There
313Positions: part 5: Finger Spacing Patterns and Exercises
314Positions: part 6: Interval Spacings
315Positions: part 7: Left Hand Considerations
316Positions: part 8: Finding 3rd Position
317Positions: part 9: Exercises for Establishing the 3rd Position Hand Frame
318 Positions: part 10: Shifting After an Open String
319Positions: part 14: Amazing Grace in 3rd position
320Violin and Viola: Difference pt.1
321 Violin and Viola: What's the difference pt 2
322Martele (Marcato) Bow Stroke
324Sad Romance Accompaniment
325Sad Romance beginning tutorial
326Sad Romance beginning tutorial, part 2
327Expressive Phrasing 101: Basic Requirements part 1 (Bow Distribution)
328 Expressive Phrasing 101: Basic Requirements part 2 (consistent bow speed)
329Expressive Phrasing 101: Basic Requirements part 3 (additional comments on bow speed)
330Expressive Phrasing 101: Basic Requirements part 4 (consistent volume)
331Expressive Phrasing 201: Beyond the Dynamics, intro
332Expressive Phrasing 201: Beyond the Dynamics part 1 (Crescendos and Decrescendos)
333Expressive Phrasing 201: Beyond the Dynamics part 2 (the Taper)
334Expressive Phrasing 201: Beyond the Dynamics part 3 (Training the Taper)
335Expressive Phrasing 201: Beyond the Dynamics part 4 (Adding Emphasis)
336Expressive Phrasing 201: Beyond the Dynamics part 5 (Contouring 1)
337Expressive Phrasing 201: Beyond the Dynamics part 6 (Contouring 2)
338Expressive Phrasing 201: Beyond the Dynamics part 7 Conclusion
340Practicing with a Drone for Improving Intonation
341Sautillé Bow Stroke (difference between sautillé and spiccato)
342Sautillé Bow Stroke, Part 2
343Suzuki Book 2: Lully Gavotte, part 1
344Suzuki Book 2: Boccherini Minuet
345Finger Spacing Patterns: Preparation for Scale Rounds
346Scale Rounds: Explanation and Instructions
347Scale Rounds: Explanation and Instructions, part 2
348G Harmonic Minor Scale Round: Note-By-Note
349Greensleeves (What Child is This): fingerings (2011)
350Silent Night (fingerings close-up) (2011)
351Deck the Halls (2011)
352When to Use 4th Finger vs. Open String
353Improving Rhythmic Skills: part 1: Overview
354Improving Rhythmic Skills: part 2: Exercise for Developing Internal Beat
355Improving Rhythmic Skills: part 3: Visual Organization
356Improving Rhythmic Skills: part 4: Score Study
357Improving Rhythmic Skills: part 5: Daily Drills
358Improving Rhythmic Skills: part 6: Working with
362Red, Red Rose performance with 3rd position shifts
363Red, Red Rose Close Up Fingerings
364Red, Red Rose Tutorial
365Rhythm: Staying On the Off Beat
365Rhythm App: Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer
365 Intonia: Intonation Improving Software
365The Collé Bow Stroke: Part 1
366The Collé Bow Stroke: Part 2, Collé vs. Finger Motion at the Frog
366Sautillé and Seitz Violin Concertos
367(Workshop 2012) Scaludes by Kristin Turner: part 1
367(Workshop 2012) Scaludes by Kristin Turner: part 2
368(Workshop 2012) Vibrato Class by Bill Dick: part 1
369(Workshop 2012) Vibrato Class by Bill Dick: part 2
370(Workshop 2012)Literature Survey: Intermediate/Advanced. part 1
371(Workshop 2012) Literature Survey: Intermediate/Advanced, part 2
372(Workshop 2012)Shifting by Bill Dick: part 1
373(Workshop 2012) Shifting by Bill Dick: part 2
374Practice Techniques: Part 1 - Tone and Intonation
375Practice Techniques: Part 2 - Coordination (Varied Bowing Patterns)
376Practice Techniques: Part 3 - Coordination (Accents)
377Practice Techniques: Part 4 - Speed (Rhythm Variations)
378Practice Techniques: Part 5: Speed (Bursts)
379Practice Techniques: Part 6: Fine Tuning
380Suzuki Book 2: Lully Gavotte performance
381"Deeply Grow the Roots": Advanced tutorial
382Suzuki Book 3: Martini Gavotte part 2
383Christmas Carols 2012: up close fingerings
384Christmas Carols 2012: tutorial
385Tutorial for Christmas Carols 2011
386Suzuki Book 3: Humoresque, part 1
387Suzuki Book 3: Humoresque, part 2
388Suzuki Book 3: Humoresque, part 3
389Suzuki Book 3: Gavotte in D Major, part 1
390Suzuki Book 3: Gavotte in D Major, part 2
391Suzuki Book 3: Bach Bourée
392Suzuki Book 3: Bourée, part 2
393 Seitz Concerto no. 2 in G, 3rd mvmnt. (Suzuki Book 4): part 1
394Seitz Concerto no. 2 in G, 3rd mvmnt. (Suzuki Book 4): part 2
395Seitz Concerto no. 2 in G, 3rd mvmnt. (Suzuki Book 4): part 3
396Seitz Concerto no. 2 in G, 3rd mvmnt. (Suzuki Book 4): part 4
397 Seitz Concerto No. 5 in D major, 1st movement part 1
398Seitz Concerto No. 5 in D Major, 1st mvmnt. part 2
399Seitz Concerto No. 5 in D Major, 1st mvmnt. part 3
400Seitz Concerto #5, 3rd movement: Part 1: Beginning and End
401Suzuki Book 3: Martini Gavotte part 1
402Seitz Concerto #5, 3rd movement: Part 2: Double Stops section
403Vivaldi A Minor Concerto 1st movement: Beth, pt. 1
404Vivaldi A Minor Concerto 1st movement: Beth, pt. 2
405Vivaldi A Minor Concerto 1st movement: Beth, pt. 3
406Vivaldi A Minor Concerto 1st movement: Beth, pt. 4
407Vivaldi Concerto in A minor 2nd movement by Beth
408Vivaldi A Minor Concerto 3rd movement: Beth Blackerby
4092 Wohlfahrt Etude op.45 #8
4101 Wohlfahrt Etude op.45 #1
4113 Wohlfahrt Etude op.45 #3
412Tuning Systems (Pythagorean, Just, Equal Temperament)
4134 Wohlfahrt op.54, no. 2
4145 Wohlfahrt Etude op.45 #2
41525 Wohlfahrt Etude op.54 no.10 (The Pinky Buster)
4166 Wohlfahrt Op. 45 no. 4
4177 Wohlfahrt Op. 45, no.18
418Wohlfahrt Etude #10 op.45 #7
419Wohlfahrt Etude #11 op.54 #6
420Wohlfahrt Etude #13 op.45 #16
421Wohlfahrt Etude #17 op.54 nos. 9 and 8
422Wohlfahrt Etude #40, op. 45 no. 20
423Wohlfahrt Etude #19, op. 74 no. 6
424Wohlfahrt Etude #21, op.54 no. 12
425Wohlfahrt Etude #38, op.45 #12
426Left Hand: Contact, Balance, Vibrato part 1
427Left Hand: Contact, Balance, Vibrato part 2
428Left Hand: Contact, Balance, Vibrato part 3
429Wohlfahrt Etude #16, op.45 #9
430Up Bow Staccato: via Kreutzer Etude #4
431Spiccato Styles: broad and brushy vs. light and delicate
432Clean Up Your Playing (Behind the Scenes) part 1
433 Clean Up Your Playing (Behind the Scenes) part 2
434Clean Up Your Playing (Behind the Scenes) part 3
435Clean Up Your Playing (Behind the Scenes) part 4
437Dr. Stephen Redfield: Vibrato Interview: Good Vs.Bad
438Dr. Stephen Redfield: Vibrato Interview: part 2 Styles of Vibrato
439Dr. Stephen Redfield: Learning Vibrato: Step 1 Identifying the Motion
440Dr. Stephen Redfield: Learning Vibrato: Step 2 "Points of Contact"
441 Dr. Stephen Redfield: Learning Vibrato: Step 3 "the Paper Trick"
442Dr. Stephen Redfield: Learning Vibrato: Step 4 "Integrating"
443Dr. Stephen Redfield: Learning Vibrato: Step 5 "Control"
444Dr. Stephen Redfield: Expressive Qualities of Vibrato
445 Dr. Stephen Redfield, part 2: Musicality and Expression
446 (FREE) Dr. Stephen Redfield: Establishing Personal Voice
447Dr. Stephen Redfield, part 3: Varying Bow Speed
448Dr. Stephen Redfield, part 5: Varying Sounding Point
449Dr. Stephen Redfield, part 6: Finger Motion
450Dr. Stephen Redfield, part 7: Cole Bow Stroke
451Dr. Stephen Redfield, part 4: Importance of Etudes
452Dr. Stephen Redfield, part 8: Bow Pressure
453Dr. Stephen Redfield, part 9: Bow Angle
454Dr. Kirsten Yon: Part 1 - The Relaxed Left Hand
455(FREE) Dr. Kirsten Yon: Part 2 - The Relaxed Left Hand
456Dr. Kirsten Yon: Part 3 - Drop and Release Finger Action
457Dr. Kirsten Yon: Part 4 - Feeling of Release in Practice
458Dr. Kirsten Yon: Part 5 - Expunging Tension in the Bow Arm
459Dr. Kirsten Yon: part 6- Learning Finger Motion for Legato Bow Strokes
460Dr. Kirsten Yon: part 7- Learning Vibrato
461Dr. Kirsten Yon: Part 8: Tuning Conscience
462Dr. Kirsten Yon: Part 9, Physiology of Intonation
463(FREE) Dr. Laurie Scott, part 1: Getting Comfortable Holding the Violin
464Dr. Colleen McCullough: part 1: Classical Style and Mozart
465Dr. Colleen McCullough: part 2: Practicing Shifts
466Dr. Colleen McCullough: part 3: Practicing Musicality
467Dr. Colleen McCullough: part 4: Technical Maintainance
468Dr. Colleen McCullough: part 5: Attending to Set Up for Good Intonation and Shifting
469Dr. Colleen McCullough: part 6: Varying Vibrato Speed
470Dr. Laurie Scott, part 2: Preparing to Shift
471(FREE) Dr. Laurie Scott, part 3: Left Hand Thumb Placement
472Dr. Laurie Scott, part 4: Walking Fingers
473Dr. Laurie Scott, part 5: Smooth String Crossings
474Dr. Laurie Scott, part 6: Finger Independence
475Dr. Laurie Scott, part 7: Changing Finger Spacing Pattern
476Dr. Laurie Scott, part 8: Coordination and Bowing
477Dr. Laurie Scott, part 9: Training Vibrato
478Dr. Laurie Scott, part 10: Practice Time
479Dr. Paula Bird, part 1: Awareness of Tone I
480Dr. Paula Bird, part 2: Awareness of Tone II
481Dr. Paula Bird, part 3: Awareness of Tone III
482Dr. Paula Bird, part 4: Maintaining Relaxed Bow Hold
483Dr. Paula Bird, part 5: Maintaining a Relaxed Bow Arm
484Dr. Paula Bird, part 6: Developing Intonation I
485Dr. Paula Bird, part 7: Intonation II
486Dr. Paula Bird, part 8: Learning Vibrato
487Dr. Paula Bird, part 9: Vibrato Rounds
488Dr. Paula Bird, part 10: Wrist vs Arm Vibrato
489Dr. Paula Bird, part 11: Practice Tip - Make a Plan
490Dr. Paula Bird, part 12: Practice Tip - Rubber Band Analogy
491Elise Winters: Bow Weight and Tone Production
492Elise Winters, part 2: Maximizing Tone and the Bow Hold
493Elise Winters, part 3: Maintaining Relaxed Bow Hold
494 Elise Winters, part 5: Triplet Boomerang
495Elise Winters, part 4: Spiccato
496Elise Winters, part 6: Finding Ring Tones
497Elise Winters, part 7: Contextual Tones
498Martha Carapetyan, part 1: Increasing Comfort Holding the Violin
499Martha Carapetyan, part 2: Increasing Comfort Holding the Violin
500Jessica Matheas: Warming Up with Kreutzer
501Jessica Matheas: Franco-Belgian Bow Arm
502Dr. Glen Leupnitz: Why Learning Violin as an Adullt is Essential to Brain Health
503Daniela Shtereva Interview, part 1
504Daniela Shtereva Interview, part 2
505Dan Kobialka: part 1: Movement and Playing
506 Dan Kobialka: part 2: Finger Motion Exercise
507Dan Kobialka: part 3: Spiccato
508Dan Kobialka: part 4: Finger Release
509Dan Kobialka: part 5: Teaching Technique for Setting Up the Left Hand
510Dan Kobialka: part 6: Thumb Angle
511 (FREE) Dan Kobialka: part 7: Spacial Awareness and Intonation
512Dan Kobialka: part 8: Foundation Fingers
513Dan Kobialka: part 9: Vibrato Motion Exercise
514Dan Kobialka: part 10: Descending Shifts
515Dr. Colleen McCullough: part 7: Learning Vibrato
516Dr. Colleen McCullough: part 8: Mystical Intonation
517Dr. Colleen McCullough: part 9: Invaluable Lesson of Recording Yourself
518Preliminary Shifting Exercise: part 1
519Preliminary Shifting Exercise: part 2
520Air Galicien
521 Schindler's list: part 1
522 Schindlers List: part 2
523 Schindlers List: Part 3
524Flat Keys: part 1: Overview
525Flat Keys part 2: F, B flat, E flat, A flat Scales
526Artful Bow Placement, part 1
527Artful Bow Placement, part 2
528Bach Double Violin Concerto: 2nd violin part, part 1 (Style)
529Bach Double Tutorial part 3 (Phrasing)
530Bach Double Violin Concerto: Part 2 (Left Hand)
531Big Motions/Slow Actions-Small Motions/Quick Actions
532Controlling Your Spiccato (video response)
533Stages of Learning a Piece of Music
534Liebesleid by Fritz Kreisler - part 1
535Liebesleid by Fritz Kreisler - part 2: Advanced Fingerings
536Liebesleid by Fritz Kreisler - part 2: Simplified Fingerings
537 Summary for Kinesthetic Intonation Class
538 Pachelbel Canon in D: Part 1
539 Pachelbel Canon in D: part 2
540Oskar Rieding Violin Concerto #2 Op.35: 3rd movement
541Oskar Rieding Violin Concerto #2 opus 35, 1st movement
542Geringas: Up and Down the Ladder
543Geringas: Gym
544Geringas: Round Dance
545Geringas: Cradle Song
546Geringas: King Counter
547Geringas: The First Skating Lesson
548Wohlfahrt Op. #45, no. 14
549Geringas: Playing Ball
550Practicing Josephine Trott Double Stop Exercises
551Thirds: part 1 Hand Shape
552Thirds: part 2 Intonation
553Thirds: part 3 G scale in thirds
554Geringas: Aim and Shoot
555Geringas: Grasshopper
556Geringas: Tag
557Geringas: Old Dance
558Geringas: A Big Step over a Puddle
559Geringas: Hop Scotch
560Geringas: Country Dance
561Geringas: Song
562Geringas: Sadness
563Geringas: Agitation
564Geringas: March
565Geringas: A Pleasant Day
566Geringas: Lost in the Woods
567Geringas: Ballet Variation
568Geringas: Melancholic Waltz
569Geringas: Scherzino
570 Workshop 2016 concert: Fiddle Ensemble
571 Workshop 2016 Concert: Telemann Ensemble
572 Workshop 2016 concert: Full Ensemble
574Great Practice Technique: Spotlight on the Right Hand
575Total Focus: Living in the Nano Future
578Shostakovich Preludium
579Summary for Kinesthetic Intonation Class
580Webinar 4-25-and 2016: Tone Class
581Fun with Scales and Arpeggios
582Approaching Beginning Scale Practice
583I Gave My Love a Cherry
584 Why Vibrato Videos are in Their Own Section
585 Overview of Training Course
586 Basic Motion
587 Impulse Mechanism
588 Taps First
589 Set Up for Arm Vibrato
590 Tapping Exercise #1
591 Tapping Exercise #2
592 Taps to Slides
593 Workout 1: Single Flings
594 Workout 2: Double Flings
595 Workout 3: Triple Flings
596 Workout 4: Quadruple Flings
597Workout 5: Quintuple Flings
598 Workout 6: Quintuple Flings - Longer Workout
599 DIY Vibrato Bumper
600 Increasing Speed - reducing motion for wrist vibrato
601 Increasing Speed - Reducing Range of Arm Motion
602 Workout 7: Faster Motions (Mozart Alla Turca)
603 Workout 8: (Happy Farmer)
604 Workout 9: (Abegg Variations)
605Adding the Bow
606Workout 10: Bowed Slides (Albinez Tango)
607Workout 11: Bowed Slides -(Chopin Op. 10)
608Workout 12 Bowed Slides
609Adding Finger Pressure
610Adding Finger Pressure with Arm Vibrato
612Workout 13 (Haydn Hob XVI9 no. 3))
613Workout 14: (Albinez Prelude)
614Rocking on the Ball: Oscillation
615Workout 15: (Albinez Austurias)
616Vibrato on One Note
617Focused Pitch - One Note/One Finger
618Workout 16 (Albinez Sevilla)
619Workout 17 (Albinez Granada)
620Vibrato:part 10: Vibrato in High Positions
621Maintaining a Straight Bow - Receiving Internal Feedback
622Learning to Reliably Find Notes in First Position
623Chromatic Fingerings
624Ricochet Bow Stroke: Tutorial
625Ricochet Practice Etudes
626 Andante Tranquillo by Ralph Vaughn Williams
627Amy Beach: Berceuse
628Contre Sérieux
629Vivaldi Concerto in G minor - part 1 - Overview of style and sheet music edition
630Vivaldi Concerto in G minor - part 2 - More details
631Vivaldi G minor - Practice Sequence for difficult 6ths passages
632Alla Turca Tutorial
633Amy Beach Overhead Play Along
634Rethinking the Ascending Scalar Shift
6351. Scale System Series: Introduction
6362 Scale System: Adding your own fingering sets
6373 Ascending Scales - Create the Scaffold
638Telemann Fantasie #9: 1st movement
639Telemann Fantasie #9 - Tips for double stop passage
640 4 Ascending Scales - Adding Rhythmic Context
641Berceuse Ecossaise - Ludwig Schwab
642Double Stop 5ths
643Capriccio by Bonparti
644Scale Series: 5 Adding Bow Direction Symbols
645Telemann Fantasie #9 2nd Movement: part 1
646Telemann Fantasie #9 2nd movement: part 2
647Telemann Fantasie #9 3rd movement
648Reading Notes in Different Positions
649Deciding Fingerings: A First Approach
650Scale System: Step 6 Filling in the Scaffold
651Integrating Vibrato: Call and Response
652Integrating Vibrato into Playing: part 2
653Integrating Vibrato into Playing: part 3
654Playing in 2nd Position
655 3 Pieces in 2nd Position
656Descending Scale Practice: Step 1
657Low 4th Finger
6582 Beautiful Pieces for Low 1st and 4th fingers
6592 Pieces for Sautillé Practice
660Descending Scales: Step 2 Creating the Scaffold
661Descending Scales scaffold: Step 3 Mapping and Practicing the shifts
662 Descending scales: Step 4 filling in the scaffold
663Double String Crossings
664Jan Benda - Grave
665Kleiner Mohrentanz by Busoni
666Aucassin and Nicollete
667Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes
668Scherzino Kuula
669Czardas by V. Monti Part 1
670Czardas by V. Monti Part 2
671Czardas by V. Monti part 3
672Czardas Part 4
673Czardas part 5
674Czardas part 6
675Czardas part 7
676Overview of the New Violin Lab. Coming Nov. 3rd!
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