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No question here today. Just a comment as a new member. I am quite excited to have a forum of adult violin players to share and commiserate with. What I have read on the community posts so far are both stimulating and motivating! In my experience it seems that only other adults who are trying to tackle this instrument understand what it takes both mentally and emotionally.

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Posted: January 11, 2012

Great idea. You could also use this idea in learning sections of a new song. I'm going to use this one for a few songs that I'm learning. Thanks. Ray


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Posted: January 11, 2012

Andrea Walpole
Just took the tapes off my viola. Yay!
And I can still play a couple of scales without being miles out of tune. Marvellous. He looks much more grown up now without the red tapes that have been spoiling his good looks for the last two months.


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Posted: January 10, 2012

I had an awesome week......lots going on but I'll stick to the music end of things for here  x-)

I've learned a little something about playing this past week.....

Had a chance to play together with all of the individuals of our worship teams at church.  There were 3 guitars, 1 set of drums, piano and vocalists.  With all of that noise happening I realized quickly that I was going to need to be very bold in my playing and so...I was, telling myself, "eh, go one's going to hear you anyway"...haha.   I was wrong...but that's a good thing !

While playing with all I had in me and enjoying every minute of it....I discovered rooting myself...and I'm not really sure how to explain this....but I think I sort of shifted my center of gravity down to my feet somehow....and also did something with my bow arm that I "really" can't explain but felt more weight(?) towards my elbow somehow....but anyway, whatever I did I realized it changed everything and my notes were ringing intonation was very good (for the most part) and everything was just ..wonderful !  I'm also amazed that I was even able to think about all of those things as I played...and make adjustments as we all went along....and pay attention to the music as well...puzzling..I give the Lord credit for that because it's never happened like that before...frankly. 


At the end of the service we were all asked to come up and play a particular which none of us had played before and didn't have the opportunity to practice...but why not....the congregation was   After that song was over the guitarist next to me (a trained musician) looked over at me and said...."You were incredibly awesome...that sounded fantastic".  That was the first time this individual ever complimented my playing. Honestly...she was as shocked as I was...

During all that "noise"....I did have a hard time hearing myself at times and I barely heard the pianist at all, but all worked out and what an incredible uplifting experience that was ! 

Beth, can you explain what I was referring to as far as planting my feet ?  It sort of felt like all my weight was down  on the floor and it really gave me more control over all. I never felt that before but so glad I discovered it !  I remember seeing you playing in one of the videos of your group and you had that stance where I think you were doing the same thing, probably without even thinking about it.


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Posted: January 9, 2012

Jennifer Nankey
Hello everyone. Just signed up for a couple months. Very excited! This site seems very helpful and Beth's videos are amazing. Looking forward to watching many of them in the next couple months. I do take lessons and have for the past 12 years. I do plan to use Beth's teaching as well, though. I do have one question regarding violin strings. I have used Thomastik Dominant strings for the past few years. If anyone has another string brand that they feel are superior, please let me know. I am about ready for a new set of strings. Thanks!!

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Posted: January 10, 2012

brian laufer
I know this is probly a stupid question however what is the suzuki book? obviously ive missed something.

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Posted: January 7, 2012

Joe (aka Pecos)
The other day I posted a couple of videos that I thought would interest some of you..a couple of days later I deleted them-based on the idea that perhaps this would not be approved of-the videos were of violin/music of people I have found on u-tube.  So, what are the thoughts on this.

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Posted: January 10, 2012

I just want to express how excited I am about the reinion On July. I definitely looking forward to be there!! it would be awesome to meet some of you in person and of course our instructor ( BETH). count on me!!

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Posted: January 9, 2012


Hi Beth,


I've broken Air on G string into more manageable sections of one or two measures and now at the stage of practicing those subsections.  At first in my head saying the notes and trying to use the tips of the trade you have given and what is written in the score.  When I like what I'm hearing in my head I will integrate playing with the violin.

So, my question, what would you suggest as to the tempo for Air on G string?  I've seen 52 bpm down to 39 bpm.  I know on a previous video you taught us that there is a natural range all music esthiticly fits within; however I would like like your (and others ofcourse) opinion on what sounds good to you. 

Your new video on rhythmic skill is excellent timing.




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Posted: January 7, 2012

Hi everybody i need serious help with the bow hold!!

i've been doing some revision which i find helps A LOT. but when i got to the bow hold video (Lesson 8), i found it almost impossible to hold the bow and maintain the circle...

it seems as if, with support from my other hand, i can maintain the circle. When i let go, however, my fingers actually support the weight of the bow, and that is when my thumb tenses up. It isn't flat, but i would still consider it as locked as i have very little wiggle room...

however with a pencil i can do it perfectly!!

So how do we unlock the thumb while supporting the weight of the bow, which seems almost necessary to hold it.

I've tried to upload pictures of my current grip to show you guys whats wrong.
I seriously hope you can help me!! 

Thanks in advance, Sean.

P.S. - Sorry if there's a lot of pictures for those of you who don't care...
P.P.S. - I also notice my pinky looks odd... is it alright?

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Posted: January 7, 2012

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