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How could I have left this off my practice routine-again! I would like to sight read a beginner piece daily to watch my skill improve. I am on IMSLP right now looking for beginner level grade books (not etudes). Can anyone suggest one?

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Posted: July 15, 2019

James Walley
For those working through the "Beginner 2" syllabus...
How far did you take the Etude on page 37 of Suzuki 1?  Specifically, did you keep up with it until you could play it along with the piano accompaniment on the CD?  As far as I can tell, the tempo on that track is approximately 117 bpm.  Using a metronome, I've been upping the speed to the point where I can get through it, albeit quite unsteadily, at 90 bpm.  I just don't see how "beginners" can be expected to get through a piece of all eighth notes at what would be considered Allegro Moderato (equivalent to Prestissimo if the piece was in quarter notes instead)...and that's not to mention to switching to the double-bows per note in Variation B!

Yes, I know I'm just whining.  It's the frustration of pounding away at the piece for about two hours while seeing little if any improvement.  And, yes, I'm sure that, with enough effort (not to mention blood, sweat, and tears...along with any other '70's era jazz-rock band you'd care to mention), I'll finally be able to get it at the proper speed.  I just get the sense that I'm going to be stuck on the "blue" level of Beginner 2 for the next six months at this rate!

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Posted: July 12, 2019

Fabiano Formiga de Carvalho

Aaron Rosand, on practice. Excellent.

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Posted: July 15, 2019

Practice on string crossings and still try to vibrate sweetly/smoothly
Practicing quick string crossing then try to vibrate sweetly and smoothly...(Pardon the kitchen activity noise).

Nena, my student violin is sounding a bit shrill and not so sweet...It's been a while since I played/used her to practice...

At the same time feeling sentimental with this piece, itís hard to say goodbye but itís time to move on 😞🙏🏼✨✨✨
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Posted: July 14, 2019

Kobe Tsang
Bow bounces when doing retakes?
Does anyone else find bow retakes very difficult when doing fast? In fact, the suzuki tracks that comes with the book is all crazy fast. I'm currently learning songs using a metronome and then gradually speed up the metronome if I could play through several times with no mistakes, is there a more efficient way? 

The problem for Song of the Wind is every time I do the bow retake it wants to bounce. I've watched all the lessons on eliminating the bounce and I think the bounce during a bow stroke is almost completely gone but its still happening during the retake. I'm conscienous that my right shoulder slowly creeps up when I dont pay attention to it, will that eventually go away? 

Thanks everyone !
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Posted: July 13, 2019

Timothy Smith
Playing Reels and Jigs as Technique Practice
It would seem that some reels and jigs have some good technique lessons in them. Take these two for instance, they seem excellent for working on low string bow control and string crossings. 
I appreciate any advice on how to better play the low strings fast more cleanly. I'm tripping up here and there. It seems that generally more of my upper body needs to go into the lower strings. I need more pressure to get the sound in those ranges. Am I going about it correctly?

The song titles are
The titles are clickable links to the music. Take a shot at it and see what you think!
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Posted: July 8, 2019

Lee Gordon Seebach
Intonation and "Floppy" Vibrato
Hello VL Gang,

Lately, my main focus has been playing in tune.  I've reached the point where I have become very picky when it comes to hitting pitches, as accurately as I can anyway.  If it doesn't sound right to me, I search for the pitch until it does, mostly listening for ringtones if this applies to the note.  I play almost everything slowly enough so I can listen critically to how I sound and hopefully I'm training my ear at the same time.

In my last lesson with Beth, she mentioned that I need to have a "floppier" vibrato - wider and more noticeable - so I've been working on that, again while trying for the right pitches.  My vibrato in this video is still very crude but at least I feel alright that it's coming along.

I think I'm finally getting my violin to "sing" a little.  Coaxing a tolerable sound out of this instrument has been a lot of hard work and I think the effort I've put in is starting to pay off.  What do you think?
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Posted: July 10, 2019

Simply Amazing Demonstration
Hi Barbara, I know you posted this video a long time ago, but I just found it in the archive and thought it was a fabulous reminder to sing my passages. So many time my passages are just technical work, and that makes sense since I'm trying to learn tricky bowings at a medium speed etc, but there are places in my pieces where I can do this.

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Posted: July 12, 2019

Barbara Holl

Hello ,

I habe a question about Meditation phrase 2  measure  fifteen in the sheet music provided it says 

What I found difficult

But in the tutorial Beth I think plays this ??

Which seems easier ..

But  then I canít get how it goes on with bowing and fingering . Does anyone know?

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Posted: July 12, 2019

Arthur Mendez
Nina and Melody from Kentucky....
I was working on those two pieces and the accompaniments disappeared...where did they go.

Anybody know where I can find them on here?

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Posted: July 11, 2019

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