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Cayla Grobler
Hi everyone,
I`m STILL trying to find a good violin in SA,I was at Musica again the other day to try their violins. I tried their Prestige violin ( it sounded horrible when I played it ) but beautiful when the lady that helped me played it! I have no idea what to look for when buying a violin! The only other violin brands that I know of in SA are Stentor, Stentor Conservire, Fame Lily, Prestige, Sandner, and Hannes Jacobs violins. These are not the only violins I have found ( I forgot the others.) I know nothing about these violins so I don`t know which is best! Please help.

Thank you so much

P.S I am looking for something that can last longer 
than just the beginning levels.

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Posted: May 24, 2019

Barb Wimmer
improvising? Or start over?
Is this improvising? Should I stop and learn chords and scales better instead of continuing to fiddle around on this. Am I on the right track to be a beginner improviser or do I need to start over?  I played on keyboard twinkle little star in key of d. I know the d major scale is d e fsharp g a b csharp d.  According to a chord speller from my teacher and if I understand right from Tim. Apologies to Tim if I misunderstand as he is quite good at this. So the d major scale you can create chords and these specific ones sound good or are known - d fsharp a.  Or d f a. Or d fsharp a c.  I decided to play with all of those notes- along with trying to improvise but have consistent in repeated parts. Trying to blend with piano so we make one song but two parts not two songs. Any thoughts? Where to go from here? Start over?  Thank you. Maria is very good at this too. Thanks for listening and critiques 
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Posted: May 18, 2019

Elke Meier
Hi everyone,

I have been discovering lately that G-minor definitely is NOT my favorite key (even though it sounds so nice when others play it). First the Bach Minuet, now the Gavotte... I am not ready to record the Minuet yet, even though I have been working on it it seems for ages. But the Gavotte I wanted to show you now. I am not too happy with it, but I guess this is how good I can get it at this point. G-minor is so hard. The video does not really show how stressful all these stretches are for my left hand. It is anything but relaxed! And that has an effect on the bowing and on everything else, especially tone. 

Well, I guess I have to reconcile myself with G-minor eventually. After all, I won't be free from it for a while. Humoresque, the next piece in Suzuki 3, is  a breeze compared to these last two pieces. But right after Humoresque comes another G-minor piece: The Becker Gavotte. Sigh...    
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Posted: May 18, 2019

About Vibrato
Hello everyone, I am new here I am uploading this video because I am here to learn. I took a few classes in the past but I am too poor to afford violin classes let's hope I can find a lot of advice here 
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Posted: May 10, 2019

Elke Meier
Something that put a smile on my face just now :)
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Posted: May 20, 2019

Book 4 Piece #2
This is the 2nd piece in Book 4. This is the medium tempo. The goal is to play this someday at the full tempo of 120bpm with an accelerando in the last section. I can hear the left hand/right hand coordination problems in the faster parts as I try to sync up with the recording. That has not been at issue at this tempo before in the practice room. Yikes. I wanted to upload this and ask for comments to improve. In the meantime, I have taken the fast bits on the last half of the 2nd page and made an exercise out of them, to work toward the full tempo someday (I have also made an exercise out of the 6 note upbow slurs at the top of the 2nd page in piece one). These Seitz are such great pieces for developing all kinds of things.
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Posted: May 19, 2019

Barbara Habel
Concert Culture

I went to a concert last night. They were also playing Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Concert for Violin and Orchester in E Minor Op 64.

There was a soloist playing on the violin. A "real" soloist. No sheetmusic.

And when he finished his part the audience was clapping and shouting "Bravo". I sat in the first row so I was not turning around to see whether someone got up on their feet. But I have the feeling that in classical music this is not a thing people do.

Then he came back onto the stage and gave an encore with a piece by Paganini. It was breathtakingly stunning.

I was so surprised to see his relaxed head sitting straight on his spine. No clamping on the violin with his chin or a raised bow arm shoulder. He was so relaxed and at ease and enjoying himself play this really difficult piece of music. It was breathtaking.

And yes he earned clapping and Bravo - but is it custom to get up? And what about whistling? Is whistling a compliment or a statement of dislike?

In Musicals in London England there you do not shout Bravo but get up on your feet whilst clapping. But I do not know what it is like there for a classical concert.

What are your experiences of how an audience shows its affection? Is it the same all over the world? What is it like in the USA? In other parts of Europe? The East? Australia? Haiti? Dominican Republic? Brazil? French Canada? ......

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Posted: May 22, 2019

wonderful film!
I just have to share this fantastic documentary I stumbled upon earlier this evening. Anyone with a passion for violin is sure to love it. Best of all, it features one of our members.

Stravensky, I am so moved by your story. Wonderful performance at the end. You are an inspiration and you will get there!!

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Posted: May 20, 2019

Susan Hollister
Scale System lesson question - video 638
Beth, I am working on developing different routes for my scales as I watch the new scale system videos, and I have a question.

As I go up the scale, shifting to different positions, is it ok to go to a lower position?

For example could I go from 1st position, to 3rd position, back down to 2nd position,  to 1st position, then up to 3rd and 4th?

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Posted: May 21, 2019

Jaime - Orlando , Fl
Feels good to be home! :0)
Dear VL family!
So good to be back!!!
First of all, I want to thank Beth for her passion of music, her love for the violin and her never ending words of wisdom and encouragement. It is just amazing how dedicated she is and especially grateful for her inspiration and support and never giving up on us! We are truly blessed!

I want to send my hellos to everyone who have been side by side in this journey, and wishing everyone success, many blessings and always happiness! :0)

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Posted: May 16, 2019

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