What books should I use to go along with these lessons?

The beginning lessons at Violin Lab are designed to stand alone, or better, to accompany method books like Essential Elements for Strings, or the Suzuki Method Books. Our beginning Violin Lab method basically fills in the huge technical gaps that are inherent in any method book. Method books are collections of songs with little explanation about the mechanics of playing violin. A few snapshots of violin and bow posture is not nearly sufficient to teach anyone to play well. Our lessons go into great technical detail and teach you to play correctly with proper technique. We put a heavy emphasis on tone production. We have guided practices along the way which include "tuneful" exercises with downloadable accompaniments. We also teach simple folk tunes like Are You Sleeping and Simple Gifts to learn as well. We recommend purchasing one of the common beginning books (see our Resources page) and then begin working with that book once you've watched our videos through lessons 21 or 22. That way you'll have had a solid basis and understanding of violin fundamentals and will be able to learn songs much faster and your sound will be so much better than if you had just plunged into a method book.