How Long Will it Take to Complete Each Level?

“It depends” is the most frustrating answer I could give but…it depends. How quickly you progress depends on how frequently and thoughtfully you practice. If you are interested in Violin Lab, you are probably the type of person who can self-motivate. If you can maintain the ambition that brought you to this site and convert your enthusiasm into consistent practice, you will be amazed by your own progress.

Based on how other Violin Lab students have progressed, you can expect to complete Beginning Level One in one - three months and Beginning Level Two in two - four months. The other Levels will require anywhere from three - six months, while some individual techniques might require more time to develop.

Most of our beginners make a tremendous amount of progress in their first 6 - 12 months. If you spend a year with us, you can expect to achieve a basic level of proficiency where you can:

  • Play simple songs with ease and confidence
  • Produce a good tone
  • Maintain relatively good intonation
  • Vary your dynamics and articulations
Once you master the basics, with another push you can expand into more advanced techniques such as spiccato, sautillé, and vibrato. Many of these skills require more than an intellectual understanding; like an athlete, you must commit core techniques to muscle memory. Some people can complete this intermediate level in as few as 6 months.

That said, I hope you do not evaluate your experience by how quickly you can check off skills. The most successful (and fulfilled) students are the ones who marvel at their own ability to conquer one of the most challenging instruments in the world.