I want to learn violin vibrato, but it is so difficult! Any advice?

Of all the techniques of violin playing people most want to learn, violin vibrato is by far at the top of the list. Vibrato is what gives our sound its vocal quality. It adds warmth, richness, and personality to our tone, and helps to project sound to our audience. Vibrato is not difficult; it just takes a long time to get the hang of, and an even longer time to develop into a lovely technique. The most important thing you can possibly do to learn vibrato is to incorporate the right exercises into your daily practice. Many students try and use vibrato without laying the foundation. They skip the step of practicing the right movements in the context of slow thoughtful practice.

Violin Lab has an eleven-part video tutorial series on violin vibrato, as well as fourteen more videos about learning violin vibrato. If you put in the time, and follow our lessons, you WILL learn to vibrate.