Is the Suzuki Method the best way to start for adults?

Although the Suzuki Method was originally created to teach violin and “nurture talent” in young children, many adult violin students taking violin lessons for the first time find themselves going home with the first Suzuki book, ready to delve into wonders of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and all its variations. After a month or two of "Twinkling", many wonder if this is the best training path and whether there are other books and materials with adult learning in mind.

Suzuki Method is a philosophy of learning based on the observations of its founder Sinichi Suzuki, who recognized the effortless ability young children possess for learning their mother tongue. Suzuki based his approach to teaching violin on the same language-learning principles of immersion and repetition. His contribution to violin training also included a series of music books that contains a sequence of songs that thoughtfully builds technique in an incremental fashion.

Undeniably, immersion and repetition lead to progress and eventual mastery, but this can be accomplished with other literature as well. The actual material and songs presented in the Suzuki series do not have inherent magical properties that will automatically transform a beginning player into a seasoned player. Other methods, like the Suzuki Series are collections of carefully chosen pieces that incrementally build technique.

Other wonderful series include: the Mark O'Connor method which uses American folk tradition as the basic of its repertoire, and the Essential Elements 2000 series.

However, learning songs from a method book will only take you so far. To become a proficient well-rounded player, you need to spend a good deal of your practice time focusing on correct technique and postures.

That’s where Violin Lab comes in. Our focus is on the "how to play" not the "what to play".

Violin lab fills in the gaps and gives you information to hone the skills you need to play your favorite tunes. Our beginning method is not a sequence of songs but rather a sequential method for training skills. You can use any method book to accompany our skills training course.