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Hi All, In the spirit of telling stories about our violins, pull up comffy chair and your favorite hot/cold drink and I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours. My story is about the country mouse coming to the city when compared perhaps some of your violins which has a rich history of ages gone by or of  violins handed down from a master violinist.  Having built furniture without electricity and interested in music I somehow got it in my head to make my violin.  Little did I know either what I had gotten my self into nor the pull of violins would have on me.  Is it a very nice violin-no but the colour did come out exactl y what I had in my mind.  There are many mistakes on this violin not the least of which in the curing stage of the varnish blackflies and no-see-ums decided to land on the violin for a breather.  As it turned out a long breather.  Yes, there are plans for making another, perhaps before coming to Austin for the gathering of the clans.  For all it's mistakes I am glad that I made this violin.


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Posted: August 11, 2011

oooops the 'violin stories' thread disappeared right after my story, maybe I said something I should not have said or maybe it was a really boring/bad story :(

Sorry, pity though as I enjoyed Eileen's and Allan stories and I was looking forward to more.....never mind :(

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Posted: August 10, 2011


Beth, this is in reference to my questions about G Major scale.

I found the video that I thought was a VL video. Is in YouTube and the name is “G major 3 Octave Scale for Violin” of AllysonsViolinStudio.



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Posted: August 11, 2011

Nick Thorpe
Bow Tilt - Do I Need It?

Dear Beth & All,

I am in the very, very early stages of learning on Violin Lab and I am currently at the long bow stroke stage, helped immensely by your excellent videos Beth.

I may have missed this somewhere but should the hair always be flat on the string for a beginner, and by implication is tilting the bow towards the finger board an advanced technique?



PS: The Itzhak bow grip video was very helpful, thank you.

PPS: I have been using a £10 / $15 webcam to great effect with my practice; if anybody is interested I will post some details.

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Posted: August 6, 2011

Janette Waddington

Hello Beth.  Firstly thank you for providing this excellent website.  I am an adult beginner and have had 3 months of weekly lessons but the information on your site is really helping to fill in a lot of gaps for me.  I am having real problems with my left hand in the first position where the first and second fingers are very close together.  I find it very difficult to get these 2 fingers very close - I don't have a problem getting this where the second and third fingers are together.  Is there anything you could suggest to assist/

Many thanks and kind regards


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Posted: August 11, 2011


Hi Beth,

In Lightly Row you mention there is an arpeggios in measure 15.  If I'm learning this correctly, is there also an arpeggios in measure 7? 

Cheers, Ray

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Posted: August 11, 2011

Fantastic!  What incredible insight I've gained on interpreting and understanding music and how to express it in my playing from watching this video !

Anne posted this on her facebook page and I thought I would share it for folks here.  Wow....of course, seeing this and making it happen in MY playing is another story entirely...but definitely something to work towards !!  

It's also very very entertaining....I love this fellas teaching style !  I would so love to learn from someone like THAT !  :-)
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Posted: August 8, 2011

Bruce Finney

Hello all,

If this has been covered in a video please excuse the post.  I am currently working on the 2nd Minuet of Bach's from the 1st Suzuki book.  My question is this:  should I be practicing vibrato at this point or is it introduced in book 2?

Also, I have an issue where I get an terrible "whistling" type sound out of my D string.  Any throughts.



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Posted: August 10, 2011

Sorry for the lateral view of the violin, I do a lot of experimenting, just not with computers.

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Posted: August 11, 2011

How do you keep your thumb in place without creating pressure in the thumb area?


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Posted: August 9, 2011

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