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A happy arrangement of mirrors in my bathroom presents me with an image of myself when I am practicing which is close to how we see Beth on her videos, making it easier to copy/follow her movements. I have a floor to ceiling mirror at my right side and I stand with my chest and arms at a right angle to it at about one pace to the left. Ahead of me about one pace, and to the left of me by about one pace is another floor to ceiling mirror set at 45 degrees to the first mirror ( I do hope this doesn't sound too confusing!) The outcome is that the first mirror reflects an image of myself into the second mirror, the 'right way round'...as 'I' would appear to myself if a video camera were taking the pictures. I find this arrangement very helpful for applying Beth's inspiring lessons. A 'stand-alone-mirror' set at 45 degrees to another mirror would yield the same result
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Posted: July 19, 2011

Anne aMaudPowellFan

Hi all!

On July 10th I have a 20 minutes time slot to play at the "Tag der Laienmusik", Munich's yearly day of amateur music. The program consists of (popular) dances for violin and piano: Tango pour Madame, Leclair Tambourin, Hubay Bolero, Lanner Steyerische Tänze, Rachmaninoff Danses Tziganes. I am including two videos from yesterday's presentation in violin class, with pianist Nino Gurevich.

I'd be grateful to hear your comments and suggestions. Particularly, if time is short, should we rather play some repetitions in the Lanner and skip the Leclair alltogether? We reckon with longer breaks between pieces, and I also want to give brief introductions.

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Posted: June 30, 2011

Hi Beth, I am frustrated again. I think I have no improvement. I see a lot of video at a time and try all.At last result is zero. Regards, Paul
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Posted: July 13, 2011

Hi Beth! I have had my violin for about a year and a half now and lately I have been having problems with it. When I play it does not have that rich sound it use to have. About 2 to 3 months ago i put on new strings to see if that was the problem. once the strings broke in it still seemed to not have that rich sound it use to have. Is it me or is it that i need a new violin? Im open to any thoughts or ideas on how to fix it.
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Posted: July 15, 2011

HI, Beth Just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful video lessons that you continue to produce. I have an idea for a video series and maybe some classes for the reunion in 2012. I would love to see a series of lessons on improvisation on the violin. For a lot of people this is such a mysterious and scary subject, but so important. Especially if you like to go to jams where it's not practical to pull out a bunch of sheet music. I've seen decent guitar players at clinics completely freeze up when someone says improvise over these chords. But it's great to watch players who can just wing it. And once you start to get the hang of it, its like it frees your spirit (corny as that sounds). I'm not sure the best way to describe it but I think you know the feeling I'm talking about. And if you ask people what they would like to be able to do on their instrument be it violin, mandolin or guitar they will say Id love to be able to improvise but they are just scared to do it. What do you think?
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Posted: July 14, 2011

Hello, Since I bought my violin 1 year ago I´v felt that the string A is a little bit more scratchy, that the others, so I was wondering if this it can be issue of the position of the sound pole or something about the violin setup or It´s just me that I dont know how to play it well. Thank You.
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Posted: July 11, 2011

Hi Beth, I can't maintain the bow pressure. Could you suggest me anything. Regards, Paul
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Posted: July 13, 2011

Hi Beth, I can't read music.I want to learn it. Could you refer me any tutorial about that. Regards, Paul
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Posted: July 12, 2011

Hi, now that I have been playing for a long time now i have been playing harder music that requires shifting & vibrato in other positions. I have been doing really well with all this stuff but the only thing I still have a tendency to do is to go back & refer to notes in 1st position. Is there any way I can stop doing that & if so how?
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Posted: July 11, 2011

Hello Beth:

On Lessons 41 & 42 (Guided Practice: Skips)you have some great excercises, which as you mention are also good as warm-ups.

Is there a possibility that you might create the notation for these as PDFs? Not that they are difficult. But it would be nice to have them available in notation to be able to put into our notebooks, to help jog our memories.

I actually have a copy of Finale PrintMusic, and if I ever have some time on my hands, I may just do it myself and send them to you.

Best wishes,



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Posted: May 17, 2011

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