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Shelly ~ South Carolina
YEAH!!! My "baby" is back!! :-)  Took a 4 hour round trip drive to pick him up but it was SO worth it. The luthier I found is WONDERFUL.  She was so nice and really did an amazing job on the old guy.  She also sent me home with a D. Carvalho bow to try (shhhh, don't tell the hubby!! lol). 

I played my violin for about an hour after getting home (with the new and it sounds SO GOOD!  I know everyone has said it will need a settling in period so it makes me happy it sounds as great as it does already. 

If anyone needs a wonderful luthier on the east coast be sure to contact Sonja St. John!  She's awesome! Ok, enough from me for now.  :-)

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Posted: October 29, 2011

Mauricio Bertges
Hi, everybody... I'm a little confused about the issue on notesXpitchesXskiping. In Lesson 38, Beth is playing (A - C /retake/A - D...) -or- (A - C# /retake/A - D...) ? /// excuse my english... I'm not a native speaker ;)


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Posted: October 26, 2011


Yesterday I was just playing as usual I do, sudderly the E string was broken !!
My strings are Obligato and I just bought them 4 months ago, and I play around 1 hour every day, so I would like to know that if this is normal o not.

The second thing is, today I went to buy it (E String), I came home and I tried to put it in the violin I was already trying to tune the string I think I was around D5#, I tied a little more......
and IT WAS BROKEN again !!! so I obviously imagine that a I tied to much even that a felt that I just did a little, I feel so frustated it was not so cheap the string.

Thank you.

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Posted: October 28, 2011

If the ring tone must sound the same as the open string, then why can't we just learn just one ?


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Posted: October 27, 2011

Candace Del Valle
Hello!  I just bought a new violin and bow today. :)I found a no-name violin from China that is gorgeous and has a really unique and sweet sound. I took your advice from the webcast about low-end bows and got a carbon fiber bow (Arco Nouveau Axis) which has great manageability and decent response. I loved the information about bows by the way, it was very helpful and just what I needed. :) 

I am just wondering if it is normal to hear a sound from the bow when it is new or am I just not used to the sound of a full-haired bow? (I had been using a bow with only 2/3 the hair left.)  Or perhaps I have too little or too much rosin? It is hard to describe the sound, it is almost like a a vibrating zzz sound. Is this normal? Thanks! 

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Posted: October 26, 2011

richard barwell
Hi Beth,

This isn't really a question, just me saying thank you  for the 'slow motion do's and dont's' video, it really is excellent. It should win some kind of award for 'best use of slow motion camera' or something...

I can't imagine I'll ever need to ask anything more on the subject of vibrato as a technique again, it should all be down to practice now. Keep up the good work!


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Posted: October 24, 2011

Nick Thorpe

I am at  the point where I can make a good solid, long bowed sound on open strings. I am now moving on to the left hand, and  in Lesson 30 you suggest practising playing stopped notes (if that is the right expression), with the same volume and tone quality as open stringed notes.

I have been practising with D on the A string as it is a ring tone. I play open A then stopped D, take my hand off and repeat the process. About seven times out of ten I get it pitch perfect. My logic is that I can improve my tone and accuracy at the same time.

This afternoon I suddenly realised that if I put my first three fingers down at the same time then my accuracy increases. Is this a valid practice method or should I persist with just placing the one finger for the D. I don't want to get into bad habits!

Many thanks, Nick

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Posted: October 23, 2011


Hi Beth,

I have a couple of questions for you. my husband gave me my first violin as a gift last christmas, so this december would be a year since i started playing with that violin, which is a Cadoni Prelude (violin for students). My question is, how often do we have to change the strings? and what brands of strings do you recommend?. About the bow, how often do we have to change the hair? i think that my strings are in good condition, but i 'd like to make an upgrade, may be the sound would improve.   Have a nice day!


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Posted: October 23, 2011

I LOVE my dog Sam !

He's the best audience I have !   He usually wanders in the room when I'm practicing and this time he asked to get up in the comfy butterfly chair in the room.  I just about "never" allow him on any furniture but I made an exception this

Well, after he got himself situated.....he looked up at me.  He was so attentive sitting there waiting for me to play something so I started Meditation and watched him in the mirror as I went through it...doing my absolute best for my very appreciative audience !   LOL...I wish I could have taken a pic of him sitting there eyes on every move I made....ears perked up (he's a rat terrier so his ears are always up)...he stayed for most of it then got down on the floor and made himself comfortable there.

I tell you.....dogs really really ARE man's/woman's/violinists best friends !   Did I say how much I LOVE my dog ??  x-)

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Posted: October 11, 2011

Shelly ~ South Carolina
Well... just heard back from the luthier.  She did a complete review of my violin and it has a couple of open edges plus two open wing cracks, as well as a crack on the bass side top (the one I noticed originally). :-(  A complete overhaul is going to be $330.  BUT - that includes a lot of things:  repair the cracks & edges, fit a new custom bridge, resurface the fingerboard, fit a new light weight tail piece w/fine tuners, fit a new sound post and replace the old chin rest with a new one plus clean and polish. 

She also stated she was certain it is an old German made violin, approximately 100-110 years old and considering it sat for such a long time it is in very good condition - just needs a few repairs and maintenance.  She thinks the sound will really be beautiful on it once it is fixed.  Sooooo... I guess putting a little money into it is worth it.  She said it could be done in about 2 weeks. 

Can't wait to get it back!!! :-)

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Posted: October 14, 2011

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