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Robert B
When one instrument sounds like two are playing.

This guy is freaking amazing at this technique.

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Posted: December 6, 2011

Robert B
Ok boys and girls; if you don't see yourself working for first chair, maybe you're destined to take you violin skills to another 21 Century level. Here is Jason Wang again playing his electric violin with some electronic distortion effects happening for a hard rock - guitar sound. You can literally close your eyes and imagine this is a heavy metal lead guitar playing.

It may not be your cup of tea music wise, but watch Jason's face and see how much fun he's having playing this for us.

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Posted: December 5, 2011


To each and all of you at VL:

Approaching the end of the year 2011, I will like to thank all of you for your patience and understanding during the year in accepting my non-perfect way of writing in English due to the fact that I born in Chile, and after living in Florida, USA for the last 47 years, my mind still have to translate to English what Im thinking in another language. If someday I did or will use an inappropriate word, I want all of you to know that it was not and it will never be intentionally.

If this is not too much to ask, I will like to know from each of you at least three of your goals for the year 2012, naming first the most important and meaningful to you. I thank you in advance.

Here are my three most important:

1.- If 2012 is not better, to be at least as good as 2011.

2.- Play a nice vibrato. Is sloooowly getting there.

3.- Rent a home for 2 or 3 months up north US during summertime to be near to my family. Not during winter because we Floridian think that is an state of emergency when the temperature drop to the middle 50 degrees Fahrenheit (approx. 12 Celsius).

I will like to take this opportunity to express my warm wishes for a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2012 to all Violin Lab's members.


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Posted: December 4, 2011

Michael Logiudice
Hi Everyone,Thanks for helping me post my video,well here it is brace yourselves,Ive been a member for 2 months and finally got the courage to share my progress so far and by recording myself I can see right of the bat that I need to work on Intonation,I welcome any comments anyone may have as you are all my freinds thanks for all your help.
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Posted: December 1, 2011

Robert B
Hey gang; Bob here again.

I sent three sets of simple first position sheet music to Beth and she has posted them online. Go to Resources > Member's Page > Shared Files - to find them.

Requiem for a Dream
Ava Maria
Game of Thrones

These are very fun songs that entertain people. I'm very much a beginner, but I can slowly learn each staff  line of these songs and memorize them. Let me make some comments: first about Ava Maria.

Ava Maria is a very simple song with many whole notes in it. It's played slow and romantically. This song is excellent for practicing long - full bow strokes and for trying to change bow directions without the music sounding like you reversed the bow. What a challenge that is! I've quickly realized that simple, slow, songs can be the most challenging to play well. I think I'll spend the rest of my life mastering the performance of Ava Maria despite how simple it is. Now about Requiem for a Dream.

Requiem for a Dream also has many whole notes and some quarter and eighth notes happening in it but the note changes aren't hard to perform in this arrangement. The song is very dynamic and this sheet music has the piano accompaniment included. This is a very dramatic song and entertaining for others to hear. Finally Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones is the official music of the Emmy Award winning show on HBO of the same name. The original version is played by a bass and cellos but the violin version is equally fun to hear and play, and very simple too. The note work is easy except for a rift of quarter and eighth notes that are an easy transition on the fingering board mostly played on the G string.

I posted this thread in the hopes you too have some fun songs for beginners especially to find here and enjoy. If so send them to Beth and if she can (assuming copyright issues) she will probably post them for the rest of us.

Keep that wrist straight!


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Posted: December 5, 2011


Hi everyone :)

First I had a rented viola in summer, but nearly no time for practice... but I knew that I wanted to learn to play (at least a bit ;) ), so I bought a viola in september, deciding for this special instrument "by ear". Now Im practicing for 2 and a half month, about 5 times a week for half an hour approxemately (no lessons so far besides VL)...

So here is my first video (wahh excited ;)  )... it is a little bit strange to see yourself playing, but you can see so many things you cant see while playing...

I thought that I use my elbow pretty much... but I dont,  a lot of movement comes from the upper arm

I slip off the sounding point so often and the sound suffers immediately :/

Practice straight bowing will be a good idea

aaand the intonation ;)  Im trying to get from "in-tune-by-accident" to "only-sometimes-out-of-tune" ;)

A very good effect of VL is, that I can practice my school-english, too ;)

Greetings, Andreas :)

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Posted: December 5, 2011

Patrick Regan
I will try to get some videos of me playing the Violin this weekend but prelude maybe sometime in the next couple weeks.

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Posted: December 6, 2011

Robert B
Hello everyone,

Newbie here with a month of constantly learning under my belt. I'm retired so I can spend hours each day on this other-worldly instrument we all adore so much.

My current problem concerns vibratos. I've watched all the videos about doing them here (and other videos online) and no matter how hard I practice and try, I feel like a man attempting to do pushups and run at the same time. It's not happening!

When I try to perform the technique my bow arm freezes up totally. Like my brain will only perform one thing or the other. To my simple mind they are two distinctly different behaviors and so far couldn't be more in-compatible. The irony is without a violin in my hand I can perform the actions but not with the instrument. Duh?

Is this normal for a beginner to experience or am I destined to move on to bongos? (snicker - never!)

I've really enjoyed this website and all the stuff you guys have posted here. It inspires me to know I too can one day really play this challenging and beautiful music.


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Posted: December 3, 2011


Hi Eileen,

If you watch most bands on stage they will have some sort of ear piece.  These ear pieces do exactly that, they allow the player to be able to hear exactly what they are playing and some devises will let them listen to other members of the band.  I'm afraid that is all I know about it right now.


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Posted: December 5, 2011

Ian Renshaw
Hello everyone,

I thought I'd start a new thread: "To train formally and take exams or not to train formally and take exams."

There's been some good discussion about this in other threads so I'm interested to hear different views and experiences. Some of you will know I'm going down the ABRSM route (in the UK they're the standard music examination body).

I'm doing it by way of apology to my younger self for not learning the piano in the same way; at 43 I vamp away at the keyboard like a cocky 17-year-old (which is about when my learning process stopped!). When I met the violin I fell in love so owed it to myself and the instrument to learn 'properly'. As someone who needs constant motivation and assessment the exams are essential for me - I'm lost without regular gold stars and Brownie points!

However... I've met some stunning professional musicians who never trained and can't read a dot of music...

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Posted: November 30, 2011

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