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Beth, My "Rhythm-A-Day" book arrived today and I was looking forward to viewing your videos and playing along with the rhythm. However, Rhythm A Day videos 1, 2 and 3 are missing. I noticed that you referenced the audio files, but they do not seem to be working. Please advise. Thank you.


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Posted: January 31, 2012

Ian Renshaw
Hello everyone,
I've been away from the site for a while - it's been a busy time recently with the pub and with a father in hospital (soon to be set free, fully recovered we hope!)
However, the violin has not been neglected and I'm working each day towards my ABRSM Grade 6 exam. I may even upload a video or two soon - once I can play at least one of the pieces all the way through...
Thanks, Beth for putting the info about the summer's workshop online; I fully intend to come along (I'm going to check flights in the next day or two). I see Tod Ehle is going to be there too - how exciting! He's someone else I follow on YouTube regularly so it'd be great to meet him.
How's everyone getting on out there?

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Posted: January 29, 2012

Anne aMaudPowellFan
Hi Beth and all,

some time ago Beth asked for musical adjectives. I have just stumbled over a whole page of them at Lots of fun to select a few for a piece and try to make them word.

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Posted: January 31, 2012


I'm trying something new-atleast for me-I'm using 3x5 cards then inorder to learn both different rhythmes and a song, I'm writing down each measure on a card and on the opposite side the measure number.  I then practice the rhythmes and at the same time learning the song.  When I think that I know the song cold, I'll shuffle the cards and try to arrange them in the right order. What do people think?


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Posted: January 30, 2012

Hi Beth,

I just thought I would inform you that your Gavotte lessons from the first Suzuki Book (performance and tutorial) seem to be out of order: the performance is before the Happy Farmer lessons, and the tutorial is towards the bottom of the video lessons library.


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Posted: January 29, 2012

Jennifer Nankey
Your opinions on carbon fiber bows?? Anyone have one or tried one? They seem to be gaining more popularity.

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Posted: January 26, 2012

Michael Logiudice
what is the best way to memorize a piece of music?

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Posted: January 17, 2012

Hello everyone!

I've read some posts here and at other sites where students suggest recording their private lessons.  So based on that I have a few questions to all of you who currently take or have taken private lessons.

1. Do you video or audio record your lessons?
2. If so, how often do you view/review your lesson(s)?
3. Do you or your Teacher is more aware of the lesson due to the presence a recording device?
4. If you do record your lesson, has it been helpful to you?
5. If you DO NOT record your lessons, how much note taking do you do during your lesson?

I believe that recording our lessons should be helpful for practice purposes and it would allow to better focus our time.  I try to remember everything my teacher has told me afterwards, but I'm sure I forget a good chunk of it.  I do take some notes, but they seem to disrupt my lesson flow as I have to put my violin/bow down to take notes.

In any event, I am going to approach my Teacher and see if I would be allowed to record our lessons and I was interested to know what your experiences has been.

Thanks for your comments and or suggestions.


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Posted: January 26, 2012


What is exactly a Masterclass? I thought it was where one person plays a piece and gets a critique while others watched and then the others play and get critiqued as well.  My daughter thought it was like a "section " class where like instruments received specific instruction regarding their particular instrument.  Her "masterclass" in summer camp was where all the clarinets got in a room and received tips and such specifically for their section.  What will the Masterclass at the VLR (Violin lab reunion) be like?

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Posted: January 25, 2012


To be happy or not to be happy? That is my question!

I'm so happy today that I have the need to tell others why. I found a well qualified teacher that I hope she will help me to improve faster in this journey of learning our beloved musical instrument. The studio is just a few blocks from my house, approximately 4 to 5 minutes drive including the time to install the violin in the car and open the fence.

Those are in the good part. Now for the bad part, her hourly rate is more than three times of what others usually ask. Yesterday, I went for my first lesson and after a few minutes of playing open strings, she asked me for a note pad and then it took her approximately 30 minutes to write down my homework while I was just standing there, and that was it.

I may be wrong, but I think it was 45 minutes lesson instead of 60 minutes. I hope the next lesson will be more substantial because I really will like to have someone to guide me.


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Posted: January 20, 2012

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