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Hope you have heard of this great performer.

Recently, I got two CDs - 

JS Bach - Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin (Nathan Milstein)

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Posted: December 12, 2011


not sure how many are following Vaughn Vs. Violin.  This is the beginner guy that wants to play Paganini's "24th Caprice" in one year.

This was the most recent post he added to his blog (  i thought it was cute.  The Hot Canary- and it does sound like a bird at times.  This is his wife who is a Soloist and teacher at the Colburn school.

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Posted: November 18, 2011

Hello everybody,

So today i was looking around for violins again, and i found the nicest looking violin i've ever seen! (violin i could play).
and i noticed something very different on the back - it was made out of one piece, not two...

so what does this do? is there any difference at all between a violin with a two piece back or one with a one piece back? 
all i know is that it looks amazing and so much better to me. but to each his own, right?

Thanks for any answers.

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Posted: December 11, 2011

Ian Renshaw
Hello Beth and folks,
I'm sitting here with a coffee listening to the CD which accompanies the new syllabus ABRSM Grade 6 pieces. Crikey these are a big step up from Grade 5! I can't even edge my way through the scores - I feel like a new beginner all over again :o(

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Posted: December 10, 2011

Donna Marie
Hi Beth,

Christmas is coming and I was thinking... can I request for a tutorial on a Christmas song? I want to create an ecard for my relatives and I wish to have my violin sing the song instead. The only notes I know so far are the ones in the 1st position, so any help on different notes and positions that may be hit by the song will be a great help.  

Hope this is okay with you.

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Posted: October 20, 2011

Hi Beth (and all!)

I would like to ask about your thoughts on 'practice philosophy.' By this I mean basically what to do with the stuff that you learn in practice by yourself and with your teacher (if you have one). I am more concerned not necessarily by the stuff that you are presented in a lesson but the stuff that you actually learn (aha! moments and other insights included). Do you recommend keeping a journal of all these specifics? or maybe just annotating the practice text or piece? If so, how often do you go back and review such material?

As you know, practice time is usually a very solitary and intense experience and maybe writing about it (apart from what we specifically learn or 'get' from the lessons or pieces that we are studying) could be a form of psychological release. Do you or anyone try to meditate or have some quiet time before and/or after practice to settle down and collect ourselves? Do you consider this time as part of your practice?


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Posted: December 9, 2011

Hello VL members!

This is a guide on how to post your video(s) here on the VL Community Forum.  

Ok. . . . First things first.

  1. Get your video from your video camera loaded onto your computer (read your video camera manual, it should tell you how)
  2. Once the video file is in your computer, go to and create an account (The youtube site has tons of videos explaining how to do just that; use it to learn how to create your account and how to upload your videos)
  3. Now that you have your video(s) uploaded on youtube, here is how to get it posted on the VL lab website.
  • On the youtube website . . . If you look just below your uploaded video, there is a button labelled "Share"

  • Go ahead and click on the "Share" button. That will display a larger window below the video which contains yet another button labelled "Embed".

  • Go ahead and click on the "Embed" button. That action will further extend the window below the video. The window that has the highlighted HTML code is the information you will need to copy (so keep that in mind). The information below the highlighted window is useful, but for now, just make sure to uncheck all the checkboxes and that the video is no larger than 480 X 360 (for website formatting reasons).

  • If you followed this instructions this far, you are doing great! We're almost there. Now open another window on your browser and go the VL website (, login and click on the Community Tab. Once there you will notice the "Submit a Question" button on the right-hand side (just after the search box).

  • Click on the "Submit a Question" button to start a new thread to post your video or to start a new discussion topic. A window will open allowing you to enter your question and or video.

  • To post your question/comment simply start typing inside the text box. The submit question window allows you to change the font, insert a link, insert an image and embed your video by simply clicking on the displayed buttons. So go ahead and type your question/comment and then click on the "embed" button to open a separate window for you to "paste" that highlighted text code you copied from the youtube website.

  • Once you have typed your text and "pasted" the youtube information into the "embed code for video:" window, it should look something like this:

  • Once you got all the information you want in the text box and in the embed windows completed to your satisfaction (do check, as there is no editing later!), click on the "Submit Question" button.
  • If you followed all the instructions above your youtube excellent video should now be posted on the VL's Community page and it should look something similar to this (if sized @ 480 X 360) . . . .

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Posted: December 9, 2011

Beth Blackerby
Aah! It worked. I've had a good technology day.
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Posted: December 7, 2011


Thank you Anne,

I've looked up the weg site: musician's way and have desided to order the book.



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Posted: December 9, 2011

Beth Blackerby
This was in my inbox.  There are some fabulous DVD master classes from Masterclass Foundation.. Maxim Vengerov is one of the clinicians. I've not seen a discount from this site advertised before, so now is a good chance to hint to a friend or loved one, what you might like for Winter Solstice.

33% discount on ALL DVDs for this weekend only! 

Dear Beth, 

Here is a gift idea from the Masterclass Foundation.  Use code 33DEC (case sensitive) and get 33% off ANY of our DVDs over this weekend only. That's from now until Sunday 11th December.   

Subject to the usual Royal Mail and Royal Airmail delivery terms we will endeavour to get your DVDs to you in time for Christmas.  (UK and Europe only)


There - that's given you a present idea for your music loving friends!



With season's greetings


Joanna Pearson,

Masterclass Foundation


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Posted: December 9, 2011

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