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Jenn A

Thank you for putting up the Red Red Rose tutorial Beth!  I just started learning it and love this piece, and it is perfect for beginning shifting, which is right where I am at!

I wondered if it would be possible to put a bug in your ear for a request, that is if there is enough interest and if it would not be too much trouble.  I figure it doesn't hurt to ask!  Could there be an easy harmony bit added to it so that 2 violins could play as a duet?  That would be so lovely- but I wouldn't know how to go about doing it right.

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Posted: March 2, 2012

Anne aMaudPowellFan
How to practice this rhythm?

We play excerpts from West Side Story in orchestra, and it has a long passage of sixteenth notes, in which only the second and fourth are sounded and the first and third are pauses. So it is a fast and long passage of synchopation. The notes are easy, scale-likechanging per quarter note. How do I practice this?

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Posted: March 1, 2012

J. David
Snakes on a Plane - Violin style

I've had to think long and hard before posting this as it contains a phrase that some may find less than appropriate.  But since the phrase has entered our pop-cultural lexicon, I thought "let's give it a try - I can always delete it later if need be".  Those with a liberal sense of humor, read on...

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Posted: March 2, 2012

Brooke Clark
Hi Beth and community,
I just started playing the violin a few days ago. I do not have a teacher yet or anything. My bow has been giving me problems. First I went through the long process of realizing I need rosin on my bow before it will make noise (duh!), so I applied and applied until finally it started making noise! (hooray!) But now it is making this weird scratching noise only on the E string and on any string that I try to play notes on. It makes a clear sound when I play on the other open strings, except for the E. I've uploaded a video so you can hear it. Did I use too much rosin or is there still not enough rosin? Or is my bowing/fingering technique just too awful to make a non-scratchy sound? Any help would be appreciated!

(PS don't have your speakers turned up even half way or your ears will bleed)
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Posted: March 1, 2012

mark ptashne
I have encountered several videos that will only partially play..."Finger Motion: Fingers move the bow", for example. Any way to get these to work?


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Posted: March 1, 2012

Beth .. after seeing the great videos on Mary Cohen's SuperStudies series, I ordered her book "Technique Takes Off" which I assume is a continuation of the SS series. Will you be posting any videos on the "Technique Takes Off" book ...even if it just one study?

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Posted: March 2, 2012

Kenneth Ozimek
Does anyone know if has any discussions about equipment such as how to choose and evaluate a bow and how to choose the right kind of strings. My experience has led me to believe the Obligato strings generally give the best classical sound. I like Helicore for fiddle stuff but I wonder what others think.

I'm thinking about coming out to the workshop in July. It sound like a fun time for all.

Thank You,

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Posted: February 29, 2012

Beth Blackerby
You Facebookers will see this twice. 

I knew this on a physical level, but not an intellectual one: When we make a long slurred down bows from the G to the E string, crossing all strings, you gain bow length, specifically, the distance between two strings (times 3).  This holds true for an up bow, slurred on one stroke from the E to the G string. Oppositely, when you make a long slurred bow stroke on a down bow from the E to the G, you lose bow length in the same amount as you gain when going from the G to the E.  Sounds confusing? Try it, you'll see what I mean. I thought the "bow gaining" strokes were just more natural to the way our arms work in relation to the shape of the bridge. But it's also about bow conservation and distribution.

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Posted: February 29, 2012

mark ptashne

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Posted: March 1, 2012

Devon Lewis

I was wondering if any of you knew of a good website to get sheetmusic for the Violin. 
I'm looking for two songs, "Now we are free" from Gladiator and the theme to Braveheart. 

Thank you.  

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Posted: February 28, 2012

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