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Lily Mo
I thought the newbie wannabes might aspire to join these people. 
I wish I knew about them when I used to live in Edinburgh. I remember being a second violins first desk, no less, in my tiny junior high school orchestra. I suppose we were pretty bad but we didn't care and I had a hoot playing in it.  A friend has seen them play and claims that they truly deserve their name, but they do look like they are having a very good time!

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Posted: March 29, 2012

Jenn A

My 12 yr old daughter and I playing Connaughtman's Rambles, just having fun.  Thought I'd share it.  Sounds pretty good because she was closest to the speaker!!  She is hard to keep up with, but fun when we can turn out a tune together :) 
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Posted: March 28, 2012

Chris Munro
Hello, first time poster here!

I have an 1870 German violin modelled on a Steiner/Stainer however the fingerboard angle is too low and it is unplayable above 5th position, but it is in mint condition otherwise. I will need to get another one but if trade it in I probably won't get much compared to what I paid for it.... Plus I am kind of attached to it :D

I was thinkning about possibly putting gut strings on it and using it as a baroque violin for somthing interesting... The tailpiece has been changed to take ball end strings and I havge a fine E adjuster so that could be removed, but would it just be a case of putting gut strings on it?

ALso would you have to tune the E with the peg? I don't think you can have fine adjusters with gut strings??

At least I now know about why I was finding iit hard to play in high positions...

Curretnly I'm very sad at it not being my main instrument as it is really lovely instrument but there we go. Maybe it can live on!

Alll suggestions welcome!

I am also impressed by people recording themselves here and hope to do so myself at some point.


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Posted: March 29, 2012


Feel good moment # 264:  (pleasae don't read this as bragging because that's not the intent)

I started to play with a church consort and tonight was the second piece i'm playing with them.  Its all beginners of several different instruments.  the director, who also plays cello asked me to play the solo part which is intended for someone else.  I made it through the whole part and surprisingly did pretty well.  At the end, everyone clapped.  I  was shocked.  After rehearsal, on the way out, someone said.  "I can't wait until I can play as good as you someday." 

I never thought that would ever happen.  Maybe I Am making some progress.  :)

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Posted: March 28, 2012

Jennifer Hughes


I have a quick question (since there are so many videos on here!) about tone quality on the D string.  I dont know if I am just worn out or what (Holy week coming up, lots of musical needs), but lately my tone quality is in the gutter on that string. 

Are there any videos that address tone quality on the lower strings?  Advice?  If so, can someone direct me? 

Thank you Beth for the wonderful website, and to the rest of the community, thank you for posting.  This is the first place I feel comfortable enough to ask because everyone seems so friendly!

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Posted: March 27, 2012

Jenn A

I was watching Beth's video on straight bowing (I don't remember which one I watched them all at once!) and she mentioned about turning your hand away as you move towards the frog, which makes sense, but also mentioned as a side note that violinists rarely play with all of the bow hair flat on the string.  I did not know that!  So that leads me to the question, how much bow hair, how much do we tilt the bow, does this create tension since it is not completely balanced laying flat?  It seemed like it would, at least when I tried, since I was conscious of pulling my thumb back to keep the bow turned.  I am sure that was not the right way to do it.  Is there a video that addresses this more fully?


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Posted: March 28, 2012

Beth Hyde
Wow, I never realized how much you can learn from recording your own practice. I will have to do it more often. The out of tune notes make me cringe. Thanks for taking the time to listen. After watching and listening a few times I see that I have to work on: INTONATION, timing, subdividing, articulation and of course the ever present death grip. I realize there is a lot more to work on than those listed above, they're just the ones that jumped out at me. 

I played Judas Maccabeus twice hoping the second time would be an improvement. I started practising that song yesterday and Red Rose this afternoon.
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Posted: March 28, 2012

Jim Gross
Hi Everyone;
Not everything goes according to plan as you will see, I just had to include it for completions sake.  Beth, when I started, you said to treat it like a syllabus, not check anything and start at the beginning.  I have been doing that, but the next piece is May Song on your list, but  O Come Little Children in the book.  I know that you kept 'B' for last with twinkle, and maybe you have a reason for May Song before O Come Little Children.  Should I start with May Song?  I still include all the previous songs in my practice routine.
Here's Go Tell Aunt Rhody:

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Posted: March 27, 2012

Hello everyone :)
So I just did another little video... I didnīt think I would have the time but between putting tiles on the floor and repapering the kitchen there was a little space ;)
- still struggling with the sounding point
- I have to do exercises for the fourth finger!!
- hmm often touching the other strings with the bow, I change the arm level unknowingly while playing and so I often play two strings where itīs not recommended ;)
- liked the tone of the instrument sometimes
- I think elbow movement got better

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Posted: March 27, 2012

richard barwell
On the subject of left thumbs lightly adhering to necks;-

My thumb isn't sticky at all, at least not on the varnished neck of the borrowed violin I'm using recently. My own violin has an unvarnished neck, but I don't seem to 'stick' to that one either (It's away being repaired, so I can't remember clearly whether it's much better than the varnished neck.)

Does anyone else have this problem? My thumb slides around, which may be because I'm tense from trying to make it stay put, but it does seem to be a very unsticky digit...

Is there any known remedy for dry thumbs?!

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Posted: March 27, 2012

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