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My ultimate beloved piece...

After  long years of  falling deeply in love with this piece finally I am able to play a little bit with instrumental background.

I died and came to life after hearing it for the very first time, ultimately this one will stay forever in my heart! 

Played it by ear and added few notes here and there, pardon the squeaks and missed notes I was a bit nervous here.
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Posted: December 29, 2016

Korg Dolcetto-V Violin/Viola Tuner
Hi, I just used the Korg Dolcetto-V tuner for the first time today. After unfolding the tiny instructions into a 5 language  20 X 12 sheet, I noticed that the instructions for putting in the battery were missing one piece of information @ pressing the little hinge to the left of the battery door instead of trying to slide the door itself to open it. Maybe this why some reviewers broke the door. It's great! I had been using a free tuner on my phone (which I appreciated having all this time) but it always read a little sharp which drove me crazy, and was way too sensitive to overtones. I used my ear instead of the tuner, but didn't have a good A. W/the Dolcetto-V, it reads correctly and does not keep changing around- solid and simple. The display is easy to see, the rubber on the clips protects the instrument well, and my whole instrument has a really nice round sound now- it was out of tune! The metronome is a nice feature as well, I can get a feel for the beat and then turn it off and go. Thank you Diane, for the recommendation!

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Posted: December 28, 2016

Elke Meier
Yesterday I treated myself to a wonderful Barockkonzert. It was just georgeous - an hour and a half of pure Bach played on old instruments. So very special!

As I watched the violinists I was constantly thinking about my own playing and it struck me what I think is my biggest problem. They played a number of not so very fast pieces where I thought: I wish I could play along. And I know my sight reading would be good enough to follow that, my left hand would find the notes without hesitation. It is my how hand that really has problems and that is actually keeping me back. I have been practicing the workshop pieces (beautiful music!!). There is one piece where I know I will have to work on A LOT because it includes lots of sixteenth notes and my left hand will have problems with it. But the others are not really difficult. And yet they do not sound good because of my bow hand! It isn't coordinated well with the left hand. The left hand knows when to change strings but the right hand hesitates - and the tone gets muddy. So I mark my bowing very carefully and I practice it carefully. Then it works. But I am STUCK with this bowing! If I want to change something my arm just seems to freeze. I noticed that very clearly months ago when Beth posted the videos for the Rieding concert. She advises on different bowings for the third movement than what I had practiced. So I tried to follow her advice. But it seemed impossible to relearn this. I constantly reverted to the old ingrained bowing patterns.

Now, for the workshop, I figured out the bowings I felt were useful. Some things were marked but most were not. But then I thought: if during the workshop I am told that what I learned was not very practical and that I should change it, I don't think I will be able to do that.

So my big question is: How do you all get your bow arm as proficient as the left hand? I do string crossing exercises with Auer, and as long as I concentrate only on the right hand that works. But as soon as the left hand gets involved it seems there is no brain power left for the right hand. What to do?

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Posted: January 1, 2017

Jiaming Guan
Hello, I noticed that when I play Canon in during the 32 and The 16th note slurs my e string seems to whistle a lot. Does anyone know the solution to this problem I tried string crossings to the e string and it seems to still whistle.


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Posted: December 30, 2016

Jon Hackler
New Wohlfahrt Etude
Hello There - 
Here is the video of the next etude I worked on the past couple of days...  the Wohlfahrt op. 74 #6.  Interesting to watch it back - you can see I have some facial tension that I'm working to get rid of when I play... I do a lot of "talking to myself" when I play:) I'd like to get rid of that.
Next up: Wohlfahrt op 45 #42... then some Mazas

Best - 

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Posted: December 27, 2016

Andrea Baroni
All Through The Night (Happy Christmas! :) )
Hi all!

These last couple of months have been quite busy, for several reasons (including moving to a new house!), so literally I had no time to record a new violin progress video sooner, and also I haven't had much time to practice either :(

As I wrote in a previous comment I am studying the Gossec Gavotte from Suzuki book 1 (trying my best at spiccato too), but I am probably not ready yet to record it... also it would have been a bit pointless to record an 11 months progress video now that my twelfth month is nearly concluded (I started on the very first of January!).
So I thought about recording this 11 (and a half) months Christmas special, playing one traditional Welsh carol taken from the resources page here on violinlab, and adding a piano accompaniment too.

So, almost one year... time flies! It has been a challenging but yet very enjoyable ride, and I really have to thank again Beth and all the violinlab community for the wonderful video lessons and the precious feedback.
Have a good Christmas and a great New Year!

All the best - Andrea
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Posted: December 25, 2016

Rustam Gill
Salut d'Amor by Elgar
Hi Beth and VLab,
Merry Christmas! Its nice having some time to spend with the family and practice. I have been working on Salut d'Amor the past few weeks and am getting most of it sounding decent.

--I'm still trying to get consistent with artificial harmonics. I couldn't find any videos on this topic. Are there some that I missed? If not, Beth, I think it would be a great topic :)

--Also, this song has me shifting into positions past third position. There's 2 shifts into 6th position on the E string and a shift to 5th position on the G string. I find the shift back down to be tougher to keep in tune than the shift up but they are all far from what I would consider satisfactory. Also, I find it difficult to smoothly change hand position as I go into 6th position and have to get around th violin body. I am sure practice is the best cure for this but I like shortcuts :) So, again, is there a specific video for this issue? I couldn't find one but I have to use my iPhone and the search engine is not cooperating.

As always, any other critiques are also welcome.
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Posted: December 25, 2016

Mitsuo Shinozaki/Shinozaki Hirotsugu Violin Method
In 2005, Schott published 4 volumes of instruction named Violin Method from a composer named Mitsuo ShinozakiOne English speaking reviewer wrote that he wished it came with English translation. The cover appears with English and Japanese writing on it. I was unable to find out any description for these books until I visited the Japanese Amazon website. There I could see each book's contents with more detailed reader reviews. The book looks like it was released in Japan in 2004, and shows a different author's name (Shinozaki Hirotsugu).  From the reviews, it appears the book is used in addition to the Suzuki series, and it contains etudes and pieces to practice to define the concepts. It starts in different keys and illustrates bowings. I was hoping that someone reading this from Japan who is familiar with these books can tell us more about the method. I have written Schott in the hope that they will be able to return a description for them since on their website there is not one.

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Posted: December 16, 2016

Bow balance
I can now comfortably use my Luma bow after adding  and wrapping the tip and frog area with my golden and navy blue quilting thread...

A little added weight made a lot of difference!

Images inside the thread

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Posted: December 26, 2016

Fiddlin' Up a Storm
Tomorrow I am going to a performance of Appalachian Christmas with Mark O'Connor and his band. Should be entertaining.

Merry Christmas to all VLers!

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Posted: December 20, 2016

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