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Barbara Habel
Whole bows

Dear All

It has taken me a few days to overcome my inhibition at posting videos again. But here I go with a video on whole bow bowings.

I am practicing Russian technique. It is like a swing movement instead of the colle movement. The exaggerated version of it you see on the G string. On the other strings it is more minimalism as not to hit the adjacent strings.

Practicing again after a long time going without it is very comforting.

Please do comment on sound quality and anything else you can see. Do not be shy.
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Posted: August 29, 2017

Barbara Habel
Vibrato Loop Practice

Dear All

Here is a video of my vibrato practice. The focus was on continuous vibrato whilst changing bow directions.

Critique and comments are welcome.
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Posted: September 2, 2017

Elke Meier
Ashokan Farewell
Today, my favorite violinist posted a new piece: Ashokan Farewell. I was surprised because I think she is WAY beyond the stage people normally learn this piece. But when she started the third round of it, I realized that you can play this piece on very different levels :)

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Posted: September 1, 2017

Barbara Habel
Left Hand Elbow Rotation (my right)

I have been practicing intonation with and finger patterns. Here 1 23 4.

It is a good oportunity to practice consiciously on rotating my fingering armīs elbow (your left arm). Even on open strings do I rotate the fingering elbow because this is how my previous teacher taught it to me.

This camera angle was choosen so I could see on my laptop and myself. And as it turns out, it is a good angle to see the fingering handīs elbow rotation.

I noticed that on the E string, there is an elbow position for each note.

Should I settle for just one position, the 4th finger on the E string and adjust my wrist accordingly?

Or keep the different elbow positions and have a straight wrist?

Comments and critiques welcome.
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Posted: August 31, 2017

Sad news from Russia - the very untimely death of Dmitri Kogan Дмитрий Коган

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Posted: August 30, 2017

Mohammed Hajjar
Special etude with oriental melody

I have asked my teacher to prepare an etude for me that focuses on the combination of 8th and 16th notes while changing strings. This is an area that I'm struggling with. 

Being a violinist from the Middle East, he wrote one using the C scale but having and oriental flavor. 

I'm attaching the score as well as the link to his video on YouTube which he taped for me. Perhaps it could be of could use

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Posted: August 26, 2017

One Week Rhythm Challenge
Day 2

Day was posted earlier this week.  In an effort not to hog the community page for any people who may be following my 7 day rhythm challenge I will post all the remaining videos in this post.

So this is my second day to learn the rhythm for the etude in Unit 1 of the note reading course.

To my ears I hear an improvement.  However, I found my self anticipating the next measure and not reading ahead the next measure.  This meant that I would begin to play the wrong note or length of note.  So I will have to look out for that.

Have made this challenge is great because I don't have an excuse for not submitting a video which in turn means I have to practice.

All criticism is greatly appreciated.


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Posted: August 24, 2017

Suzuki Book 3 - J.S. Bach Gavotte in D Major - 1st Gavotte
This is my first attempt to play "in an ensemble" in a very long time. There are two spots with the 'clash' of the high G following a 4th finger grace note. The only way I can think to work on that is think, 'reach back with the 3rd finger' every time I come upon it. It works for now, but there may be a better solution. I work on that stretch back in exercises, but when I play the piece- all is out the window without the reach back thought. Also, out the window went all my lifted staccato in this performance, when actually playing it outside of practice. It has not yet become natural enough to just be part of the music. I'm working on that. :) I am going to work on the 2nd Gavotte in this piece next, then come back and polish both Gavottes and get them up to speed. Comments welcome!
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Posted: August 27, 2017

Going Higher
After reading Arthur's post and thinking @ my own setup, I realize that the Ohrenform I have been using, although a huge improvement height wise @ 27mm, was still slightly too low from the minute I put it on, but it was such an improvement, I kept using it thankfully. Over time, and especially in the last few weeks, the tension from having to still ever so slightly nod too deeply into the chinrest has become unbearable. So today, I temporarily built the rest up another 1/2" to ~38mm or so and immediately, all the tension disappeared. It was that fast. So I am going to order a higher chinrest next week. These threads on setup really help me to scrutinize what is still going on in my own setup, so thank you!

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Posted: July 29, 2017

Ann Meeker
Bow Retake – Scale

Trying to get the hang of "grabbing" the string on bow retakes.

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Posted: August 27, 2017

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