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Elizabeth (Oklahoma)
D'Addario Helicore Octave Violin Strings
The latest invention in the D’Addario range, the Helicore Octaves play an octave lower than traditional tuning – allowing a violin to play in the same range as a cello!

Check this video out:

WOW!  It's a shame I don't have an extra violin to try these out on!  However I know some of you do! What FUN!

Musically yours.  Elizabeth  *8>)

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Posted: March 13, 2017

Preludio and Allegro
Hey guys! This is Preludio and Allegro, by Coreli. Our school is playing this for our spring concert. I play the 2nd violin part. Please feel free to give me any feedback. 
Also I want to point out that there are no double stops in this piece. I just don't know how to avoid hitting other strings when I play, especially the the G string.
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Posted: March 9, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I am including a photograph of Romance Violin 2.  If someone has different a bowing pattern please give me a shout. 



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Posted: February 28, 2017

Romance progress + metronome + practice hours..
Hey guys,

In this video I talk about my experience with the metronome in learning how to play the Romance by Shoshtakovich for ViolinLab's workshop.Towards the end I answer one of my most commonly asked question "How much time do I practice on the Violin" after logging my practice hours for the month of February.

I would love to hear how you guys make the metronome your best practice bud. =)

Thanks for listening =)
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Posted: March 11, 2017

Lisa, Houston-TX
Right Hand Pinky Placement
Good morning to you all!  

I'm having a slight issue with the pinky placement of my bowing hand.  I guess I have an extremely short pinky because when playing near the tip of the bow my pinky tends to hang in the air.  I still produce a decent tone, but am wondering if this is hindering "great" tone.

I feel like I'm drinking tea with this darn pinky sticking out. LOL  Any suggestions?

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Posted: March 12, 2017

Marina Francis
Help to access the videos who h a member can
Dear beth
I have joined in for a month which will lapse on 26 march but I can't access the videos  which a member can please help

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Posted: March 13, 2017

Question for Beth - Left Hand Pinky Placement
If anyone else also has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it!

I'm looking for help with a way to consistently place the pad of the pinky spot on on a ring tone in 1st position. Yes, this sounds like the ideal, but my tuner says I am generally in tune but I am looking for more accuracy.

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Posted: March 10, 2017

Urban Kristan
Intonation - left hand
So I've started concentrating more on intonation with drones and sometimes intonia to verify that I'm hearing correctly. I'd like to make sure that I'm not doing anything too wrong with the left hand. Any tips? 
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Posted: March 10, 2017

At the Fort Worth Symphony's concert
OMG guys! I went to a Fort Worth Symphony concert last week for the first time. They played the Dvorak's cello concerto and sounded perfect! I wonder when I could get to that level... 
It kind of made me disappointed about myself because the cello soloist was a sophomore in high school! I felt upset because I didn't have his talent, and every day I felt like the worst person in my orchestra. Like I should be kicked out because I am not good enough.
Then after the concert, I talked with the concertmaster and learned that he plays the Stradivarius Eugine. OMG!!! No wonder why it sounded so "full", like there was not gap in the sound (Of course,  the player is very skilled. He brings the instrument to life. If I play it, I would probably make it sound like a $100 violin). We then talked about how music has made a difference in our lives. That inspired me. I got to take a picture with him at last and realized how I have improved so much this year.
This was such a magical experience.

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Posted: March 11, 2017

Viola bows
The player in the video is my teacher who I don't see much since he moved out of London. So, when he visited London, we grabbed the opportunity for a meet up and tried some viola bows!
I picked up three bows from a friend in the violin trade and we had a lot of fun with them!

It would be interesting to canvass VLers opinion on their favoured bow.

Amazingly, my teacher and I both agreed on which one we thought most-suited this violin, our decision was made independently and we both agreed! The prices range from $4000-$35,000.
One is a German bow, the other two French in no particular order of value.

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Posted: March 6, 2017

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