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Position of Bow betwen Bridge and Fingerboard
Hello everyone and Beth,

Where should I play most of the time? I find it "easy" to play next to fingerboard, and very very difficult to play close to Bridge. I have seen videos of beth that we should try to play next to Bridge but I feel overloaded with stuff to learn. intonation, straight bow, bow placement, rhythm, maybe one step at a time but the guide doesn't tell me which steps to follow first and which second :-) see my point? do you get the same frustration?

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Posted: September 25, 2018

Sonia Lancaster
Double stopped scales in thirds and sixths
Hi All,

Looking for help with learning double stopped scales. I have to learn Ab and E in thirds and sixths 2 octaves. I have done both lines individually and thatís fine but as soon as I put the lines together it starts to fall apart. My teacher said to think about the distance relationship between the fingers but I just get confused. Do I compare top with bottom note or spacing from note to the next note?

Any tips?

Thanks Sonia

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Posted: September 14, 2018

Swinging Bach Double

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Posted: September 23, 2018

Beth Blackerby
Make Us Nervous Sept. 15- NOON- Central US
Hi all, I'd like to invite you to be a virtual audience for me and a few friends. We are playing the first movement of the Dohnanyi Serenade for a benefit concert next weekend, and it would be so helpful to play it for some people before the gig. The concert is to benefit a fellow violinist who suffered a debilitating stroke and can no longer play. Needless to say the audience will be mostly our peers, which makes for the most nerve racking performance situation. Being able to play it for an audience beforehand will be so beneficial!

Here is the official invitation from Zoom. the links probably won't work in this box, so you'll have to copy and paste the urls. 

Topic: Make us Nervous!

Time: Sep 15, 2018 12:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or iPhone one-tap :
    US: +16468769923,,809905862#  or +16699006833,,809905862# 

    Meeting ID: 809 905 862
    International numbers available:

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Posted: September 11, 2018

EXCELLANT Practice video on mapping out bow disdibutio and string crossings.  Raised the treble side of my shoulder rest and will apply the string crossing tips and critique to learning the bow line for Simple Gifts.  Thank you Beth!!!

May The Beat Be With You,


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Posted: September 20, 2018

String Crossing Focussed Critique Needed
Critique Time on String Crossings

Hi Everyone, if you could critique, what is good and more important what needs to be improved so that I can focus on those areas.  Articulations at beginnings of up or down strokes, volume even?, finger flexibility, moving the elbow before the bow, moving the arm but not the raising the shoulder. 

I've got my own ideas but I do not want to influence your comments.  You all have a great day.


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Posted: September 18, 2018

Sharlene R.
Instrument insurance?
Hi all, I have subscribed to violin lab for about two years now, but do not usually post.  My name is Charlie, I am learning both violin and classical guitar and I hope you can weigh in on this question.  
I just upgraded my violin to about a $2,000 model.  My teacher recommends that I buy musical instrument specific insurance.  When I add up all of my instruments, cases, bows, etc. I have about a $5,000 investment.  
Does anyone have experience with musical instrument insurance?  Is it better than homeowner's insurance.  Companies that you can recommend?
Any advice would be appreciated.  
Thank you.

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Posted: September 17, 2018

Orchestra Piece
Hi, This is a piece of orchestra music that I am working on. It is hard! I am playing it well below tempo, roughly 46bpm. It needs to be worked up to 72bpm. Sure, there are LOTS of things to work on here! :) But by making this video, it helped me to focus and really make progress, as usual! Plus, seeing and hearing it helps. Comments welcome!
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Posted: September 17, 2018

Beautiful Playing
After I listened to the Intro dialogue, the playing here was just beautiful.
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Posted: September 15, 2018

Violin part composition improvisation of Caccini's Ave Maria...

Just me, my violin composition and the bluest sky...

Day 15 practice outside on our deck, first time in weeks that it did not rain in the morning...So I grabbed Angelina and ran out on our deck still with the hosp. uniform on.

Pardon, the audio was not the best, such big vast open space...Nowhere the sound could bounce back thus this unbalanced audio.
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Posted: September 15, 2018

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