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Stiff finger buster

Stiff fingers, especially the 4th finger so I searched for an etude that has Bb and Eb...

Once I get used to the notes and finger placement I will try to slur 3 short notes and one extended note and see if I can still move my stiff fingers esp. 4th finger and at the same time conserve the use of the bow and still produce a strong tone/sound.

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Posted: June 11, 2017

Jaime - Orlando , Fl
HAPPY  (belated)  BIRTHDAY to Beth!!!
You are an inspiration to us all! :0)

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Posted: June 10, 2017

Courtney Marx
I feel like I've just had a huge breakthrough! 

So, you know in the introductory videos Beth talks about the movement of the hand on up and down bows? Well, I apparently have like zero body awareness because it never really clicked in my head. Until just now! I was playing an exercise from Essential Elements, trying to get rid of my shaking bow and it hit me..

I can now feel my hand moving like it's supposed to on the down and up bows (like in the bow hold exercise video, the push and pull thing


I have figured out how to use the weight of my bow arm instead of pressure from my first finger! I feel the difference now!

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Posted: June 11, 2017

Rustam Gill
G major scale and arpeggios 3 octaves.
HI VL and Beth,
It's been a while but I'm back. I have a new job and a new teacher. Along with a new teacher comes a more regimented curriculum. Here's what I've been working on. I am tackling the Flesch scales and arpeggios starting with g major.

Main problems: Playing in the higher position (6th position) is a new challenge. My left hand isn't used to the shape (particularly the pinky) and the larger distance to press between string and fingerboard. Also my bowing needs to adjust closer to the bridge and with more speed to make a sweet sound in higher positions.

Anyways, enjoy! And critiques are welcome.

PS: I saw the videos of the workshop. Congratulations to everybody who attended. I'm sure it was a wonderful experience.
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Posted: June 10, 2017

Elke Meier
Benslow Final Concert
Welcome, dear VL community, to the performance we had at Benslow last night :). You get a front seat to enjoy our final concert.


Carrickfergus (Irish trad., arranged by Patrick Roszell)
Variazioni La Follia (Robert D. McCashin)
Romance (Dmitri Shostakovitch, trans. Kreitman/Reglin, ed. Wermuth)
Fantasy on Simple Gifts (Trad., arranged by Robert Kerr)
Canon in D (Johann Pachelbel)

We as VL students had some very high quality reinforcement: Stephen and Carolyn joined the group for the concert as well as four professional musicians from London (piano, violin, viola and cello).

This is not a very professional recording, and it has one flaw that made me so, so sad when I discovered it last night. We had originally planned to record from two angles, but we hadn't tested the second camera and when it came to recording we ran into problems with it. So all is done from one camera - which cut of the second row of the violin 2 section! So please imagine Jane, Katja, and Zee on the very right. It had slipped our attention to double check the angle. I was so sorry to discover it! 

We wished you all could have been with us in person, but at least you can share in it now. It was such fun to prepare this together and to experience Beth shaping this group of people (some of whom had never played in an ensemble and most of whom had never even seen each other a week ago) into feeling like a real ensemble.
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Posted: May 19, 2017

Mary Freeman
I would love to see Nicks progress on Boccherini
He gives baroque piece such an authentic feel
Did he go to the workshop
I have been working on Boccherini again an would love to hear his take on it
My Baroque is too romantic sounding

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Posted: June 9, 2017

Barb Wimmer
I think I have almost memorized the major scales -the seven with sharps and seven with flats.  I noticed there are a lot more scales. Like natural minor scales and harmonic minor scales  chromatic scale every note.  Do people memorize all this?

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Posted: June 9, 2017

Andrea Baroni
Kuchler Concertino
Hi everybody!

It took me quite a while to study this whole concertino but I finally managed to perform it on a video. It's not too difficult but it's very long compared to the average Suzuki study.

I wish I would have been able to do a better job (slower and more delicate parts are a bit horrible), but I am quite happy anyway to have been able to play this piece reading the sheet music, while I usually just memorize everything.
I also started to do some timid vibrato on the longer notes, just to try and incorporate it on an actual piece, instead of just practicing it on its own.
Overall I am quite happy about the left hand, I feel it has improved in the last month, while the crooked bowing is a bit disheartening. But I believe one of the reasons is also because I am reading the sheet music, so I pay less attention to where the bow is going (just an excuse I know... :) ).

As always, thanks so much for watching and for all your precious feedback!

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Posted: June 7, 2017

Kenneth Ozimek
Spicatto on the e string +fiddle
 Hello violin friends ,  I am trying to make some improvements on my spicatto.  I'm having trouble getting the level of control I would like on the E string.  Because the weight of the bow is directed in a different way the bow wants to bounce outward from the violin more easily on the E string.  Any advice from anyone on getting better control with the E string ?
 Also does anyone have any recommendations for fiddle playing. What are your favorites?
 I'll try to check in more often for these postings .  I'm going to need eye surgery for cataracts and I'm trying to start a new business for helping musicians who have stress related injuries. It all takes such an in Enormous amount of time.

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Posted: June 4, 2017

Jaime - Orlando , Fl
Fifth Pupil's Concerto by F. Seitz Op. 22
Thanks Jz for the tutorial references on this piece! Doree Huneven divides it into 4 sections... so been practicing the first one.... too bad the volume doesn't record well, so the quieter tones are not captured as well! Here is my first attempt at 70 BPM... pardon the oopies...but its work in progress! (video inside) :0)

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Posted: June 8, 2017

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