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F Minor

Hello Dear Violinists, 
This week i'll be working on F minor Scale, Can you suggest the best fingerings for this scale ? 

Thank you :)

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Posted: January 16, 2017

Bach Allemande Practice #3
Hey guys, 

This is Entry #3 of my "practice with me" video series to learn Partita no.2 Allemande by Bach. This is what I have learned so far and I'm hoping to play the entire piece by the end of the month. It's been a great learning tool, recording myself and seeing exactly what I need to work on which is at this point quite a lot.. (intonation, bow control, string crossing, rhythm.. and it just goes on). The fun part of this is that I can look back at how I approached things and ultimately change my practice to improve. 

Thanks for listening. 
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Posted: January 15, 2017

Corey Trager
Bowing fast dotted patterns. Why down/up instead of up/down?
Why is this violinist and others choosing to play this rhythm pattern as up/down rather than down/up?  In this case a dotted 16th followed by a 32nd, but it's whenever there's a pattern of fast notes that can be subdivided as 3-1, 3-1, 3-1.  Why up/down, up/down?

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Posted: January 14, 2017

Susan Hollister
Note Reading Course
Beth, thank you for the Note Reading Course! I am on lesson 38 and each lesson is very interesting and so helpful. Even though I have been able to read music at a basic level this has been a  a great way to fill in all the blanks for me. I find that going through each practice unit gives a much better feel for the beat. Playing with the audio files (which are quality recordings)  provides immediate feedback as to any mistake I am making. I am loving it!

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Posted: January 10, 2017

Alessandro Cardelli
Right hand finger motion
Iíd like to ask you some feedback about finger motion in the bowing hand.

Following finger motion in the bowing hand video Iím trying to incorporate finger motion while bowing to achieve smooth bow changes at the frog.

Iíve done a little video here

As you can see Iím not getting a nice bow change at the frog...

Can it be that Iím adding some speed at the beginning of the down bow?
Is the finger motion to rapid instead?

Iím also struggling with bouncing of the bow when down bowing, and precisely at the middle of the bow.
Think about the force applied by the bow on the strings as a mix of vertical and horizontal forces, is it possible that bouncing is cause by to much vertical force relatively to horizontal force?
Or rephrasing, when getting bow bouncing on a particular sounding point can it be the I'm using to much pressure and not enough speed for that particular sounding point?
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Posted: January 14, 2017

Juan Pablo Pimienta
Hi folks here I share some impro I've done on Ashokan Farewell. Hope you guys like it.

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Posted: January 12, 2017

Andrea Baroni
12th month - taming spiccato and Gossec Gavotte
Hi everyone!

Here it is my last month of this first full year!
In this case the challenges were to learn to play spiccato, learn the Gossec Gavotte from Suzuki book 1... and to play a veeery fast (probably too much!) Irish Jig.

I'll make a full recap video of this first year soon. My plan is for now to stop making these monthly videos (since they are also taking way too much time for me to create them, and lately "spare time" is a really rare beast :) ), but to keep making videos every time I have a piece ready that I want to record, so just a video per piece.
This makes also more sense to me, especially since pieces are becoming more and more complex, they take quite some time to learn, and I won't probably be able to record more than one in a month.

I hope these first 12 months of progress videos have been useful or interesting somehow... they have been very useful for me for sure, especially thanks also to the great feedback you have given me every month... thanks again!
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Posted: January 12, 2017

Vivaldi's Concerto In G Major
Hello Dear Family, 

I hope that all of you are ok :) 

I've finally finished learning Vivaldi's concerto, it still needs alot of work and i played it with a tempo of 63 ish, and there are ofcourse the trills which i still can't seem to get them rythmically, So wish me luck :)

I hope you'll enjoy it
Any advices are always welcome

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Posted: January 9, 2017

One of my hearos
Jennifer Jeon
Is probably one the most amazing violinists I've ever heard, she has such a beautiful quality tone and amazing bow strokes, she really inspires me to be the best i can be.
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Posted: January 7, 2017

Robyn Stirling
Hi everyone,
A question of cheekiness/ utter laziness/ terror of string breakage.
I'm going to see a luthier about changing my tailpiece and possibly getting the bridge readjusted as I'm sqeaking in odd places, so here's the question; the A and D strings really need replaced, the A more so as it's craking on the bridge, would it be really cheeky of me to ask my luthier to change them when the instrument is being restrung? I have strings but a notoriously bad history of changing them. Also out of curiosity what string does everyone use on their instrument. I'd been using Dominants but when I upgraded my violin the new (old) one came with a Pirastro E string which made such a difference was wondering if it would be worthwhile upgrading to a full set at some point. i.e when I've used all my other ones u

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Posted: January 8, 2017

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