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Rustam Gill
Kuchler in D close to tempo
Hi Beth and Violinlab,
Here I am playing the Kuchler again, this time just the first movement but trying to play it at the listed tempo. There were a few unfortunate stumbles, mainly because I did not trim my nails and they hit adjacent strings :-( 

Still I am happy with the result. I need to clean up some intonation and string crossing issues but I'm glad to be able to make it through the piece at a brisk pace.

As always, critiques are welcome. Enjoy!
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Posted: July 22, 2017

Oh - Another Rosin Thread

I have been using Andrea Solo for some time now, but with the monsoon weather it is not working for me-sounds kind of stringent on the D&A strings-the G/E sound great though. The Andrea Solo leaves hardly any residue on the strings and the powder is negligible, so when I changed to the Bernadel, not only was the sound not great, but it really gummed up my strings. I am about to purchase Salchow light. Can anyone comment if the Salchow light & Bernadel are similar? Can anyone suggest another light rosin that you like that leaves hardly any sticky residue on the strings or an excess of fine powder, with fine tone?

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Posted: July 20, 2017

A Study in Rhythm
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Posted: July 21, 2017

Message for Laurie Scott
Hi Beth,

Please forward my thanks to Laurie since I have no other way to contact her except by asking you.

As part of her Wednesday morning lecture, during the Austin Workshop, she designed and handed out a two-page worksheet inwhich we were to later fill out and discover more depth about the violin.

I am, I feel, getting a handle on the rhythm for Moon Over Ruined Castle.  While still using only the right hand I would now like to begin to change my focus on my interpretation of this piece.  I am wanting to play Moon Over Ruined Castle a little on the mysterious side.  Start discovering how to play that all important first note and how to build in crescendos and decroscendos.  The two-page worksheet will greatly help me with how to achieve that mysterious voice that I have kicking around in my head. 

So thank you very much Laurie your lecture Wednesday morning was right on the money.  Cheers.

And thanks Beth for passing along this message.



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Posted: July 22, 2017

Michael Baumgardner
Pachelbel Canon Sheet Music
In case you are working on Pachelbel's Canon, looking at the sheet music available in Resources, Measure 27:  the 10th 16th note is shown as a "G" when in fact it should be a "F#".  At least according to my teacher and apparently also as in the original manuscript.  I assume it is a typo?

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Posted: July 22, 2017

New Strings
Lost my post! Well, I am ordering a set of strings and am thinking of trying either the Obligato or D'Darrio Kaplan Amo. I need a string that will not overly brighten or just as importantly not overly darken my instrument. The PI are good for this. The only other strings I have read @ that do this are Dominants, but don't want to lose the projection or tone qualities of the PI. Has anyone tried these strings, and are they similar? Trying to save some $ on my PI strings, although they really are perfect for my instrument. But they only last me 3 months. I clean them gently with a soft cloth and play 2-3 hours/day. So I don't think it's because I am rough on the strings! It's hard to make a change, but perhaps experimenting will prove interesting.

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Posted: March 29, 2017

Barbara Habel
Disaster - watch what you think!

Today I had a lesson early afternoon and late afternoon there was a recital scheduled for all the violin students at my music school.

My lesson was a total disaster. The piece: "Are you lonesome tonight" - with lots of shifting from 1st to 3rd to 4th position.

Guess where I struggled the most? The beginning with the first 2 notes: an e and a g in 1st position. I just could not get a clean bow movement without hitting the G string.

The shifting instead went quite well.

The 2nd piece: The first 18 measures of Rachmaninoff - Vocalise in E-minor with 1#.
Forgett it, the intonation was just terrible. I just could not focus on the piece.

What had happened?

Last week I played both pieces quite well, in tune and with no stumbles. But I was not satisfied with my playing then and commented my playing loud to my teacher as disaster.

I was so schocked by my harsh criticism of myself, that, as the week progressed, I had completely lost faith in my ability to play the pieces.

And the harvest of my seeds of self-criticism I got today: I no longer could play the pieces. So I did not participate in the recital. I just could not face it.

So watch out what you think and say to and about yourself !!! You will have to pay the price for it.

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Posted: July 19, 2017

Mary Freeman
Bach air with very slow accompaniment
It has been great for helping me with bow control which I tend to lose as I get closer to the frog. You will probably hear what I am talkin about
suggestions welcome
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Posted: July 19, 2017

I started a month ago with one goal find my internal rhythm, especially with dotted quarters.  

On my effort to be as accurate as possible I started analyzing the length, in time, the entire score.  Then I looked at for ever 4 measures, then I started to analyze each note.  I discovered inconsisences every where.  From volume one string to another to within individual notes.  I found I did not even play a note for the full note value.  

The goal with this piece is to play the melody, harmony, and bass as a single unit.  

I have found that over the last month I am now able to atleast begin a note when it should be played.  At the moment I am only playing right hand.  

I guess that I feel as though I am getting further away from the goal.  I also feel that I must nail down these basic goals before going after rhythm.


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Posted: July 18, 2017

Hi Everyone

Decided to take Elke and Diane's advice and post a video of the melody line (right- hand only) for Moon Over Ruined Castle by:   荒城の月  "Kōjō no Tsuki"  in 1901.  It was written as musical lesson and inspired by the ruins of the Capo Castle in Japan.

I would like critique on the accuracy of my timing or rhythm.  It is written in common time.  Rhythm is a very weak area, and will spend the rest of this year to work on improving it to the point in being able to play with other people. 

For those not familar with the piece I have included a video (up to roughly 1.00 of the video but watch and enjoy the full video) which will give an idea of the melody.

 Please remember I am only using the right hand for the melody line.  Later I will include the left hand, the harmony line, as well as the bass line.

All critiques are welcome and taken very seriously then I will analize my playing to include your suggestions.  Cheers. 



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Posted: July 20, 2017

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