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Worked on Exercise 5 of Set 1 of the Open String Duets.  Really liking these duets.  This one challenged me because of the quicker tempo and the change up of the articulation.  Looking forward to more critiques.  :)))  

May The Beat Be With You Always,


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Posted: February 19, 2019

Timothy Smith
Cliffs Of Moher
So I'm still trying to get it right. I watched Hillary Hahn  today playing Beethoven and Mozart. OMG I should probably just quit now :S

Problems I noted as a result of this video, if you see more please do tell and thanks.
I modified my mics(put socks over them) to help tone them down. This has helped the sound issues some since I'm so close to the mics in a small room.I added a very small amount of reverb.
Issues I noted
-My thumb is too far around the neck. I am having difficulty in training myself to keep it further back
-My intonation is off on some of it
Things I hope I did correctly
-bow angle
-staying in correct position with bow
-bow pressure
Things I would like to do
Play like Hillary Hahn...yeah right.

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Posted: February 18, 2019

Fast, Narrow Vibrato
I sometimes post responses as new threads, and this post should be a new thread!

David, your comment in Lee's thread about the faster vibrato seeming to have less finger motion got me thinking about flexibility. I tried to find a close-up of a fast, narrow vibrato in a performance.

I believe this is a fast, narrow vibrato (I could listen to this over and over!). When trying to do a fast narrow vibrato, I find it challenging to get the amplitude so that it can be heard- by keeping the end finger joint loose- as if the width of the vibrato does not affect the finger. I thought this performance was once of those rare opportunities to see this performer's fast, narrow vibrato, and then I could try it.

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Posted: February 18, 2019

Timothy Smith
Recommended Techniques For the Best Video Take
I currently have a c920 computer video camera and record my audio through an audio interface. All of my stuff is crammed into a small studio probably at least for another 6 months until I complete my other space. What this means is my backdrop looks like Tim's music flea market.

Recording is another hobby of mine. I bought several decent mics to record myself playing. Each time I think I found the one and each time I am disappointed by the takes I get both in video and in audio. In contrast my guitar and vocal takes are much much better.

Others who have made videos use cell phones or similar and seem to often get decent audio and video. I'm thinking at least some of my issue is my lighting . I have these bright overhead studio lights which make it look like I added a coat of high gloss white paint to my head. Being partially grey doesn't help that issue. My audio sounds like, well, something recorded in a bedroom. Very close, all mistakes and string noise is apparent.

Looking for any creative suggestions you may have. Maybe some things that have worked well for you. What techniques have you used?

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Posted: February 12, 2019

Lee Gordon Seebach
Some Vibrato in My Playing
Hi gang,

I'm trying some vibrato on the longer notes in this Bach Minuet (No. 1 from the Suzuki book No. 1).  My next goal is to employ it in the quarter notes as well.  😳

I'm playing it slowly, and on playback, I see that while I'm thinking about vibrato, other aspects of my playing suffer a bit.  To be expected, I think.  Two steps forward, one step back, I guess.  I did notice that playing without a shoulder rest, I have to bring my thumb more under the neck to support the violin while using vibrato.  That's ok, though.  Just takes a little getting used to.

But, I'm happy with my vibrato progress - not sounding so bad, and so glad to be moving forward on this fun, wonderful journey of discovery.

Beth, I haven't forgotten about finger motion - it's on my list, too.  😊  

Critiques welcome, as usual, and thanks!
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Posted: February 17, 2019

Urban Kristan
Long time no see!

Returning member here. I've been working for a while now with my teacher and thought to pop in here a bit again to take in the learning material with fresh eyes.. Currently learning the Suzuki arrangement of Corelli's La Folia.

Any feedback welcome. Unfortunately, the video's a bit shoddy - my front camera isn't working. 
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Posted: February 17, 2019

Critique Time
Hi Everyone,

Here I am playing Open String Duet Set 1 Exercises 2 and 3.  Especially in exercise 3 I pushed myself to, yes keep that internal rhythm, but also to listen to Beth's violin playing the accompaniment.  Of course, Beth will be precise but I wanted to get away from focusing on the metronome clicks and more on her playing.  Next best thing to playing with other people without throwing off their playing because my timing is off.  Being able to download her accompaniments are a fantastic way to stretch your playing.

If you could throw a few critiques my way that would be great.

May The Beat Be With You Always,


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Posted: February 15, 2019

Barbara Habel
Update - Finger Sonata with my teacher and a piano student

Dear All

Today was my last lesson prior to the recital and the first time we played the Finger Sonata as an ensemble.

Not yet as flawless as I would like it to be. And my crocked bow .......

Comments and suggestions welcome.

How can I get that bow straight when bowing in the upper half of the bow?
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Posted: February 15, 2019

Michael Baumgardner
Schradieck IV Fingering
Hello everyone.  I have been playing  Exercise IV from Schradieck Book 1 at 80 bpm for quarter notes.  If you notice the first line below, it is a fast string crossing exercise between the D and A strings.  On this part, I leave the 3rd finger D down on the A string , and then play the notes using all the fingers on the A string.  Now this creates a problem when I come across 3rd finger on the A string to play the G...  There is no way I can move the finger fast enough from the D to the G and back again to play this at 80 bpm although it isn't difficult to do at a slow tempo.  The only thing I can figure out to do is hold the 3rd finger on A, but fairly close to the D string.  When I get to D, I raise the finger up slightly to push against the D string, essentially stopping the string on the side rather than on the top.  It really doesn't sound too bad at this fast tempo, but I'm wondering if that is how this needs to be done?  Or is there a better technique?

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Posted: February 17, 2019

Candace Del Valle
4th finger vibrato
Can anyone point me to a video that includes 4th finger vibrato difficulties? It seems like sometimes I can vibrate well with my pinky but other times itís too subtle. I would appreciate any advice offered. Thank you! 

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Posted: February 16, 2019

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