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Mariana Aguirre

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Posted: December 8, 2018

Mohammad Alrayes
stiffness in right hand
good afternoon 
in this video i play '''normal bow -- short -- and at the frog'"
it is been my 3rd year and i still have stiffness in my "especially rest" and also "fingers" with short bow and  at the frog
i've been doing exercises "i will add them in comments"
what else can i do ?
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Posted: December 9, 2018

F. Noel Improvisation Variations
Thank you Ray and Mariana appreciated it...

Dianne, thank you and glad that it agreed to your ears...So after work I've tried to play it again but came out differently each time. 


After coming from work I tried playing the first proto First Noel improvisation but they all came differently because that they were all played in "that moment" thus these multiple variation pieces.

I will post them in chron. order as when I played them.

Pardon, it will take extra space here...
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Posted: December 9, 2018

Christmas Music
Does anyone have any suggestions for making simple Christmas music (just simple melody harmony parts for things such as The First Noel etc.) sound more beautiful? I tried hairpins and vibrato but it's still sounding rather one dimensional. If someone could point me to some good videos, or give me some pointers on what I can do to improve simple Christmas pieces that would be great. I think I'm forgetting something!

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Posted: December 4, 2018

Beth Blackerby
New approach to scale practice
I have to share my moment of excitement. I just had what is feeling like a fresh idea for scale practice, particularly in terms of intonation and shifting in scales and scale passages. I am working it all out in my head and experimenting with it now,  but hopefully will have something ready to share soon. So keep looking on the Recently added column for updates!

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Posted: December 7, 2018

Lee Gordon Seebach
Warmup/Practice Routine Video
Hi guys,

This is a video I did for a practice challenge I'm involved with.  We come up with something specific to work on for a month.  It might be an etude or a piece of music.  For November, our challenge was to share our warmup and practice routines in a short video.  This was my submission.

I'm approaching the end of my first year as an adult beginner, while the others are more advanced.  They tolerate me, though. ;)  This practice challenge is very helpful in keeping me motivated, and I'm learning so much from them, in addition to Beth's wonderful ViolinLab website.

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Posted: December 7, 2018

Quick impromptu improvisation of First Noel...

Happy December classmates...

Dianne as promised I'll "brb" was just busy at work and was just too cold to get up, tune my violin and bow the strings.

Here's my rushed attempt on the Christmas song First Noel, goodnight rushing to prepare for work...
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Posted: December 8, 2018

Advice/opinion on a new violin

I am tempted to upgrade my violin and hoping to get your opinion... 

My current violin is actually a decent German violin from the early 1900's. I really do like it and that makes this so very difficult. The issue with this violin is that it is made for someone with slightly bigger hands than what I have and my teacher is therefore encouraging me to think about getting a new one... And yes, I remember also that Beth was not so very impressed with the tone either ;)

I now have a promising violin for trial (the cost is about the max side of my budget (almost three times the cost of my current one and I am not really sure if the improvement is that significant...). I also have another violin for trial but I am not really considering that one, but including here for comparison reasons.

I would really apprecate if you could listen to these three (they are in the same order for both snippets) and give me your opinion 

- what do you think of them 

- and in which order you would put them.

And sorry about my playing, this was a very spontaneous recording with no retakes . The snippets are in a random order.

I really value your opinion so thank you in advance... And of course, I will also discuss this with my teacher - I know recordings are not really very reliable... I am using my zoom recorder, so should be a bit better than just with a normal mobile phone. 

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Posted: December 6, 2018

Barbara Habel
with piano and second violin - Präludium by Shostakovich

I am on the run up for my next recital - the Präludium by Shostakovich.

So here´s my update !!!

Comments and suggestions welcome !!!
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Posted: December 7, 2018

Hi,I couldn't open the sheet music of <o come little children>,can anyone show me the sheet?Thank you.

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Posted: December 2, 2018

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