Violin Lab is the most comprehensive online violin learning platform on the internet. The success of our program is in the careful sequencing of lessons and the clarity of the video presentations. The curriculum is divided into levels, so whether you've played violin before, or are starting from scratch, we guarantee your success. There's only one caveat. You do have to practice!
Watch these sample videos and judge the quality of teaching for yourself.

I am 60 years old. Is it too late too learn how to play the violin?
I want to learn violin vibrato, but it is so difficult! Any advice?
I work and have a limited time to practice. How can I best structure my practice sessions?
What books should I use to go along with these lessons?
I took lessons years ago and want to start playing again. Where do I start?
Is the Suzuki Method the best way to start for adults?
How Long Will it Take to Complete Each Level?
Is there a Violin Lab App?