Practice Course

After months of testing and prototyping, I have created a top-notch protocol to learn music effectively and efficiently, and at the same time improve your playing abilities.

All videos have English and Spanish subtitles
About the Course:

There are 66 videos in this course, divided into three sections: Preparation - Mastery - Automaticity

Over the next 500 video minutes of your life you will:

-Skyrocket your musicianship and playing level.

-Approach learning music correctly from the start.

-Increase focus and awareness while practicing.

-Get your music "performance ready" even if you don't ever perform it.

-Breakthrough technical barriers and plateaus.

-Get the most out of your practice time.

-Improve intonation and rhythm.

-Increase technical speed.

-Become more comfortable with shifts.

-Clean up your sound.

-Improve coordination.

-Play more fluidly.

-Listen to yourself like a teacher would.

This is a one time purchase, which means you will have access to the videos as long as you have an active membership. If you had to pause your studies and signup again on down the road, you wouldn't have to buy the course again. You'll also be able to download the videos and watch offline. (Unfortunately, subtitles do not download).

Currently there are 66 videos in this course. If you own the course you'll also have access to any new videos I add at a later date.

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