Introducing the Violin Lab Note Reading Course!

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If you love Violin Lab videos, then you'll love our theory/note reading course. Whether you are brand new to music reading or have some basic knowledge of music and want to deepen your understanding of how music theory works, this detailed, comprehensive curriculum fills in all the gaps. 

The Violin Lab Note Reading Course...  

• not only teaches you the information to become excellent readers, but focuses on developing the necessary skills to be fluent readers. 

• is tailored to violinists. We emphasize fingerboard knowledge first so that once you are introduced to the staff, things click together much quicker. 

• has a detailed, sequenced video lesson curriculum to train excellent reading skills.

• has an online quiz app that hones a plethora of both visual and aural skills. 

• has many pdf practice worksheets, exercises, charts and audio files that accompany the video lessons. 

• makes all videos available for download. You can download every lesson in a high res file to view offline. 

Our Note Reading course is a one-time purchase, accessible as long as your membership is active! Get it now while the price is low. As more levels and units are added, the price will increase.

Current Price: $49.00