Recommended Supplemental Books

Beginning Method Books

Suzuki Violin School, Vol 1: Violin Part, Book & CD
Suzuki Violin School, Vol 2: Violin Part, Book & CD
The O'Connor Violin Method, Bk 1: Book & CD
Based on the classical tradition of violin pedagogy, Mark O'Connor recently published a Violin Method that draws on the American folk music tradition to engage and motivate the young student.
Essential Elements for Strings: Book 1 with EEi (Violin)
Those who would appreciate a more gentle learning curve from one piece to the next, might enjoy working from The Essential Elements books.
Mastery for Strings: A Longitudinal Sequence of Instruction for School Orchestras, Studio Lessons, and College Method Courses, Level 1
The ABCs of Violin for the Absolute Beginner, Book 1 (Book & CD)
The ABCs of Violin for the Intermediate, Book 2 (Book & CD)
Mastery for Strings: Level 2
This two volume work was written by two of Violin Lab's most distinguished contributors: Laurie Scott and Bill Dick.

Beginning Etude Books

Superstudies for Violin, Bk 1 (Faber Edition: Superstudies)
Mary Cohen is one of Britain's most famous pedagogues and I've always been a huge fan. Her technique studies books are full of "fun" tunes with a clear pedagogical intent. I use this series of books as supplemental material to the Suzuki series.
Superstudies for Violin, Bk 2 (Faber Edition: Superstudies)

Beginning Scale Books

Mel Bay Progressive Scale Studies for Violin
There are tons of scale books, and most of them are organized in the same manner, which for the beginning student is overwhelming. This book is preparation for the Carl Flesch scale system and presents scales in a more progressive fashion.

Beginning Literature Books

Sound Innovations for String Orchestra, Bk 1: A Revolutionary Method for Beginning Musicians (Violin), Book, CD & DVD (Sound Innovations Series for Strings)
Members like this book as it has quality recordings at reasonable tempos to practice with.

Etudes for all Levels

SCHRADIECK The School of Violin Technics - Book 1: Exercises for Promoting Dexterity
This is a standard book for building left hand coordination, speed and dexterity. Just a few lines a day keeps the sluggish fingers away.

Intermediate Method Books

Suzuki Violin School Revised Edition Violin Part Book & CD Volume 3
The O'Connor Violin Method, Bk 2: Book & CD

Intermediate Etude Books

12 Etude-Caprices in the Styles of the Great Composers
Most études exist to address a single technical issue. Rarely is that technical issue "style". These fabulous études by Amy Barlowe are a survey of the style periods of the last 300 years, thereby addressing ALL the techniques we are required to learn as violinists to play any piece of music. And they're lovely enough to use as recital pieces as well!
See also for more information.
Melodious Double-Stops for Violin - Book 1 by Josephine Trott
Cohen, Mary - Technique Takes Off! Intermediate Studies for Solo Violin - Faber Publication
As a teacher, I want to find pieces that are fun for students to play, but have a very pointed pedagogical agenda. All of Mary Cohen's books fall into this category.
O2465X - Wohlfahrt Foundation Studies for the Violin Book 1 Book/DVD
This is comes with a DVD of Rachel Barton Pine performing all the etudes.

Intermediate Technique Books

Basics: 300 Exercises and Practice Routines for the Violin by Simon Fischer
THis is the bible of violin techinique

Advanced Technique Books

Practice: 250 Step by Step Practice Methods for the Violin by Simon Fischer

Graded Repertoire Collections

Barbara Barber series: Solos for Young Violinists
These books are a wonderful supplement to any method. They span the style periods and draw from the best student violin compositions in the repertoire. May be purchased with or without CD.

Fiddle Books

The Fiddle Handbook
Robyn's pick for best Fiddle information.

Note Names and Placement on Fingerboard

Fingerboard Geography for Violin, Vol. 1
I highly recommend this book. I discovered this books some time ago, but recently took another look. It's fantastic for learning what and where the notes are on the violin, as well as for building intonation and left hand technique. There are also preparatory left hand exercises for the Suzuki songs.


Scales: Scales and Scale Studies for the Violin by Simon Fischer
This is the mother of all scale books. It is a thorough and comprehensive approach to practicing one, two, three, and four octave scales. I recommend the book for all levels of playing. You won't ever need to buy another one.
Violin Scales and Arpeggios in One, Two, and Three Octaves: Based on Carl Flesch by Simply Violin
This simple and intuitive book contains one, two, and three octave major and minor scales and arpeggios in every key. Based on the work of Carl Flesch, the fingerings are consistent from scale to scale, arpeggio to arpeggio, and octave to octave. Contains the Simply Violin Full Color Circle of Fifths diagram.

Shifting Studies

 Manoogian Shifting Method
Geringas, Yaakov - Shifting: Thirty Studies for Young Violinists - Violin solo - Frederick Harris
Each piece is more of a song than an etude. All of my private students go through this book.
Introducing the Positions for Violin: Volume 1 - Third and Fifth Position
(3rd and 5th positions) These books are fundamental to building a firm knowledge of the positions . They include exercises in 3rd and 5th positions, as well as shifting up to the positions.
Introducing the Positions for Violin: Volume 2 - Second, Fourth, Sixth and Seventh (Rubank Educational Library)
(2nd, 4th, 6th, and 7th positions) You can work on this book concomitantly with book 1.
Shifting the Position and Preparatory Scale Studies, Op. 8: Violin Method
Sevcik was the most prolific composer for building violin/viola technique.
A Tuneful introduction to the Third Position for Violin
This book focuses more on playing in positions than on the technique of shifting.

Sight Reading Basics

Improve Your Sight-reading! Violin, Grade 1: Grade 1
I'm a huge fan of anything Faber Music Publishes, and the Author Paul Harris is a great violin pedagogue. This is the first of a series of books to help improve sight reading skills. Buy all of them.
A Rhythm a Week (Based on A Rhythm a Day by Igor Hudadoff): Violin


Simon Fischer Online
You can order Simon Fischer products straight from his website now, although for US citizens it will be cheaper to order the "Basics" and "Practice" from Amazon. Fischer's website has books and a DVD that can not be found on Amazon.