Ear Training, Note Reading and Theory Quizzes

Note Reading

Fingerboard Geography - Staff to Finger
This is for beginners to work hone quick note identification and where to play it on the fingerboard..
Name That Note: Chromatics
What Position is it in?
Play this quiz to improve your recognition of positions with regard to fingerings.

Music Theory

Order of Chromatic Pitches
How well do you know your chromatic scale? Guess the correct pitch before or after the written note name.
Name that Interval
Listen and look. Try to verify what you see with what you hear and vise versa.

Distance between notes

Adjacent or Non-Adjacent?
Play this quiz to develop the ability to hear the difference between pitches that are stepwise, meaning either a half step or whole step, or whether they are greater than a whole step. Listen to the audio file, then choose skip or step. click on the answer to see how well you did.
Whole Step or Half Step
Listen to the audio file and determine if the interval you hear is a whole step or half step. Click the answer button to find out how you did.
Major 3rd or Minor 3rd?
Play the audio example and choose whether the interval is a Major 3rd or Minor 3rd. Click the answer to see if you were correct. Keep Playing the Quiz!

Rhythmic Reading

How Many Beats are in the Measure?
Take a close look at the measure of music and determine the number of beats it contains.