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Violin Related Websites


Music and Psychology
Listen to highly interesting lectures by one of our University of Texas professors in Psychology, who is also a violist.
Many of you have watched Paula Bird's interviews with Violin Lab. This is her blog filled with wonderful practice advice and insights into teaching and playing the violin.
Here is what you will find in this section:
* a collection of links to violin related websites covering a number of topics
* links to sites which give background information on the violin and on sound in general
* links to inspirational violin performances (both classical and pop/fiddle style)
Training the Musical Brain
Here is a great blog written by Tara Gaertner, an adjunct professor at the University of British Columbia, teaching Neuroanatomy in the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy.
If you are looking for a local teacher this site can help you (US).
Classical Connect
Classical Connect provides independent musicians with a new venue for their performances. Hundreds of classical musicians have taken advantage of this opportunity, sharing their music with listeners across the world.
Bullet Proof Musician
Check out this website for brilliant discussions on performance anxiety and practicing.
The Violin Channel
The goal of this site is to promote young artists and to be a source of news, video tutorials and inspiration for professional and amateur string players.

Accompaniments for Suzuki Songs

Suzuki Accompaniments with a Player that Slows Down
Accompany Music is a site with hundreds of accompaniments for violin. They now have an edition of the site just for the Suzuki Songs - all 10 books!!

Background Information on the Violin and on the Physics of Sound

Physics of Sound
 Sound and Sound Waves by Douglas and Catherine Jones
This is a very informative paper written on sound production as it relates to stringed instruments.
Violin Acoustics: the Physics of Violin Sound Production
How Standing Waves are Made
This is an animation produced by the University of Colorado. Experiment and watch how our strings work.
Violin Physics Information
A podcast which investigates the physics of the violin in a conversation with Jim Woodhouse of Cambridge University. They discuss the way the bow interacts with the strings, the different vibration modes of the body and how they influence the sound and the playability of the violin as well as how scientific methods (can) help with understanding existing and creating new violins.

Creative and Inspirational Violin Performances - Pop/Fiddle

Jason Yang Violin
Paul Dateh
Charles Yang
Austin's own Charles Yang. He's amazing!

Creative and Inspirational Violin Performances - Classically Rooted

Grace Youn
Kyle Landry
Voices of Music
Nathan Meltzer