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Violin String Reviews
 String ID Guide - Identify the strings on a violin
This PDF file from can be very helpful when you want to identify the strings on a violin. It shows the color coding of most brands of strings.

Shoulder Rests

Bon Musica 4/4 Violin Shoulder Rest
This is the shoulder rest I used before switching to the Acoustagrip. This is an excellent shoulder pad as it is highly flexible and alleviates neck tension as it's curved design hangs onto the shoulder.
AcoustaGrip 'Concert Master Thick' Violin Shoulder Rest--Fits 3/4 and Full Size Violins and Violas
The best thing about this product is that it adheres to the back of the violin. I have been using this one now for a few years. I bought the thick pad, but had to cut some of it away to fit me better.


Wave Chinrests
This is a recently discovered gem. Randall Olsen is the inventor of this new chinrest which is designed to promote healthier posture and balance. The patented feature is an edge that protrudes further under the jaw, giving the head more support.
SAS Chinrests
These chinrests come in different heights and the angle is adjustable. I use the 32mm with a low shoulder pad. These chin rests are ideal for those with long necks and/or shorter jaws.
 Information on Fitting Chinrests as well as Brands of Chinrests
Also check out "Violin and Health" in the Resource section for more information on setup

Fingerboard Tapes

Trimbrite T1110 1/8 Pinstripe Tape White
Don't Fret Position Indicator for 4/4 Violin or 14" Viola


The Original Bernardel Rosin For Violin - Viola - Cello
I and all my colleagues use this rosin. It has a clean finish and grabs without the excess "fluff" in the tone.


Matrix MR500 Metronome
This is my favorite metronome. It has a powerful click! It is simple but gets the job done.
Conductor Mechanical Metronome Audible Click & Bell Ring Pyramid Style for Guitar/Bass/Piano/Violin
This is the nostalgic model we all grew up with. The best thing about this metronome is that there is a visual reference of movement. It is easier to follow than the digital kind. And it's nice and loud.

Stand Light

Aria D1 Diva Music Stand Light
This is the light I have on my music stands at home. It's pricey but you'll never have to change the bulbs. It has the best coverage too.

Violin Buying Information

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