Violin Practice and Performance


Real Life Practice Guru: Kyklos with Dr K
My fabulous colleague and friend Nora Karakousoglou has created a Patreon site to help any string player become the best practicers they can be.
In this section you will find links and tools to assist you during your practice time and in performing.
The practice tools are grouped in the following sections:
* Warm-up exercises
* Scales and scale practice
* Tips related to the fingerboard
* Shifting
* Bowing
* Charts that have to do with these topics


Practice Log Book for Musicians

Playing with Others; Performing

Playing Chamber Music
ACMP – Associated Chamber Music Players – is a non-profit organization that facilitates the playing of chamber music for pleasure by people of all ages and nationalities, from beginners to professionals.


Scale Practice

Jazz scales for improvisation
ScalesAce - Online Practice Tool for Scales
ScalesAce is designed to complement the many resources already available to violin students preparing for their ABRSM practical exams. It provides a useful reference to help confirm fingerings, finger spacings and tuning whilst students are practising on their own.
Also check out "Scales" in the "Recommended Sheet Music Library"
Also check out "Accompaniments and Audio Files" for audio files useful for scale practice
Check out the "Software and Apps" section for an app helping in your scale practice
Printable Scales and Arpeggios
This websites offers PDF files for 1-, 2- and 3-octave scales in different keys. The PDF file contains the scale (with indication for shifting), arpeggios, and broken thirds.

Getting to Know the Fingerboard

Website with Master Fingerboard Charts for all positions (by Diane Allen)
String Class Fingerboard Geography
An Intonation, Note-Reading, Theory & Shifting System by Barbara Barber.
I highly recommend getting this book.
Fingerboard Workbook Series
These workbooks are developed by Diane Allen, an expert contributor on Violin Lab.
They are excellent for learning fingerboard geography. And they are designed to help not only beginning players, but any violinist learn where the notes are (all of them in any position!) on the violin.
Also check out "Notes Names and Placement" in the "Recommended Sheet Music Library"
Check out the "Software and Apps" section for an app to get to know the fingerboard

Shifting Practice

Also check out "Shifting Studies" in the "Recommended Sheet Music Library"
 Shifting Exercise
This is my favorite shifting study to exercise the movements needed for large shifts into high positions.


 Twinkle String Crossing
These exercises will keep you busy with string crossings..and will help build rhythmic prowess as well!
 Sautillé Exercises
This is an exercise I made to gently go from repeated note sautillé to single note sautillé.
 Principles of Bow Direction
In this handout, I've outlined most of the conventions violinists adhere to when marking bowings on their music.
Bow Stroke Demonstrations
A comprehensive list and video demonstration of all our many bow strokes.

Charts to assist you in your violin practice

 Positions Chart
 Fingerboard Chart Horizontal Orientation
 Fingerboard Chart Vertical Orientation
Shaded notes D, A, E, B show the pitch where the next higher string begins and indicates the end of first position.
 Blank Fingerboard Chart
 Fingerboard Chart with Tapes
This chart shows all the pitches as well as the position of your tapes. This might make the overview of the fingerboard more comprehendible for those of you who use tapes.
 Positions and Finger Usage
 Fingering Chart for All Keys

This video is a demo on how to use this chart.
 Interval Chart as it relates to the Violin Fingerboard
This is a beautifully designed chart by Elke to follow along with the video on Kinesthetic Intonation. Be sure to print on card stock and use the sliding pitch line for maximum benefit.
 Note Names on the Fingerboard: G string
Stephen Neff designed the following charts to help memorize the note names for each string. Print, laminate and study!
 Note Names on the Fingerboard: D string
 Note Names on the Fingerboard: A string
 Note Names on the Fingerboard: E string