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  Essential Left Hand Technique
  Essential Right Hand Technique
  Tone and Intonation
  3 Octave Scale System
Intro and Fingerings
Ascending: Creating the Scaffold
Filling in the Scaffold
Descending Sales: Create the Scaffold
Descending Scales: Filling in the Scaffold
3 Octave Scale: Play Along - Major Keys
3 Octave Scales: Play Along - Minor Keys
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A Major: 3 Octave
Each scale contains 5 receptions, increasing in tempo. The piano file is unique in that it is tuned to the Pythagorean Tuning System, our ideal tuning system for melodic and scale passages. Use headphones to get the best result. Try and blend your sound so well with the piano that you have a difficult time hearing the piano. When frequencies are perfectly in tune, they mesh together making it difficult to "hear the other voice".

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