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Beth's Video Responses

Beth's Video Responses to Members' Submissions

This section features links to Beth's video answers to members' submissions. The link in the title takes you to the original community post to allow you to see the response in context. If you are not interested in the whole thread but would rather see the video directly, click on [Video only].
Video responses are listed according to the main topic(s) covered in the response. At the bottom of this section there is also a list of the repertoire addressed in the responses.

While most information in the Resource section is provided as a service to the public, this section is only available to Violin Lab subscribers.

Bow Arm / Right Hand

Straight bowing; staccato vs. spiccato
Owen Chimuka; Gossec Gavotte - [Video only]
Following recommended bowings
Ayoub; Rieding op. 35, 1st movement - [Video only]
Bowing during slurs; slurs vs hooked bowing
Sylvia Gregg; Deeply grow the roots - [Video only]
Straight bowing during fast detache
Jane G; Bach double concerto - [Video only]
Index finger contact point in franco-belgian bow hold
Mostafa Azizi; Kreisler, Liebesleid - [Video only]
Bow hand adjustment (effect of straight fingers)
Kathleen Lewandowski; Witches' dance - [Video only]
Correcting the bow hand and increase tone
Marina - [Video only]
Flexible elbow during bowing
Bevin Mathew; Allegro - [Video only]
Tension in the hand, effect of straight fingers on the bow
Andrea Baroni; Suzuki 1, up to #8 - [Video only]
Bouncing bow, especially on G-string
Daniel Garner - [Video only]
Establishing a curved pinky
Gian Paolo - [Video only]
Controlling the amount of bow; violin position
Chris; Simple Gifts - [Video only]
Sustained bow strokes
Luke Wells; Allegretto (Suz 1) - [Video only]
Bouncing bow, role of the thumb
Zhan - [Video only]
Also check out this community thread for more discussion on this topic.
Contact of index finger with bow; elbow level
Urban Kristan; Twinkle (Suz 1) - [Video only]
Influence of straight fourth finger on the bow path
Evelyn Palang; Song of the Wind (Suz 1) - [Video only]
Artful bow placement, Intonation
Mertcan Ölçer; Minuets (Suz 1) - [Video only]
Bow hand: Which finger should recieve the most pressure?
Drew Nietert - [Video only]
Bow tilt during playing
Ray - [Video only]
Tips for developing a feel for a flexible bow hold
Shovan Kumar Paul - [Video only]
Maintaining a straight bow
Donna Marie; Twinkle Var A (Suz 1) - [Video only]
Violin position for people with long arms; using consistent bow speed; avoid bounce after retake
Andreas; Go tell Aunt Rhody (Suz 1) - [Video only]
More discussion of this topic is found in this thread.
Keep a straight bow through the whole length of the bow
Jane Heinze; "It is well with my soul" - [Video only]
Finger motion in detail
Alessandro Cardelli - [Video only]
Using finger motion in bow placement
Ann Meeker; Suz1 Hunter's chorus - [Video only]
Elbow movement during string crossings
Jerry Wright; Musette (Suz 2) - [Video only]
Monitoring elbow and hand level for playing on different strings
Lukas Wedrychowski - [Video only]
Even bow distribution
Janice Branley; Wohlfahrt op 45 #8 - [Video only]
Practicing chords, adjusting sounding point during chords
Frieda; Bach, Sarabande D-minor - [Video only]
Correct bow tilt
Xing Gao; Beethoven, Minuet in G (Suz 2) - [Video only]
Balancing the bow, tapering
Regina Robinson; Bach, Minuet #1 (Suz 1) - [Video only]

Bowing Techniques

Rustam Gill - [Video only]
Staccato in pick up notes
Nick; Lully, Gavotte - [Video only]
Different types of staccato / spiccato
Elke Meier; Gavotte from Mignon - [Video only]
Smooth bow change at the tip during legato bowing
Ray - [Video only]
Sautille and Seitz concertos
Lynne de Velazquez; Seitz op22, concerto #5 D-major 1st mov (Suz 4) - [Video only]
Developing consistent detache stroke
Jaime; Musette (Suz 2) - [Video only]
Steps in developing good spiccato; role of the fingers in spiccato
Simon - [Video only]
Bowing style in baroque music
So-woon Jeon; Vivaldi, Concerto in A minor, 3rd movement (Suz 4) - [Video only]
"Dart throw" motion - perfecting the detache bow stroke
Wohlfahrt op 45 #1 - [Video only]
Developing your own exercises for spiccato practice
Alan Barnicoat - [Video only]
Hooked bowing in dotted rhythm
Xing Gao; Witches Dance (Suz 2) - [Video only]

Tone Production

Ringing of the violin in bowed vs pizzicato tones
Owen Chimuka - [Video only]
Using bow weight to improve tone
Claudio Freire, Lightly Row - [Video only]
Sounding point and dynamic
Bevin Mathew; Long, long ago (Suzuki 1) - [Video only]
Bow distribution and accents, bow weight
Balazs Suli; Martini, Gavotte (Suz 3) - [Video only]
Sinking into the string for long bow strokes
Shaheen Saliahmohamed; The Boat to Inverie - [Video only]
Adjusting the elbow level for good tone production
Claudio; Simple Gifts - [Video only]
Effect of elbow level and sounding point on tone
Mohammed Hajjar; Martini, Gavotte (Suz 3) - [Video only]
Bow weight for producing full tone; bow tilt
Claudio; Bach, Minuet #1 (Suz 1) - [Video only]
Sustaining tone on long notes
Patrick Coleman; Massenet, Meditation, Thaïs - [Video only]

Phrasing / Dynamics

Adding dynamics
Dennys Dantas; French Folk Song - [Video only]
How to develop a plan for expressive phrasing in a piece of music
Raúl Rivas; Ravel, Kaddish - [Video only]
Phrasing, adding dynamics
Regina Robinson; Minuet 2 (Suz 1) - [Video only]
Dynamics and bow direction
Rustam Gill; Bach, Air - [Video only]
Dynamics, expressive phrasing
Juan Pablo Pimienta; Bach, Air - [Video only]
Adding dynamic contrast
Pooria; Rieding op 35 1st mov. - [Video only]
Creating contrast in the music: slurs vs. separate notes, changing tone color
David; Bach Partita No.2 D-minor, Allemande - [Video only]
Playing hymns expressively
Jane Heinze; "It is well with my soul" - [Video only]
Bow distribution and musical phrasing
Andrea Baroni; Küchler, Concertino in G major, op 11 - [Video only]
Playing eighth notes baroque style
Ayoub; Suz 4: Vivaldi, Concerto in A minor , 1st movement - [Video only]

Left Hand

Thumb position on the neck
Elke Meier - [Video only]
Finger action
Nick; Lully, Gavotte - [Video only]
Establishing a healthy hand position with a straight wrist
Andrea Baroni; Suzuki 1, up to #8 - [Video only]
When to use fourth finger versus open strings
Ray; examples mostly from Suz 2 - [Video only]
Scrunching of first finger on E-string
Simon - [Video only]
Also check out the original post which triggered this video response.
Left hand thumb placement
Elke Meier - [Video only]
Keeping the wrist quiet
Mohammed Hajjar; Händel, Bourrée (Suz 2) - [Video only]
Efficiency in finger placement
Desiree Martinez, Wohlfahrt op 45 #1 - [Video only]
Thumb placement in high positions, flexibility of the thumb
Meg - [Video only]
Relaxed left hand position
Stacy Bird - [Video only]
Adjusting the level of the base knuckles
Swaroop Vr; Bach, Bourree (Suz 3) - [Video only]
Clean playing: preparing fingers, delaying the lift
Hassan Haval; Etude (Suz 1) - [Video only]
Clean playing: preparing fingers, delaying the lift
Urban Kristan; Si Bheag Si MhorSi Bheag Si Mhor - [Video only]
Reaching with a fourth finger without bending the wrist
Xing Gao; Bach, Minuet (Suz 3) - [Video only]
Clean playing: preparing fingers, delaying the lift
Ayoub; Bach, Double Violin Concerto - [Video only]


Checking intonation while practicing
Fatih Kulaz; Long, long ago; also addresses spiccato and "flying" fingers - [Video only]
G-major scale in thirds
Laura - [Video only]
Consistent intonation through hovering fingers
Ayoub - [Video only]
Practicing for intonation across key changes
MsPolkadotz; Tchaikovsky, op. 35 - [Video only]
Finding the tonal center in a piece, establishing the finger spacing patterns
Elmer Joseph; Margaret’s waltz - [Video only]
Fine tuning intonation using intervals
Claudio; Simple Gifts - [Video only]
Working on intonation with a drone
Claudio; Bach, Minuet d-moll - [Video only]


Hand/wrist position during vibrato
Jane G - [Video only]
Importance of a controlled vs "automatic" development of vibrato
BU982T - [Video only]
Moving/shaking of the violin during vibrato
Dennis Dorsi
Finger flexibility; pivoting hand
Deirdre - [Video only]
Implementing continous vibrato
Community discussion - [Video only]
Arm and hand working against each other
Barb Wimmer - [Video only]
Finger/knuckle movement in arm vs wrist vibrato
Troy - [Video only]
Continuous vibrato
Balazs Suli; Martini, Gavotte (Suz 3) - [Video only]
Vibrato exercise to keep the wrist motion going
Laura [Video only]
Vibrato exercise: from sliding to rocking
Bryan Reed - [Video only]
Developing consistent speed in vibrato
Desiree Martinez; Wohlfahrt op 45 #1 - [Video only]
Which notes would benefit from vibrato? Vibrato in high positions
Sonia Lancaster; Schindler’s List, Remembrances - [Video only]
Stages and realistic time frame in vibrato practice; shaking violin during vibrato; integrate vibrato
Christina - [Video1 only] [Video2 only]
Early vibrato exercise: starting to add pressure
Ray - [Video only]
Keeping a good wrist angle during vibrato
Michael Schwartz - [Video only]
Fourth finger angle during vibrato
Steve Crabb - [Video only]
Vibrato practice: working toward regularity
Taylor Williams - [Video only]
Paper-trick to establish the correct path for vibrato movement
Elke Meier - [Video only]
Integrating vibrato
So-woon Jeon; The Lord's Prayer - [Video only]
Appropriate vibrato for different note lengths
Ayoub; Rieding, op 35, 2nd movement - [Video only]
Vibrato and hand frame in high positions
Frieda; Williams, Schindlerʼs list - [Video only]
Developing a hybrid vibrato
Elke Meier; [Video only]
Get the vibrato "motor" going
David Rowland - [Video only]

Double Stops

How to practice double stops with Josephine Trott
Rustam Gill - [Video only]
Playing double stops
Elke Meier; Long, long ago (Suzuki 2) - [Video only]
How to play a quadruple stop at the end
Tomi - [Video only]


Shifting decisions in Küchler
Elke Meier; Küchler, Concertino, op 15 - [Video only]
Developing good intonation while shifting to high position
Madonna White; Meditation (Thaïs) - [Video only]
Bow change during romatic shifts
Rustam Gill; Schindler’s list - [Video only]
Sliding: western classical style versus indian classical style
Shashwat Singhal; Sad Romance - [Video only]
How to know when to shift
Elizabeth; Beethoven, Minuet in G (Suz 2) - [Video only]
Timing of thumb and arm movement during shifting
Lily Mo - [Video only]
Practicing mordents during shifts
Richard Barwell; Monti, Czardas - [Video only]
Timing in romantic shifts
Frieda; Williams, Schindlerʼs List - [Video only]

Sightreading / Rhythm / Timing

Practice Subdivisions; Bow distribution
Fatih Kulaz; Deeply grow the roots - [Video only]
Bowing a dotted rhythm
Maria Beckles; Suzuki 1, #1-4 - [Video only]
Sightreading – distinguishing ties and slurs; how to practice a section with ties and slurs
Jack - [Video only]
Using subdivisions to improve rhythmic accuracy
Joe P; Si Bheag Si Mhor - [Video only]
Working on rhythm with a metronome
Patrick Coleman; Massenet, Meditation, Thaïs - [Video only]

Aspects of Violin Setup

Position of the violin
Sean Cory Cooper - [Video only]
Using the Bon-Musica shoulder pad
Jaz - [Video only]
Proper measurements for violin setup
Kevin Johnson - [Video only]
Freedom of movement for the left shoulder
Patricia Hoover - [Video only]
Also check out this community thread for more discussion on this topic.
Feeling comfortable holding the violin
Vicky - [Video only]
Whether to use a shoulder pad or not; creative shoulder pad solutions
Christina - [Video only]

Miscellaneous Topics

Physical exercises to prevent health problems
Jim U Ren - [Video only]
Grace notes and mordents
Valeria - [Video only]
Training for fiddle style versus classical style
Papa Bear - [Video only]
Finger taps for warm-up and to strengthen fingers
Ray - [Video only]
Beth's informal introduction to Simon Fischer's book "Scales"
[Video only]
Grace notes: Appoggiatura in baroque music
Cheryl Frankfurt; Bach, Gavotte (Suz 3) - [Video only]
Choosing a violin
[Video only]
Practice techniques
Theresa Ellington - [Video only]


Suz 1: Gossec, Gavotte (Owen Chimuka) - [Video only]
Suz 1: #1-4 (Maria Beckles) - [Video only]
Suz 1: Lightly Row (Claudio Freire) - [Video only]
Suz 1: Long, long ago and Allegro (Bevin Mathew) - [Video only]
Suz 1: up to #8 (Andrea Baroni) - [Video only]
Suz 2: Long, long ago; Hunter's Chorus; Witches' Dance (Elke Meier) - [Video only]
Suz 2: various examples (Ray) - [Video only]
Suz 1: Perpetual Motion (Jim) - [Video only]
Suz 1: Minuet 1 (Chris) - [Video only]
Suz 2: Musette (Jaime) - [Video only]
Suz 1: Minuet 2 (Regina Robinson) - [Video only]
Suz 1: Allegretto (Luke Wells) - [Video only]
Suz 1: Twinkle (Urban Kristan) - [Video only]
Suz 1: Song of the Wind (Evelyn Palang) - [Video only]
Suz 1: Minuets (Mertcan Ölçer) - [Video only]
Suz 1: Twinkle Var. A (Donna Marie) - [Video only]
Suz 1: Go tell Aunt Rhody (Andreas) - [Video only]
Suz 2: Musette (Jerry Wright) - [Video only]
Suz 2: Judas Maccabaeus (Urban Kristan) - [Video only]
Suz 2: Long, long ago (Fatih Kulaz) - [Video only]
Suz 2: Händel, Bourrée (Mohammed Hajjar) - [Video only]
Suz 2: Witchesʼ Dance (Kathleen Lewandowski) - [Video only]
Suz 2: Witchesʼ Dance (Xing Gao) - [Video only]
Suz 2: Gavotte from Mignon (Elke Meier) - [Video only]
Suz 2: Lully, Gavotte (Nick) - [Video only]
Suz 2: Beethoven, Minuet in G (Elizabeth) - [Video only]
Suz 2: Beethoven, Minuet in G (Xing Gao) - [Video only]
Suz 2: Beethoven, Minuet (Julie Wartman) - [Video only]
Suz 3: Martini, Gavotte (Balazs Suli) - [Video only]
Suz 3: Martini, Gavotte (Mohammed Hajjar) - [Video only]
Suz 3: Bach, Bourree (Swaroop Vr) - [Video only]
Massenet, Meditation, Thaïs (Patrick Coleman) - [Video only]
Suz 3: Bach, Gavotte (Cheryl Frankfurt) - [Video only]
Suz 4: Seitz op22, concerto #5 D-major 1st mov (Lynne de Velazquez) - [Video only]
Suz 4: Vivaldi, Concerto in A minor, 1st movement (Ayoub) - [Video only]
Suz 4: Vivaldi, Concerto in A minor, 3rd movement (So-woon Jeon) - [Video only]
Bach, Air (Rustam Gill) - [Video only]
Bach, Air (Juan Pablo Pimienta) - [Video only]
Bach, Double Concerto (Jane G) - [Video only]
Bach, Double Concerto (Ayoub) - [Video only]
Bach, Partita No.2 D-minor, Allemande (David) - [Video only]
Bach, Bouree (Robyn Stirling – Workshop Master Class)
Bach, Duetto in G Major, BWV 804 (Deirdre – Workshop Master Class)
Blackerby, Deeply grow the roots (Fatih Kulaz) - [Video only]
Blackerby, Deeply grow the roots (Sylvia Gregg) - [Video only]
Carmichael, The Nearness of You (Maria – Workshop Master Class)
Corelli, Gavotte from Sonata in F, op 5 No 10 (Katja – Workshop Master Class)
Fauré, Apres un Reve (Simon – Workshop Master Class)
French Folk Song (Dennys Dantas) - [Video only]
Gabriel-Marie, La Cinquantaine (Elke Meier – Workshop Master Class)
Gade, Jalousie 'Tango Tzigane' (Bjørn Larsen – Workshop Master Class)
It is well with my soul (Jane Heinze) - [Video only]
Küchler, Concertino op 11 (jz – Workshop Master Class)
Küchler, Concertino in G major, op 11 (Andrea Baroni) - [Video only]
Küchler, Concertino op.15, 2nd and 3rd movement (Elke Meier) - [Video only]
Kreisler, Liebesleid (Mostafa Azizi) - [Video only]
Locatelli, Allegro (Janice – Workshop Master Class)
Margaret’s waltz (Elmer Joseph) - [Video only]
Massenet, Meditation, Thaïs (Madonna White) - [Video only]
Massenet, Meditation, Thaïs (Tomi) - [Video only]
Massenet, Meditation, Thaïs (MsPolkadotz – Workshop Master Class)
Monti, Czardas (Richard Barwell) - [Video only]
Mozart, 4th Violin Concerto, Rondeau (Lieven M) - [Video only]
Paganini, Variations in A (Anne aMaudPowellFan – Workshop Master Class)
Ravel, Kaddish (Raúl Rivas) - [Video only]
Rieding, op 35, 1st movement (Jen McColley – Workshop Master Class)
Rieding, op 35, 1st movement (Ayoub) - [Video only]
Rieding, op 35, 2nd movement (Ayoub) - [Video only]
Sad Romance (Shashwat Singhal) - [Video only]
Sevcik op 3, Variation 1 (Janice Branley) - [Video only]
Sevcik op 3, Theme, Variation 1-6 (Elke Meier)
Si Bheag Si Mhor (Joe P) - [Video only]
Tchaikovsky, Violin Concerto, D-major, op 35 (MsPolkadotz) - [Video only]
Telemann, Fantasy #9 (Sonia Lancester) - [Video only]
Telemann, Fantasy #9, 2nd movement (Elke Meier) - [Video only]
The Boat to Inverie (Shaheen Saliahmohamed) - [Video only]
Trott, Melodious double stops, #1-3 (Rustam Gill) - [Video only]
Vivaldi, Concerto G-major (Ayoub) - [Video only]
Williams, Schindler's List (Lily Mo – Workshop Master Class)
Williams, Schindler’s List (Rustam Gill) - [Video only]
Williams, Schindlerʼs List (Frieda) - [Video only]
Williams, Schindler’s List - Remembrances (Sonia Lancaster) - [Video only]
Wohlfahrt op 45 #1 (Desiree Martinez) - [Video only]
Wohlfahrt op 45 #1 (additional instruction by Beth) - [Video only]
Wohlfahrt op 45 #8 (Janice Branley) - [Video only]

Workshop Master Classes

2016 Workshop Master Class
2017 Benslow Workshop Master Classes with Beth Blackerby
Maria: "The Nearness of You" (Hoagy Carmichael)
MsPolkadotz: Meditation, Thaïs (Jules Massenet)
Bjørn Larsen: Jalousie 'Tango Tzigane' (Jacob Gade)
Jen McColley: Oskar Rieding op 35, 1st movement
Elke Meier: La Cinquantaine (Jean Gabriel-Marie)
2017 Benslow Workshop Master Classes with Stephen Redfield
Simon: “Apres un Reve” (Gabriel Fauré)
Lily Mo: Schindler's List (John Williams)
jz: Concertino op. 11 (Ferdinand Küchler)
Robyn Stirling: Bouree (Johann Sebastian Bach)
Deirdre: Duetto in G Major, BWV 804 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
Janice: Allegro (Pietro Locatelli)
Katja: Gavotte from Sonata in F, op 5 No 10 (Arcangelo Corelli)
Anne aMaudPowellFan: Variations in A (Niccolò Paganini)