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You are an inspiration Jojo. Some day I may want to look into those examinations. :} Which should be interesting since I hear 3/4 of the sounds most people are able to hear. Beth, I have a question about the Sad Romance, on measures 1-6 I believe you are using third position but when I read the music score I read first position for 1-6 measures. Am I missing something?
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Posted: June 26, 2011
Last Comment: June 26, 2011

Posted: June 26, 2011
Morning Beth, I downloaded the Sad Romance for Beginners (of course) and as for my question, I had a feeling that I was not reading the score closely enough. I went back and slowly compared the two pdf files and worked out where I went awry. Thanks, Ray

Beth Blackerby
Posted: June 26, 2011
Ray, I have two versions posted. The smaltzy version with all the shifts, I have starting in 3rd position and then sliding the 3rd finger up to 4th position. In the other version, the introduction starts in 4th position. That version I demo in the more recent tutorial on Sad Romance.

I avoid first position there because neither long open Es nor long 4th finger Es crossing to the G on the E string are ideal.

Which version did you download?