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I have started to learn violin in 2003,September. But I am disappointed about my progress.I think I learnt in a wrong way,So, I can't play good. I need your support. Regards, paul

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Posted: May 28, 2011
Last Comment: May 29, 2011

Posted: May 29, 2011
At first thanks to all for the responses. Its a Bangladeshi folk music.I can understand that I have problems in my right hand.I hope I will be able to be perfect from the violin lab.I never understand theres lots of work to do with the right hand.So, I did never care of the right hand.I started to learn Indian Music. Now I am in Sweden so I want to try some sorts of western music.Specially thanks to Beth for her comments.To me violinlab is awesome.If I could meet you earlier.@jojo During playing I was feeling huge pressure inside myself.I don't know the reason.Maybe I was not relaxed. Regards, Paul

Anne aMaudPowellFan
Posted: May 29, 2011
Hi Paul. Hello and welcome from me too. Thank you for broadening the range of styles. Enjoyed listening to you.

Posted: May 28, 2011
Hi Paul ! Welcome to V-lab ! Your intonation was pretty good ! I too am interested in the style of music you were playing in your vid...sounds middle eastern to me. You started playing about the same time I did.

I agree with Beth about using more of that bow, but it looks and sounds to me like you're doing rather well so far. Do check out all the resources Beth has here. She's been a fabulous help to me and many others here. Hope to hear more from you Paul....happy playing !

Posted: May 28, 2011
What style of playing is that? I enjoyed it sort of like gypsy violin.

Posted: May 28, 2011
Hey Paul! Well done on your playing! where is this music from? did you compose it? are you self taught or do you have a teacher? You mention you are 'disappointed' about your progress, can you be more specific? ie: are there specific things you were hoping to do which you can't do yet? or are there things you think you are not doing well? if so what things? are there any things in that video you are not happy about? what things? sorry about all the questions, but if you 'nail it down' to more specific points then Beth can help you even more :) Welcome and thank you for posting your video, I enjoyed it :) Jo

Beth Blackerby
Posted: May 28, 2011
This discussion includes members-only video content

Hi Paul, and welcome to Violin Lab! I embedded your video. All you have to do is click the embed button under the video on Youtube and it will give you a code which you copy and then paste in the box here on the Community page that says "embed code"

I'm so excited that you shared your playing with us. The folk song you were playing is of course nothing I've heard before and I am fascinated with Nationalistic styles of playing. Paul, I so enjoyed hearing you play. Your left had is relaxed and fluid, including your shifting. It's interesting, the melodic demands of the music you play requires that you use frequent shifts. Your use of slides and shifting were so expressive!

The place where I think you need work is with your bow hold. Although you are not playing Western Classical literature, a good solid relaxed bow hold will enable you to develop the freedom to play anything well. To me your hold is stiff and limits you to using only a small portion of your bow.

Do me a favor, go to the Video Library and click on tag word "bow hold" and watch every video you can about bow holds. Then report back so we can see what the next step is.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful playing.