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Hello Beth, I was just wondering if there was a way to search for a particular subject in the Commmunity page? This way I won't have to ask for something you already answered in the previous pages... Not that I don't want to browse a few pages back, but more than 600 is going to take some time :) Thanks anyway for the great videos and friendly user website. I just joined and it's been very helpful! Guillaume

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Posted: April 22, 2011
Last Comment: July 5, 2011

Posted: July 5, 2011
thank you Beth, that is GREAT ADVICE, didn't think of that! DOH!!!! ;) thank you so much

Beth Blackerby
Posted: July 2, 2011
I make tons of mistakes too, and edit all the time. I use this little trick. I click the back button and it takes me back to where I typed everything the first time, so I don't lose my formatting. I edit, then submit again. Then I just delete the first submission. There is no real way to edit something once it's been posted. The "screen back" button works great though.

For longer responses, I start out typing in Word, then copy and paste to the box and add the < p >. If I change anything, I'd like to add the html formatting features to the community page. That would be more useful, I think.

Posted: July 2, 2011
Just resurrecting this thread to ask Beth if (please) it would be possible to have a change implemented.

if it's not too expensive of course...

could you ask if we can 'edit' our posts AFTER we have submitted them please?

I have the problems to be a little 'keyboard dyslexic' and 99% of the time I will make a myriad of mistakes when posting. I do read back what I write but even then very often after I hit the 'submit comment' button, I will find that my post has got mistakes in it. OR, because this box we type in is SO TINY and I can't see the whole of my post before I submit it, I may have lost my 'track of thought' and my response has not come out the way I intended it. It is quite annoying.

so at the moment what I do is copy my post to my computer clipboard, delete my comment, then paste it to the blank box on the right as if I want to resubmit it, but this was all the < p > I have typed earlier have DISAPPEARED! and also so have my capital letters after a full stop. SO, I have to re-do all that......

The whole process of posting becomes tedious and very time consuming, often making me think twice if I 'really' want to post and sometimes resulting in me not posting at all

Also having to type these < p > is quite confusing and I don't know how to do bold type or how to insert links

but if adding these things to the site is again going to be an expensive thing for you Beth then I understand that 'such' is life and one can only do what one can do and I will survive anyway.

thank you :)

Posted: April 25, 2011

Posted: April 25, 2011
Hello Beth: You may want to clarify your comment on the news reel that you need to type the command into Google. You didn't specify what search engine to use. I tried it in Yahoo and Bing; it works, but Google returns more results, as it searches the entire site.

If you want to search just in "Community" through Google, use the following syntax instead:

(keyword) site: violinlab.com/community

So to search for "vibrato" in Community, the complete syntax would be:

vibrato site:violinlab.com/community

Best wishes,


Beth Blackerby
Posted: April 25, 2011
That is an amazing tip! And free too!! Thanks. I'll post that on the news reel.

Anne aMaudPowellFan
Posted: April 25, 2011
Jonathan, THANK YOU for the tip. Incredible, the unknown (to me at least) features of Google.

Posted: April 25, 2011
Hi Beth, Google has a search within specific site feature. You may want to consider integrating it in the site (add a search field that automatically includes "site:violinlab.com").

For the time being, members can manually type it in. For example, type this in Google search field: "vibrato site:violinlab.com".

Hope it helps.

Posted: April 24, 2011
Also, aren't many of the forum software packages free? I'm thinking open source and the like.

Posted: April 23, 2011
Yes Beth, a search option would be nice in my humble opinion.
And if you are interested in a community - forum looking page, Frank is right, there are already set up and customizable ones (like phpbb), so you won't have to start from scratches.


Beth Blackerby
Posted: April 23, 2011
Hi Guillaume. Welcome! Glad to have you. Thanks for the suggestions. I definitely plan to do something about the lack of a search tool but need to build up the funds to have more work done.

One thought would be to have a tag word drop down menu as well as a global search. So when you search you could go look for matching tag words and/or type in a word search.

I be thinking.

Posted: April 22, 2011
I agree with Guillaume: a search feature would be really useful.

"Community" could also stand to be organized differently, possibly more like "forums", with different forum topics under which comments and questions can be posted. That would make it much easier to find items, even without a search feature. But having both a forums type organization plus a search feature would be the best.

I'm a member of a fiddle forum (fiddlehangout.com/forum) that has forums arranged in a very logical way. For a site like Violin Lab, a similar format could be used, but with topics such as "Left Hand", "Bowing", "Instrument & Setup", etc. As there are already various forum engines available, your programmer would not have to create one from scratch, but could use an existing one.

If I could be so bold, the "Current Members" section also is in need of organization. Maybe links that organize alphabetically, or by state/country? That way the main member page wouldn't have hundreds of items on it, but rather links to other pages.