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Hello everyone!

I found this little TEMPO guide today and I thought it might be helpful to some of you music novices, such as myself. Although my metronome has some labels depicting tempo variations, it's not as complete as this.    Enjoy! ;-)

  • Grave – <40 bpm – Extremely Slow
  • Largo – 42 – 66 bpm – Very Slow
  • Adagio – 58-97 bpm – Very Slow
  • Larghetto – 60-66 bpm – Rather Slow
  • Andante –76-108 bpm – Moderately Slow
  • Moderato –66-126 bpm – Moderately
  • Allegro –120-168 bpm – Rather Fast to Fast
  • Presto – 168-208 bpm – Quite Fast
  • Prestissimo – 184-240 bpm – Very Fast
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Posted: February 9, 2011
Last Comment: February 10, 2011

Posted: February 10, 2011
Happy to help bear ! :-)

Posted: February 10, 2011
Hi Bear....a "lilt" isn't the same as tempo but rather is a style. Sort of in an upbeat "happy" cheerful manner. The tempo is set but some notes are played "quick" without changing the tempo of the piece. Usually with some accidentals or "extra" notes thrown in for effect. I'm not sure I"m explaining that very well.

Classical tunes aren't generally very "lilty" but one that might come close to that discription is "Humoresque". But what I have on my music for tempo for that one is "Poco lento e grazioso" lol..which isn't even on that list that Jack posted. But, maybe that's latin for "played with a lilt" :-)

Papa Bear
Posted: February 10, 2011
Thanks for the handy chart. I thought it was great to finally have a chart that included all of the tempos that could be listed on any song. I had some questions about the tempo of some songs that I was trying to learn so I grabbed my “music to learn” file and wouldn’t you know it, the first song listed its tempo as..."played with a lilt." Well I looked at your chart then I looked back at the music’s tempo then I looked at the trashcan then deposited the music in there. Decided that I’m not going to learn something that doesn’t play by the rules. I do appreciate you thinking of us so thanks again.

Posted: February 9, 2011
Thank you Jack! I have not practiced enough to be looking at tempo, however once I am this will come in handy.