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Hi Beth!

I know that you are working on Suzuki Book 1 songs and that you will upload them soon. If it's not asking too much, could you also do a quick tutorial on some of the exercises listed on the book?

For example, I'd love to see a tutorial on the following:

Suzuki Book 1, pg 34


Suzuki Book 1, pg 36

I know that you are probably booked with all sorts of projects, so whenever you have the time is fine.

Many Thanks!

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Posted: February 8, 2011
Last Comment: February 11, 2011

Posted: February 11, 2011
I only hope I can make the Austin event !! It would be fantastic to hang with a bunch of violinists for a few days and do nothing but violin !! Lord willin...I'll be there !

Posted: February 11, 2011

A Suzuki day in Austin? That sounds very cool! At my house, it's Suzuki day every day, but I'm sure that the one in Austin sounds a lot better. ;-)

I'm excited about the Suzuki tutorials that you already have on your site and they have been a tremendous help to me. I still practice all of the different patterns you have shown on those video. One cannot have enough Twinkle in this life. LOL. I'm definitely looking forward to all the future installments from the Suzuki Books.

Thanks for pointing out the Broken Third Pattern Exercises, I will definitely get them incorporated on my practices. The exercises I posted above seemed very straight forward, but I was not sure if there was some technique that I needed to focus on and thus I thought I'd ask for some guidance. I often times feel overwhelmed by all the "crazy" musical notations when approaching something new and I should just take a breath and break things down as you always do. I guess I'll have to work on that as well.

As for your question on Theory Classes, that would be great. I'm sure when we get to Austin we will all be like little sponges and try to absorb as much information from you as humanly possible. You will probably be needing a vacation after we all leave, just to get your sanity back from all of our questions. ;-)

Thanks again for all the insight you continuously provides us every day.

Posted: February 11, 2011
Hi Fiddlebac!

It's funny you mentioned playing in second position (i.e. playing C natural). I started working on 2nd finger pattern just this week and have been working on Beth's Lesson 48:Guided Practice #8 Spacing Pattern II, part 1 on a daily basis. I am really enjoying it and the only problem that I am having is really with intonation. My brain seems to command my fingers to the correct pattern, but my "landing" is not quite accurate when it comes to tone as I'm either high or low (at least that is what my metronome tells me).

I will continue to work on the pattern and get the fingers used to moving in that arrangement until it becomes natural, once that is accomplished I will try to hone on landing on the correct spot for intonation. I figure I can only battle one thing at the time, so I will work on those finger muscles first and then get them to land accurately on target for the correct tone.

I believe in small steps and learning to play the violin is similar to leaning to walk for me. It will take some time, but eventually I'll get to my destination . . . . hopefully upright and with good tone. :-)

Posted: February 11, 2011
I too am on book 1, currently on minuet 2, and toying with the first half of number 3.

It seems once I finish, I learn something new and need to go back and apply that to all the old pieces - a never ending study this violin is turning out to be!

For example, first I got the tune down for Allegretto. Oh wait, now I have to play it short, you know, those darn dots under the notes. Oh now wait, now I need to grab the string with the hairs for those accents ( the ">").

I also wanted to play fiddle, but I am being drawn into the classical line more, not only for the challenge, but also because I think I'm becoming a better player, and as Beth says, with all the techniques under your belt, you're more versatile and can do anything.

I'm finding as I move forward in book one I also have to go back to basics and look at Beth's finger patterns. For some reason I was now having a very difficult time with the fingering for natural C. My fingers did not want to be next to each other. Not sure what happened, but the practice of her patterns is helping.

Posted: February 10, 2011
YES ! Definitely theory classes ! :-)

Beth Blackerby
Posted: February 10, 2011
Hi Jack - It's Suzuki day here in Austin. I'm in the process of posting new tutorials for book 1. You are definitely not the only member in book 1, maybe just one of the few who post here in the forum. I like your idea of book sharing ideas. In fact the "resources" page, I added, for the purpose of sharing resources, so that would be an excellent place to post books and materials. I haven't gotten around to fleshing it out, but someday it will be a wonderful general resource for study materials, audio files, helpful website links, etc..

the page you posted from book 1 is nothing more than broken third pattern exercises (see lesson 39) and the G major scale (lesson 50). The "rooftop" symbol is the marking we use to denote a half-step. The bottom part of the page are arpeggios, which I have not done a tutorial on, so that is now officially on the list.

p.s.In thinking about Violin Lab Reunion 2012, I thought some theory classes would appeal....yeah?

Posted: February 10, 2011
Just wondering . . . . Am I the only one working on Suzuki book 1?

I know there are a lot of people well beyond book 1, but I hardly read any posts from other members working on Book 1. If you are not working on book 1, what book are you using and how do you like it?

It would be nice to hear some of our true beginners post their favorite music books/guides here. ;-)