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Hi Beth ! Question on Amy Barlow's piece "In the Style of Bach". I enjoy working on this one and it's one that I think I can manage with a bit of work, but....those 2nd/4th finger chords are a "bear"! I just can't get my brain to get those fingers where they're supposed to be on time. Are there any tricks of the trade for these or is it just a matter of endless repetition ? Also the first chord in the 18th measure is another one. They put me in mind of the game "Twister". Ever play that when you were a kid ? Is there an easy way to get the right finger over to "Red" without knocking down the middle finger which is on "Green" or the left finger which is sitting over on yellow ? <:-\
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Posted: January 29, 2011
Last Comment: January 29, 2011

Posted: January 29, 2011
Yeah, I had remembered hearing you touching on "tricky" chords and double stops but I couldn't remember which video it was. Thanks for the pointing me in the right direction. Ha, I guess nothing takes the place of just plain determined repetition and focus. Darn, I thought there would be an easier way to get there.... <:-'

Beth Blackerby
Posted: January 29, 2011
Those double stop configurations have always been a bear for me too They've never felt easy. I talk a little about it in the tutorial: Double Stops: part 5: difficult intervals and hand positions. A good warm up is to do finger taps on different strings in different positions with those very tricky intervals. Coordination..getting the fingers to strike simultaneously is one issue, and of course not clenching and getting tight is another (the video addresses that). As far as intonation, that's where the hours and hours comes in.