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Hi Beth and everyone, First off, I want to say "thanks" Beth for these great videos. There aren't violin teachers near where I live, (the closest one is 45+ minutes away) so your website has been very helpful, especially with bowing. One thing I wanted to mention that has helped me tremendously with my finger placement is a "fiddle fretter." Basically, a fiddle fretter is a sticker you put on the neck of your fiddle that makes frets much like a guitar. Since I already play the guitar and understand fretted instruments, this has helped me tremendously. For me, the fiddle fretter has been a great alternative to using tapes. Just thought I'd mention it in case other people had tried it or wanted to try it. It's helped me progress at a much faster pace than before I had it. I needed to get new strings put on my violin, so I had the luthier put on the fiddle fretter at the same time. It can be removed if you feel you don't want/need it, or you can leave it on. It's all black, so it can't be seen, even if you're 5 feet away. Hope you all have a great day! Colleen :)

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Posted: July 9, 2010
Last Comment: July 11, 2010

Posted: July 11, 2010
Colleen - Welcome! I agree with Beth. When you use the fiddle fretter do you use it by sight or by feel or perhaps both? The analogy I love is that you want to be a fully loaded GPS with the entire violin mapped out in your head. The music will dictate which map you need to play those particular notes. Your GPS will have visual, aural, and kinesthetic maps (sight, sound, touch). Earlier in the forum Beth introduced me and my book that accomplishes this. There are video tutorials as well. www.fingerboardworkbookforthefirstposition.com.