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Just 'touching base' and letting everyone know 'what I am up to' lately. My teacher started me 2 weeks ago on the Schubert Sonatina n1 in D major, I love it to bits! I am working on the 1st movement at present, I am playing it 'ok', when I say ok I mean 'acceptable enough' not to make anyone cringe too much LOL, I still find it hard to keep the vibrato going, it keeps switching itself off on anything less than a minim in this piece, sometimes I manage a crotchet or two but not all the time.... Then 3 weeks ago I started on all scales over 3 octaves plus arpeggios, I am loving them, I always loved scales :) then on a side, have not told my teacher.....(naughty) I am having a look and slowly playing the czardas from Monti (and I mean SLOWLY!) I am getting the artificial harmonics bits quite ok now, apart from the final bit on G string, that is still quite 'dodgy' are artificial harmonics high on G (I mean D and above) more difficult than those on other strings? I get the impression they are....

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Posted: July 3, 2010
Last Comment: July 4, 2010

Posted: July 4, 2010
thanks Beth, it's reassuring to find out I was right and they are more tricky high up on the G string :) and it's not 'just me' ;) I'll keep practicing them up there, after all I made all of the sound horrible at first, but now I can play almost all of the section with artificial harmonics quite well, except for the E on G string and sometimes D, I have to 'refine those' :) and yes, I always loved scales. I played piano up to grade 3 but knew all my scales up to grade 7 back then and would spend an hour and a half just doing them all (plus the broken chords etc :))