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Good day everyone. I would choose not to clutter up the main discussions screen so I'll make this post and then put all subsequent progress vids as responses within. I worked on Perpetual Motion and Etude last couple of days. A few notes are a bit off and it's not a clean run by any means, but I think it's about as solid as I can get for now. I hope my mechanics are at least half there. Sorry for motion blur, guess I'll have to get a better cam soon. Everyone have a great day.

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Posted: June 30, 2010
Last Comment: July 11, 2010

Posted: July 11, 2010
Impressive playing. Only three months and going that fast? Cool!

Oh, and on posting videos, I usually do the total opposite. I do strictly one take, and post whatever comes out. I feel that way I get the most benefit as the ones who know are getting me "raw" :-)

Keep posting.

Posted: July 1, 2010
hahahaha I used to do that too, I remember a grade 5 piece I was preparing: Giga by Mascitti, I recorded it ONLY 45 times and I still was NOT happy with it!!! I was about to drop dead on the floor when I gave up! Now I don't do it anymore, I just 'accept my mediocrity' :) LOL

Posted: July 1, 2010
I love your work ethic! Make sure to take the time and play Perpetual Motion Variation. Then transpose the entire song to beginning on the D String and then the G String. I also like to use the spiccato bow stroke for the theme. You can get a lot of mileage out of this song.

Posted: July 1, 2010
Ahh, yes, the dreaded 4th finger. I miss with it a bit. I tend to hit slightly sharp/flat a lot. I'll put some dedicated time in on it. Thanks Beth. And thankyou Jack! Well, it's closer to 3 months now but i've practiced probably way beyond a normal 3 month student would have. I'm a tad obsessive/compulsive I guess they call it. In last 2 weeks, I've probably put in 40 hours. I got lucky and had a stretch of days off. Before I could get my violin, I spent 2 weeks doing nothing but writing the notes of music above the staff and doing flash cards to help get a firm start on note reading. I can't site read at play speed but I can pizzicato through these early pieces pretty quickly. With Perpetual and Etude (although Etude at 16th notes is quite harsh on me), they only use what Beth calls , "the scrubby zone". All my early-student deficiencies show up very quickly when playing pieces that require more bow and technique. I'll post something like Minuet 1 and you'll see. Something to consider also, another huge thing that makes Violinlab so great (other than the awesome peoples), is the process of making videos. Of course I'm nervous already to post my playing, so I do re-take after re-take until I get what I think is my best version. So what is seen is the very, very best I could muster at the time. Not unlike the practice one would do on a piece before going back for their next visit with their coach/instructor. Without Beth and you guys, I doubt seriously I would have played through Perpetual/Etude 5 gajillion times. Other than the excellent well-produced tutorials by Beth and all the insights of the community, for me (who can't currently get an instructor), making these progress videos is possibly my #1 learning tool. I am quite thankful indeed.

Posted: June 30, 2010
This discussion includes members-only video content

Well, my string crossing still needs much work and also working on trying to keep left-hand fingers from flipping up as much. A few notes are off and managed some squeeks. Also gotta work on pushing out the bow frog a tad more when coming down (my arm tends to want to drop back a bit). Not sure i'f i'm missing anything else. Hopefully it wasn't too painful and any hints/tips are most welcome.