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My work on twinkle variations, hmm, was a bit nervous. Hopefully that wil subside soon enough. Also , it's a test, not sure If I understand embedding yet, haa.

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Posted: June 27, 2010
Last Comment: June 29, 2010

Posted: June 29, 2010
Wow, thanks Beth for taking the time and the big helps. The triplet info was very helpful, I had intended to accent first notes, but I lost it in the pile so to speak. Will work on just doing some triplet strokes. Will work on the wrist arch and beginnings of finger motion (I did enjoy those vids). I think the key is that I tend to play faster than I think I am and chop notes, I need to slow it down to get better sound and concentrate on fundamentals. I will work on this. Thankyou very much for your detailed breakdown and even more importantly, taking time from what I'm sure is a busy day!

Posted: June 28, 2010
keep it coming :)

Posted: June 28, 2010
Thanks Janice and much agreed. It seems many (inluding some friends) think it strange to start this late. I'm the type that dismissed that notion straight away. I figure that level of playing for most is directly related to hours of practice spent. If I can practice in 2 years what others do in 5, then hey, maybe i can narrow the gap. Just have to undo a bit of muscle memory but I think it's doable. So I think you're dead-on about adults and motivation/desire department. And nice ideas you throw out there. I'm up for anything in the future. Hey Jo, thankyou very much for your encouragement. It definitely helps me get the courage to torture you guys with even more noob materials :) I had worked my way through most of suzuki 1, but after coming here and with Beth's (and her esteemed guests) very detailed/helpful videos, I realized I had to go backwards and fix a ton things (I'm still working on many). Hmm, off to work on Perpetual Motion, Etude and Minuet 1. You guys are gonna get it now! Thanks again and very best of days to you!

Posted: June 27, 2010
John, 2 months of learning??? you are VERY GOOD! your bow was straight and in the right 'sound point' (over f-holes) your intonation was well centred, the tone was good, good left hand shape/straight wrist and curvature of fingers, nice relaxed shoulders and stance, good bow hold, what can I say? if you are really self taught I take my hat off to you, you're doing GREAT!!!!

Posted: June 27, 2010
*John, you did a good job on all of them. I think it's neat to see other adults learning ~ when I first started, some people acted like it was almost unheard of for an adult to actually be able to learn violin. I can see that my children are more "natural" at some of the bowing movements than I am, but I think adults make up in the motivation/desire to learn department. *Beth, I had an brainstorm idea to toss out - what about a scheduled "virtual recital" of all your online students in the future? It could be a song of our choice or you could have different levels where everyone plays the same song (i.e. Meditation for more advanced) or certain book (ie. Suzuki 1, 2, etc.) My own teacher doesn't have schedule recitals but in my piano lessons as a child, working on one piece and then performing it was always an incentive. Of course getting the reward of a little plastic statue of a famous composer was always the real incentive for a kid! :) Another idea - perhaps we could do some practice videos that we could email just to you for help before the recital, with the understanding that you could post them later after the recital so everyone could learn from the progress. Just ideas! Janice

Posted: June 27, 2010
Thanks for the kind words and encouragement guys. Ahh, yes Beth, I would love any suggestions/advice anyone may offer. I currently have no private instruction and probably won't for awhile. I live rural and haven't found anyone nearby as of yet. I've searched the web for anything helpful I could find. Todd Ehle (professorV) from youtube has been very helpful. But this site/community is by far the best i've found. It's quite great. Thanks for the effort put into it, great job.

Posted: June 27, 2010
Welcome to the club John ! You sound great ! Your notes are nice and clear and you're playing in tune all the way through. Great job !