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This is the sort of thing that usually throws me when it comes to timing. Just about anytime a note is carried over into another measure I loose track of the beat when I try to figure it out on paper. I can just about always find it when I'm just listening to a recording of the music but that's not very helpful when I have to "get it" on paper first with little or no time to work it out before I need to actually play it ! I have to rehearse this tonight with the group and I only have about 20min practice time left this AM....we'll probably only go over it once because of course, everyone else "gets it" but me and then I have to try and work it out myself and just get up and play it Sunday morning and be perfect....lol. Very stressful and I have almost gotten to the point where I just give up and do "whatever" hoping no one notices...except that stuff like this is usually a "solo" interval thing for me. Our rehearsals are usually rushed and we plow through the music pretty quick so everyone can move on to whatever is next in their lives....and I'm wasting practice time typing this out...YIKES !......*help*
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Posted: June 2, 2010
Last Comment: June 3, 2010

Posted: June 3, 2010
Thanks so much LV. I know what your saying and I'll give it a try. Things are going better this morning. I have 9 songs to work on. We might be taking 2 of them out but I still have to be ready in case we don't. I go through this stress every other week...lol. I figure it'll either make me as a violinist/musician or....break me. Gee.....now why is it that I can't relax when I'm up there ?

Posted: June 3, 2010
Wow...we have visited tons of churches and I've never seen a violinist with a modern "Praise Team". Good Job!! I'd say "go with the ear" more than the written music. Since the people sing without seeing the notes (if the words are just on the screen), they'll never know the difference. I know the song you posted - and when I think it out in my head, I feel a lot of bowing.....the "Fo-orm it" would be stopping the upbow, then upbowing again, with the "it" as a down bow. Try experimenting with the bowing. Hope this inexperienced advice helps. :)

Posted: June 3, 2010
LOL....my instinct says run too but I'm too caught up in the passion/stupid to listen ! I"m just grateful to have an outlet for this. I can't imagine just practicing and practicing with nothing to practice for. I'll stumble my way through somehow....practice didn't go too horribly tonight, but it wasn't great either, however....I did get a simpler version of this tune to play. I'll have to give it a whirl tomorrow morning. What I really want to do is get away from the sheet music and just play what my ears/heart hears in the music. I'm starting to feel like I have to focus too much on the notes that a LOT of the "feeling" gets lost when I play. I keep thinking that after 8 years I should be doing better than this by now. Thanks for the input Beth and Jack ! I wasn't really expecting any help with this at the moment with the time constraints, just letting off a bit of anxietal stress amongst peers who can understand and sympathize. Somehow it helps to know others "feel your pain" Lol..... I will try to see if I can come up with something that'll work...or I could just play the guitar chords I suppose...blah :-D