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This is just an update on my progress since I first started to use this wonderful site as my main and only source of violin instructional information. Beth, of course, has been my principal mentor and inspiration through all of this.

If you have read some of my past posts you might remember that I was dealing with a squeezing of the left hand issue. Well, after I purchased a Bon Musica shoulder rest and followed Beth's videos on the issue, the squeezing is no longer an issue. I have been cured :-)
I have since moved my thumb a little lower on the violin neck and with some practice suggestions from Beth and great awareness, I'm now able to play without squeezing and with more relaxed hands. Hurray!

Another issue I was dealing with was with trying to learn to play Triplets, which might sound silly since it's probably a no-brainer for most people, but apparently too much for my old brain. Once again, Beth to the rescue with her wonderful video where she breaks things down and tell us how to successfully grasp the technique. It worked! I'm now able to play Twinkle variation D (triplets groupings), not only that but I am working on trying all kinds of fun stuff such as scales and different tunes using Triplets. I'm on my way to become a Triplet junky LOL.

Finally, I think I'm getting the Hop (while playing Long, Long Ago [Suzuki Book I] when playing B on A string and E on D string) figured out. I'm still nowhere I need to be, but I am able to make the hop without much trouble. I simply need to work on it some more and increase the speed. The mechanics are finally there, I just need to fine tune it.

Yesterday, I began to play Allegro (Suzuki Book I) and was happily surprised that I could actually play it without much trouble. I was simply amazed at my progress. Things are becoming a lot more manageable and all the practices and different techniques are slowly coming together. Dividends for all the practices are starting to show and it is a great feeling of accomplishment when I can actually pick a sheet of music and simply play it.

Beth, I can't Thank You enough for what you have give me these past few months. You are an outstanding inspiration and mentor! Thank you for helping me (us) achieve my (our) dream(s). Bless your heart. You simply Rock!

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Posted: June 1, 2010