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Beth, (Tea Time) Sometimes, no matter how much I practice playing the violin, it seems like I'm not going to get beyond a certain point. I was wondering if you could put your lovely violin down and talk to me, us about those feelings, feelings of defeat. I am truly excited about Violin Lab. I feel so lucky to have it. But, I do get discouraged. I'm wondering if a study program would help me. I find myself bouncing around and not focusing on any one thing for very long. Then, I'm back to where I started. Should I just take one piece of music and put away all my other things, until I have mastered that one piece? I just get so frustrated. I know I'm learning, but it seems one day I sound ok, and the next day I sound like it's my first lesson, sort of speak!! I always feel like I should go back to the basics. Gee, I'm educated and I got my degree. I'm not stupid. What's with this little instrument? I do my best when I'm focused and going slowly. But, that gets boring. So, once again, I speed up the process, and I am back to square one again. I guess, when you learn an instrument as a child, you bypass the frustration. You simply do as you're told and it just becomes a habit. Is this correct?! Helpppppppp! Thank you, Beth, for being my sounding board. Dyan
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Posted: May 30, 2010