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Tension and the Low 2nd Finger

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Posted: May 7, 2010
Last Comment: August 25, 2010

Posted: August 25, 2010

Hi Beth, your suggestions certainly help with low second finger. I can by now do the tapping exercises comfortably, so I am looking for ways to add third and forth finger without introducing tension.

In the low-second-finger pattern, my third finger feels weak and the forth only reaches its proper place with some kind of preparatory movement like an inrun from above (it cannot easily hover closely above the string, ready to fall into its place).

Is it conceivable that I bring in the left hand too far, so that the natural points where third and forth fingers hit become too low and the fingers need to actively reach for their proper place?

I am also experimenting with thumb placement. Since I have relatively small hands, my hand feels more relaxed if I let the thumb point a bit towards the scroll. I am trying to bring it more forward, so that it rests opposite to the gap between first and second finger, but it doesn't really work.

Do you have any further ideas or exercises? Thank you!