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Martin Krause
I would like to know something about counterbody movements in violin playing. Is it helpful, is it a natural movement? Do you teach it? (I am always fascinated watching people eating. The move the hand to the mounth and most of them also move the body towards the hand...)
Martin Krause
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Posted: March 10, 2010
Last Comment: March 16, 2010

Al Justice
Posted: March 16, 2010
While watching Ilya Kaler last weekend live, his flow was remarkably Oistrakh-like. This means here, he had a perfectly relaxed upper body and moved from the waist with his instrument. While Hahn is not as obviously relaxed as Kaler, she too maintains a very stable upper body that flows with her instrument from the waist. So for me, the flow, whether counter or not, is second to a relaxed, very stable flow with the instrument that 'allows one' to get the tone they are trying to produce. When I use vibrato, play in upper positions or play on G/D, I tend to flow into the notes with added tuck in a way that has as a goal a stable playing plane, that gets the job done.

Posted: March 11, 2010
Personally, I feel that the body movements that feel most natural and musical to me are when the body moves in the same direction as the bow. In other words, on a down bow the body sways slightly to the right, and vice versa. I an aware that the counter-movement theory which a lot of people subscribe to is just the opposite, but that approach has never worked for me.