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Deck the Halls Not really a question but an observation. I like these videos because I can watch how you organize your fingers before placing them. In the places you use "block fingering," you prepare the "block" but you don't actually put those fingers down; just the one that will be played. I think block fingering is what causes most of the tension in my left hand because i actually put pressure on all of the fingers as I was taught in elementary school. When you are just hovering, there can be no tension. Something for me to work on, thanks.

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Posted: November 20, 2011
Last Comment: November 20, 2011

Nick Thorpe
Posted: November 20, 2011
Thank you Beth for taking the time and effort to create these festive videos; it's much appreciated. I will be starting on Silent Night  next week with the added incentive of being accompanied on the piano by my sister-in-law in Liverpool (UK), when we see her at Christmas.

Best wishes, Nick

Beth Blackerby
Posted: November 20, 2011