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Just children.........but wonderful.
2 Responses
Posted: November 13, 2019
Last Comment: November 14, 2019

Beth Blackerby
Posted: November 14, 2019
It is amazing!  I want to know how to find the piano accompaniment!!!

Posted: November 14, 2019
Besides the tenderness children always evoke, their practice of such a difficult and advanced exercise as Kreutzer 13 pose many questions about method.

In fact, learning and teaching is just a question of method, no matter if it  is a language,  a marcial art, a cuisine, a philosophic system or a musical instrument. One would say that method is the heart of Georg Friederich Hegel's system. For him the concept (Begriff) is the method (in Greek means the way).

I can't understand teaching Kreutzer to children.