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Sue Strack
I was wondering how people managed to coordinate starting the music and then playing to record a video. Do people have two laptops, one recording and the other with the music on or do people split screen the video and music. Just curious as I start to make an effort to put myself out there and expose how bad a player I am. I seem to not have enough time to start the music and get situated as it were to start playing in enough time.
Sue Strack
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Posted: November 13, 2019
Last Comment: November 15, 2019

Beth Blackerby
Posted: November 15, 2019
Sue, I'm going to email the Soundslice people and ask if they can give the option to select multiple measure count ins. I agree there's not enough time to get ready!

James Walley
Posted: November 14, 2019
I record on a video-capable DSLR, then import the footage into my computer and edit with Vegas.

Also, insofar as possible, I download the audio track and play it back on my computer on a media-player that allows a track to be put on repeat, then start the first "take" near the end of the track and start playing when it loops back, so I don't have to try coordinating hitting the play button on the media player and then quickly grabbing my bow and playing.

Timothy Smith
Posted: November 14, 2019
I have tried lots of different things. For awhile I was using Magix Vegas Movie Maker to record video and a DAW program to record the audio separately. I use Cakewalk ( a free windows recording program) or a number of others you probably don't care to know.Studio One 4 pro...professional recording programs using decent mics and a home built recording computer with prosumer audio interface.

Recording myself right now with good gear is like trying to customize a Yugo. Pearls to swine? Lipstick on a pig? .....had decent results with a DLSR camera using the on board mics. Have lost the desire to record myself lately. A mediocre violin using a mediocre bow and a maybe mediocre player generates....you guessed it.

I have seem many players get great results with ipads and iphones or use android and also get great results . I'm not an Apple disciple. Both make great ways to record.

When I made a separate audio track I exported it into my video program and lined it up with the video. One trick to running two recording sources is to clap twice while on video. This way you can line up video to audio with the claps.

You can find those handheld recorders on ebay reasonably priced. They are a step above cell phone recordings.I had one stolen and recently bought another, a TASCAM DR-40. I thought I would use it but have barely touched it.

Sue Strack
Posted: November 14, 2019
Thanks for the feedback. Most helpful. I hadn't even thought about trying to use my smart phone to record.

Sonia Lancaster
Posted: November 13, 2019
Hi Sue,
I use iPads. I usually set the video going on one and then the music accompaniment on the other. Usually (hopefully) there are a few clicks or introduction at the beginning to give me enough time to get in position.

I then edit the video to cut out the stuff I donít want.


Elke Meier
Posted: November 13, 2019
Hello Sue and welcome to the community page! It is so nice to see new people around, daring to post :). I suspect you will have the same experience as those of us who have been around for longer: It is extremely helpful to get feedback from Beth and from others in the community. I have learned SO much from that. 

As for playback and recording: I found that the sound gets really distorted if you us the same soundcard for playback and recording. It seems if I play the music on the laptop and record on the same laptop the soundcard is completely confused and does not know whether it should react to the input or the output. Playback with the laptop and recording with the smartphone works much better. 

I don't hear the music very well when I use playback over a loudspeaker. The violin under my ear is just too loud for that. So, many times I record while listening to the playback over the headphone. Then I use a video editing program to put the two things together - but that is quite a bit of work. If you hear the loudspeaker well and can play at the same time then the method above is much easier.